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22 Dec 2013 13:56:25
Jose to test toon with £27.5m bid for Cabaye In January. obviously would like to keep him or sell abroad BUT if true n if I was AP I would get llana in As replacement. £15-17.5m would be good business.

Got to think Cabaye is probably the best midfielder in europe who is not currently Champions league cup tied. few teams may come sniffing again. could mean increased price


Where you get 27m from anything 15m+ and he has gone Ashley will be happy to keep making more money and he will NEVER spend 15 on one player

Get real man that is why McCready is being mentioned but even he is out of our price range

Just remember we are on course for a too 10 finish with NO spending & that us all Ashley wants

Don't know where Danni's info came from but it'll certainly take a lot more than £15m to get him now. When has Ashley ever let a good player go cheap?

Vic best offer on the table in the Summer was 12.5m whist PSG huffed and puffed & 17.5m was mentioned whilst tight Ashley wanted 25m which is great if reinvested but it won't be

Think for sure he will he sold & yes Ashley will try and ring every drop from this transfer but I reckon will be nowhere near 27m might be wrong but don't think so
Apart from that most if not all will go to Ashley with a possibility of max half that comes on will be spent Not long to wait and as for Strikers there are better around than Gomis

Agreed vic, especially as cabaye had a fantastic game against palace. I would love lallana, but can't see ashley using cabaye money to get him.

Lets just hope we keep cabaye eh

Vida: you've said it yourself, Ashley's tight and wanted £25m plus, so why do you think our most valuable player will go for £15m? He's under contract and will be made to stay until a better offer comes in. Ask you again, when did Ashley sell cheap? And you don't know how much was offered in the summer, just a journalist's guess.

Was Cabaye not privy to a conversation
for 25m
He may be our best player it thereabouts but he's not worth 27m
but as said Ashley decides
Sad thing is the club unlike other clubs will see very little of any money coming in for new players
Not long to wait Vic & we see Remember Cabaye went on strike so despite his contract he could want out.

Only voicing my opinion.

For me Cabaye leaving all depends on Matuidi at PSG who I think is out of contract in the Summer so if he leaves in January PSG would probably look to sign Cabaye as a replacement.
Ashley as owner+Cabayes current form+not cup tied for UCL= a lot of money.

£25m is a lot closer to £27. 5 than £15+. I rest my case.

Missed the point Vic Cabaye apparently listened into a conversation where 25m was mentioned Only offer on the table was 12.5m from Arsenal & the player as we all know wanted out if NUFC
Of course the 25m never materialised but Ashley used that as the yardstick

If anyone pays anywhere near 25/26m they are crazy not only that it goes into Ashley's pocket with the chance if any being invested in Newcastle has very little chance
Anyway let's see if you are right I buy you a drink if not you by me a meal Ha

Vida: no argument on one thing- if we sell Cabaye (let's say £25 m) we are very unlikely to see that money spent on his replacement. But MA spent £30m or thereabouts last Jan to avoid relegation. I think he would do something similar if we end up in a Europa place - but not on one superstar!

Vic think it was nearer 15.5m possibly a little more that is what is amazing the players we got
Just check back & you will see unless you like Ashley are counting wages holidays coffee breaks cost of providing shirts socks shorts etc and free match tickets for the players families

No, didn't miss the point. Ashley laughed off the summer offers. Cabaye went on strike, but he didn't get his way. Since coming back his form has been outstanding, and I'm sure his value in Ashley's eyes has only gone up. Ask you again, when has Ashley ever sold our best player cheap?

Point is, Cabs is under contract to June 2016. Ashley can afford to laugh his socks off at any offer up to, say £35m. You're not alone in thinking that he's only interested in selling off the family silver, but the evidence is against you. Ask you for the third time, when has he EVER sold our best player cheap? And remember, he got shot of Barton for nowt. In my humble opinion, and I could be wrong, your suggestion that Ashley would jump at an offer of £15 m is way off the mark. And my favourite tipple is Laphroaig - not cheap!

Vida: you forgot agents' fees over £7m. But I concede on net spend - £22m less the £7m for Ba, which I missed out. Mea culpa!

One thing for sure you will find out on 2 weeks
All the baloney is coming out now & Pardew complimenting JF. K & how we want to avoid Europe unless it is Champions league which of course there us no chance & a great excuse if we loose matches & not bring in any players
Make no mistake Cabaye will force his transfer through Happy Christmas everyone

He's going BUT Newcastle United have slapped a £22m price tag on playmaker Yohan Cabaye, with the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United looking to make a move for the player.
Take 18m and he'll be gone




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