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22 Jan 2014 13:39:56
De Jong set to have a medical by the end of the week. We lead the race for Basel player Mohamed salah they call him the dribbling rocket. Newcastle and montepeilier have made an agreement that cabella will join newcastle 1st July. Cabaye staying at newcastle. Colocini wants move back to Argentina. Cisse in talks with besiktas over loan move. But if newcastle want cabella this summer the montepeilier president said that we will need to pay Gareth bale fee.

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Great if it happened Dies Joker know that
Sat in his pub last night oblivious to anything and I mean anything

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How can you say in one sentence that we have made an agreement with Montpelier for Cabella to join 1st July and then say we need to pay a Gareth Bale fee to get him. You are more confused than scooby doo if you think Cashley will pay £90 million for anyone. Wake up we ain't getting anyone. We are safe for another premier league season. Just how Cashley wants us.

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The Montpellier president said we'd have to pay Gareth Bale money if we wanted to buy him this month, which is code for 'I don't want to let him go but if you p your offer by a couple million I will'. As for joining in July the Montpellier president also said we've reached a deal but Cabella won't leave until the summer.

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I think Salah's going to Liverpool, I don't think there was any genuine interest from us.
We've already got Ben Arfa who's a dribbling rocket and he can't get a game.

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It's not what the president said. He is quoted as saying. Their is no way we are selling Cabella this window for tax reasons. In the summer it will take a Gareth Bale figure to buy him. Not for 1 second do I believe this but to put this in context. Gomis a player who we have courted for 3 windows now was a available for a small fee plus agent fees and Cashley wouldn't pay that.

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Cabella - as far as we know the deal is in place for the summer. around the 15million mark. Still we haven't heard anything from our club over this matter, we are only going off the Montpelier president has said.
What has been said was "It will cost Newcastle mad money (Bale money) to sign him THIS MONTH!" Remember its a relegation battle for Montpelier they don't want to lose there star man, it would have been like us selling Cabaye last season when we were in a similar position

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I read that they were wanting £12 million in instalments (maybe because of those tax reasons) and we were offering £10 million in a single payment which has usually worked for us so far

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By looks of HBA its the strip he's struggling to get into

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22 Jan 2014 07:57:58
Apparently Kurt Zouma is set to reject a move to Newcastle if we go in for him, and will wait for Chelsea to bid.

I don't think he's going to develop much just by sitting on the bench week in week out

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25K a week more in his pocket. He can live with that just like Denba Ba
It is about money not loyalty. and that is why AP desreves a pat on the back as so far he has held onto his squad

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