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21 Jul 2013 11:45:47
Gomis and Remy want to come to the toon. But Fulham could beat newcastle to the race of signing darren bent.

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Bent on his way to Fulham Gomis having medical at Villa. Don't worry we have Shols

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The lazy tube has broke his arm so we're stuck with him.

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Where is this Gomis to Villa story. Cannot find it anywhere. You just making it up?

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I think gomis could reject fulham and sign for us. let's just hope no one else goes in for remy

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Where it say gomis is having a medical at villa

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Could always use Harford up front - this is probably JK premier signing he keeps talking about
A job for his mate me thinks!

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Harford Tea Maker

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Villa were rumoured to be interested in Gomis but that was before Benteke signed a new deal. Anyway Gomis has said he'd rather come to us.

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Gomis to marseille

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Har ford on his way to toon
Maybe he is up front and midfield and defending
Great signing joe


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Spurs are after remy

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21 Jul 2013 11:07:27
gomis and gignac should be unveiled this week.

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Marsielle want £10m cor Gignac he is worth £6m maximum he is overrated

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He is better than way we have

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Why do people simply makes stories up.

Gomis and Gignac will be signed this week?

Ive heard were going to sign a striker by Friday for the last 3 / 4 weeks. Nothings happend!

Do post for the sake of posting!.

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21 Jul 2013 11:04:20
Sky are reporting that we're in talks with Mick Harford to work with Joe Kinnear. Any thoughts on what that's all about?

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Mick is coming in as a translator he's fluent in kinnearese

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Pards won't be there long now.

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He is showing JK how to use a mobile phone and computter

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Another Ashley cock up his is just trying to put us in the gutter and we will never get any really good players because of what is going on at the club just sell up Ashley and get out you are ruining my our club we need someone who loves football not someone who only wants advertising please leave us alone

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No he deliberately tries to pee us off and he succeeds. del

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He has made it clear he would listen to offers but no one wants us for the money he wants. so we are stuck with him, no point in whingeing.

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Replacement for Pardew on a day to day basis with JK pulling the strings as manager
Championship here we come

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JK needs to wake up and realise he is never going to be a success.

I hate it when someone prides themselves on being successful when they litrally have no CV to back there success up.

JK had a similar role for Luton Town well he was the Managing Director who saked the manager due to a poor run of form, GUESS what happend next.

Yes JK thought i'd sort it and gave himself the Managers Job and would you believe it, LUTON TOWN were relegated.

As for Mick Harford again this would be the most useless signing of them all.

What is interesting about Harford is that he was a Director of Football, as well as being the first-team coach for Luton Town and JK basically needed him but overall both were not successful.

I see these 2 clowns as the worst decision Ashley has made.

This makes no sense at all, BRING BACK Chris Mort, he was the only one to have a connection with the fans and was realistic along the way and was in no way misleading. He also left the MANAGER to do what a Manager does which is MANAGE the team. JK thinks he's a ready made WORLD CLASS Manager, this guy needs to stop player Football Manager.

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Mort is still a director and is still with the club, let's hope for the change.

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21 Jul 2013 08:02:54
Cisse is in talks with a unnamed Turkish side.

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Traitor to the club not his beliefs

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21 Jul 2013 06:18:46
norwich rumours stating from a NE source that 9m bid accepted for cisse. hahhaahahhaahhaaha.

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I must of failed to realise there was a joke in there somewhere?

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Yup. We turned down 15 mil from Anzhi to give him to the canaries for 9 mil. Wakey Wakey

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