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23 Jul 2013 19:02:20
Dan Gosling having medical at Crystal Palace.

Good luck to him.

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Another one out of a paper thin squad and no one in.
Management having a joke or just totally incompetent. No business can be run this way. If targetted signings fall through ( WHICH THEY DO ON A REGULAR BASIS ) Newcastle will be signing players in panic. Everyone saying Sunderlands squad may not gel. Newcastle havnt even got their new players yet and no sign in the very near future.
Beyond belief.

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Pardew must be rubbing his hands in glee.
He is not in charge of selling and not buying.
What a mess.

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Had so much potential, hope he revives his career, also tv reports about cisse, pictured in the casino, get him out the toon, waste of space

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Don't really see Gosling as a "loss" he started or made an app max 10 times last season and the season before. didn't really see anything in him.

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We have a lot of midfielders

gosling needs to move on

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As I told you all cisse is in casinos quite a lot and not the one he was photographed in double standards I'm sick of footballers thinkinking they are different to us because they have a few quid get the shirt on papiss

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Cisse won't wear the shirt because he wants a new contranct but kinnear has said he's not going to give hime one

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23 Jul 2013 08:12:01
Reports saying Ashley has told Kinnear and Pardew that there won't be any funds to sign players untill he has warped up the deal to put stores inside his sports shops. All his time and effort is going into this deal worth millions. Might explain why Newcastle have not bid on anyone yet. It also says Ashley hopes to wrap up this deal over the next few weeks. So hopefully we will se signings coming in a week or two before the season starts. So I'm guessing at the minute we are just identifying targets then asking Ashley for the funds once he is done with this deal.

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What a load of rubbish. Do you really think Ashley needs to shuffle money about like that? Get real the gut has money if he wants to spend he will spend.

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"Might explain why newcastle have not bid on anyone yet" WTF? how do any of us let alone you know that we haven't bid on anyone yet? None of us no what's going on behind the scenes.

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All I do know though is the season kicks off in just over three weeks and considering our goal shy options from last year currently sit at one who effectively and realistically will never play for us again, one who’s record is three in the last two years and probably should only be wheeled out when we play them down the road, and one who’s only just old enough to order a pint and has approximately 37 minutes of competitive first team football to his name, it really doesn’t make for pretty reading. Just get us a couple of strikers PLEASE!

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Don't know about anyone else, but I'm absolutely sick of this transfer window. Not looking like we're going to do much, if anything. Would rather just get the season started.

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Told you 3 weeks ago its the first time in 7 years that mike Ashley sold shares in any of his business's he needed to raise over 100mill so that he can go ahead with Tesco's and put sports direct into their stores and before anyone presses unbelievable this is 100% true as I work in retail and the company I work for circulated an email telling us

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Do you think we will get any one in to a club full of arguments and unsettled back room staff and no one knows who is in charge anymore

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I thought they had learnt from their mistakes last summer. but clearly not

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Buts that completely different to our football club. he should have funds aside for NUFC. why is he doing this over the transfer window when he knows it should be NUFC's busiest time. he will end up losing a lot of money if he doesn't sort NUFC out quickly. if this is the case if proves he doesn't care about our football club and should sell straight away.

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There seems to be some weight in this Tesco/Sports Direct thing but it would have absolutely no bearing on any money Newcastle have to spend on players. Sports Direct and NUFC are two seperate businesses. And let's be totally honest here, no one on this website has a CLUE who we'll bring in, if anyone.

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Another week
Another lack of transfers
Other teams just go and sort the players
Freshen the squad
And get team bonding going

Ours is let's sell some and let's not get

Great. Not

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On a plus point we're one step ahead on the bonding

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Why all the schoolgirl hysteria? There's obviously going to be a striker merry-go-round involving Remy, Bent, Cisse, Gignac, Gomis, maybe Gameiro, and if Spurs sign Soldado maybe Defoe, plus all the other hundreds who've never been mentioned. Man City will shed a couple, and I would expect Graham Carr to have lined up a couple of young-uns as well. A lot will still happen yet, so keep your knickers on, girls. Up to now all that's happened is that Aubameyang's followed the money to Russia for a short stint, and overpriced Bony's gone to Swansea, FFS. And whenever did Ashley and co tell the mob what was happening transfer-wise?

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Aubameyang has signed for Dortmund not a Russian club. Wish people would get basic facts right before speculating who is going where ect

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I wasn't saying that ashleys involvement with getting into Tesco was stopping Newcastle from signing players which I believe they will but what I meant it to come over as. is that Ashley has a big deal going on with his main asset of income so obviously that will come first sorry to say this but Newcastle will never come close to sports direct in mike ashleys business world

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Regarding post above

these strikers should have been in weeks ago. none will be match fit. bent isn't it even training with the first team. french leagues are a few weeks behind PL

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It's possibly true as the club do rely on Ashley's 0% interest "loans" to pay cash sums upfront (how we get so many players on the cheap; other clubs usually pay in instalments).

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If we are not going to sign anyone then let the fans know -instead of all the press stories about bids etc which are turning out not to be true

And if its the case then why do we need JK!

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Ashley brought in JK to be the fall guy on why we havnt signed any players when the s%# hits the fan. The fans go off it mike Ashley and Pardew say well we give all the responsibility of signing players to JK and he takes the fall on a cushy little wage and doesn't care. Then Pardew being the yes man he is will work with what he has all ready got as he won't kick up a fuss. And if it All goes wrong and we go down its JK's fault

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The Telegraph have run an article about Sports Direct taking up mezzanine space in 3 Tesco Megastores, Ed, can I put links on here? If not put Tesco Sports Direct into Google, is the first page that comes up. The plump one could be onto something there, RUINING TESCO AS WELL!! {Ed001's Note - yes mate, just remember to remove the http:// bit at the beginning or the filter removes the post in case it is spam.}

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Cheers Ed me auld mucka

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I posted 13. Re 14 - SORRY MISS NITPICKER, so Aubameyang's gone to Dortmund for CL, not to Russia for money - either way we weren't really in the running, were we? I didn't speculate about where the players mentioned might end up, simply pointing out that there are shed loads of strikers and their agents all looking to cash in on the window and nobody has any idea at all who we are really targeting. It's one thing to "express an interest" or to be "linked with" but that's just useless gutter journalists making up their daily fiction. We have no choice but to wait and see, so there's no point at all in getting your knickers in a tangle. All right, Miss?

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22 Jul 2013 23:46:46
Cisse is off to Bursaspor.

Will be replaced by Darren Bent.

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Bent will be at Fulham!

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Bent won't go to Fulham. they won't pay him enough.

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