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22 Jan 2012 18:58:01
been in paris all weekend with the wife 25 years married stayed in a very very nice hotel called HOTEL RENISSANCE VENDOME PARIS mr carr and mr charnley have been there since thursday carrs bolt hole in paris seen them every morning at breackfast at 9 o cloc on the dot a car picked them up not to be seen again till after 7 that evening when they came down for dinner spoke to graham carr in the bar on saturday night what a great guy he was as gutted as me about the fulham game the only thing of interest he told me was nufc are not after erdic and never have been we departed paris this morning and they were still there

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Stayed there myself its a beautiful place

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Hope you and your wife had a gd time and a hope ya telling the truth and the reason here over there is to tie up another one of his top signings

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Who cares ? More interested in your wife ? {Ed003's Note - lmao }

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The last statement is canny sick cos they have been married 25 years so she have at east got to be in her 40's if not 50 's re you a granny humper mate {Ed003's Note - What is wrong with being in your 40's ?? Granny's are usually in the 60's where I live}

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There nothing wrong with it but wat type of 40 year old would come out with that statement thats y a posted tht cos it more than likely a kid that has sed that

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Its the mans wife you are talking about, show some respect will ya?

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Typical twistwd comments coming through again! if you wanna chat to other peoples wives go to the pub or a dating site! the guy was just saying who he had seen and doesnt really need to get these comments! its a rumour or gossip site to do with football not his wife or her age! as for him being a kid or whatever for writing it, im thinking the replies are the most child thing about this whole attempted conversation! grow up man!

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Erdinc would be a gamble, is on the sick now (or at least just off it), last thing we need is yet another sicknote on the books.

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Forget Erdinc he does not want to come, why chase him? He can rot in the PSG reserves then sign for a Turkish or Greek side... he may then think why did i not join the toon... lol

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22 Jan 2012 18:37:53
my wife works for a company in sunderland and has been told that gardner and another will leave this month gardner home sick and second has fell out with the mackem paddy

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And what do crew members at McDonalds know about SAFC?

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And why is this on a newcastle page?

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I work for a company in sunderland,but i havn't been told that.really!

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Indeed, why would we care about Gardner?

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McDonalds is class, those 20 nuggets man, canne beat em

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Mackems again nowt on smb page

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22 Jan 2012 17:59:44
Sunday Sun reporting that Newcastle are set to sign Adrian Mariappa from Watford for £3m. Not sure he is the right guy for us, but in Graham Carr I trust

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He is a parcel of garbage

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Got to be a smoke screen that,since when has the papers been right.

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I have seen him playing 4 watford as i work down there he is not good at all TOON BARMY

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Another james perch

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He looks decent enough and is one of the best defenders in the championship... 3 mil too bargin!

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Or another mike williamson

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Williamson has not put a foot wrong, he is solid in the air... and is an great replacement for Taylor while he is out. Where does all of this hating of Toon players come from?

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22 Jan 2012 01:05:23
Hi ed do you no when is the soonest are Senegal players can be back if they get knocked out {Ed001's Note - their final group game is on the 29th of January, so they would probably be on their way back on the 30th if they went out at that stage.}

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Fingers crossed the Blackburn game on the 1st then

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Senegal lost their first game 2-1, so could be back sooner than expected

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I hope so!

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