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21 Jan 2012 22:27:21
Cisse and Ba look good together... 5st lighter than best n ameobi too

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DEMBA BA looked good, cisse changed the game when he came on, didnt think much of SOW thou! 9 points and happy days :-)

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21 Jan 2012 17:27:29
Well that was a game of 2 halves. Dominated the 1st (still carrying Shola) half and capitulated in the second. Don't want to slate the team to much as we have performed above expectations so far. When Fulham changed it up we should have to. Shola should have come off at half time and replaced with Gosling to shore up the midfield. Some dodgy decision didn't help either.

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Ameobi is shocking hes lazy and cant score why does he play we should go 433 with benarfa best jonas up in the 3

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We should retire the No. 23 shirt, not out of respect, but due to the player who wears it!! even thou i HATE the mackems, i wouldnt give him to them for nowt!! why oh why do we still have him at the club? in 12 years at the toon, what has he done? reading his comments today in a paper, he says hes not arsed bout the new signing (cisse) as hes seen 22 strikers come and go, in his time at the club! not really surprised, they have prob looked at him and thought, how is this kid still playing at a club like this? aaaarrrrhhhggggggggggggggggggg

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The second half was horrific ameobi has his day on a rare occasion but i think he should be let go now, i think ben arfa shouldnt be started....YET, prefer taylor to start to be honest, in regards to ba leaving i cant see it untill summer depending if we get europa or champions league, i think once ba gets back and cisse settles in with tiote strenthening us up as well we will be formidable and and a great threat aslong as while there away at acon we dont slip down to much.

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Yes, he is probably past it as a starter now, but were you lot slating him against spurs at home? i think not, 20 mins as an impact, can do a job, did you slate him wen he bossed ferdinand against man utd? no, he isn't written off yet, may i remind you, sir bobby robson didn't rate bad players, and he certainly rated shola, our fans are as fickle as ever, have a bit of respect for the man, we are not a champions league team!!! give the man a break, we could have had rooney, pato, tevez today and we wouldn't have won, look at liverpool wen they went there!

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Someone's been on the sherry, are you trying to say Shola was as effective today as Rooney etc would have been....really are you actually making THAT claim....

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Give him a break. Face facts he has the ability but won't apply it. He has be carried more so recently. New signings should give him the kick in the arse he needed. As for your points ref Spurs and Man u. He scored against spurs and did little else and he did nothing against Man u it was Ba who tore them apart. We all want local lads to do well but they have to want it also. Take your rose tinted glasses 99% of us cant be all wrong.

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Be quiet are you stupid give this man a break get real hes played 250 games and scored 50 goals we are aiming for top 6 and with him on the pitch we wouldnt even get top half

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Fulham are a good side, but we should have put this game to bed in the first halve! we were done a little injustice with the penalties in my opinion. Ben arfa was great no matter what you say, Gutierez as part of a midfield 3 was loving it. Maybe 433 is the way to go. i spose we will have to wait for the brighton game, hope it's a strong squad.

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Ameobi's lazyness cost us yesterday.. Ba and even best hold the ball up and track back.. Ameobi just stands there hands on hips n outta breath

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After the success of War Horse Steveb Speilberg has announced that Shola Ameobi will star in the sequel "Wor Donkey"

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Terrible refereeing should have sent both santon and krul

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Were coming (safc) gap is closing.

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You lot say that every week your still 9 behind and we have to play you at home so call it 12. When our big guns come bak we will be out of sight.

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You say Shola has scored 50 in 250 games? It's taken him 10 years to do it at an average of 5 per year. And you call that good?
Reckon Ba will score that many in 2 seasons if he carries on the way he has been.

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Just like to point out shola was a tank in europe so you can add another 10 goals, in fact shola has scored more european goals than sunderland, nice!

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To play 433 we would need 3 cm's... DP

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21 Jan 2012 15:59:06
James Tomkins has just signed a new contract with West Ham until 2016 which stamps out any chance of him joining us, certainly in the January window.

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We don't need him anyway. He's been a poor defender this season in the championship. We need an established CB, not a young player that only has potential. Enrique was a piss-poor defender and all he did was run ... the club made him as a player and struggled throughout those years, and what happened after that ... he left for pennies

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One bad game and you want him out? He's been superb this season.

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My oh My sour gtapes.

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Rather not have him besty tore him to peices last season

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21 Jan 2012 11:37:27
Newcastle looking at a replacement for Cheik Tiote. Pardew thought to be looking at well rounded midfielder Moussa Sissoko, who can play the holding role. (Not to be mistaken for Aly Cissokho)

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Thank god for that, m'biwa and cissoko please

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Whats a Well rounded midfielder? he only plays in 1 position so cant be numerous position and he's only played for 1 club professionally so cant be numerous clubs neither ohh and he aint fat so he cant be round.. explain please?

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I think by well rounded midfielder he means that Sissokho is good at passing/crossing, shooting and can tackle as well

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A midfielder who is overwheight?

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Someone's been playing too much football manager

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20 Jan 2012 15:30:24
Ed do you have any idea who this "very very good" defender is we are tracking?
Ive got a feeling its Yanga-Mbiwa but im just guessing. {Ed001's Note - I would have said it was him, but I am getting the feeling it won't be, purely because of the media speculation surrounding him. Newcastle have tightened the ship up, leaks are rare now, so I would expect it to be someone unexpected personally.}

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Sky sports were saying we are looking at some defender from watford

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Lee Hodson from Watford weve been interested in he's a RB

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Yeah its nyron nosworthy

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It's Adrian mariappa

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Na man its Leigh Bromby from Leeds united

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