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20 Nov 2012 13:25:14
Reports are coming in that a Newcastle striker is on his way to Nottingham Forest for the rest of the season? Anybody know who he might be? (ED) {Ed002's Note - I don't know but Nile Ranger could perhaps be available on a short-term loan.}

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21 Nov 2012 12:26:00
i hope chelsea want pupett pardew. j will give him a lift down to london. please mr ashley can i have a job i'm a right crawling person sir.
Thats how pupett pardew got the job!

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Could it be xisco

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Strange to hear this response after 2 losses , after all you are the best supporters in the world.Take a look at your self you are a laughing stock for goodness sake.

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Is it only 2 losses? I think it's because we are a bit discerning and like to watch good football, not the endless hoof ball we have to endure. We are now officially worse than Stoke.

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Getting a bit fed up of this Mackem slamming our fans. I don't agree that Pardew should go. I DO think its ridiculous that many Sunderland fans don't think they have a problem at the moment. O'Neill should be the precarious one!

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Can't believe what I'm reading Pardew has done excellent so far for us, it's the first bad run of form we have hit under him get behind our team rather than criticising! We will come good again. Keep the faith!

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First bad run of form? did you not watch any matches last season?

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Yeah we Didn't play too badly really considering we finished 5th when we were expected to struggle. Did you watch any games last season?

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For goodness sake, yes this season has been very poor so far compared to what we were hoping, but we're 12th after 12 games, it is not as horrifically bad as everyone is making out. There were quite a few times last year where we went through an appalling run of form, there was an 9 game run where we only lost once, another run where we only won twice in 11 games... Pardew did really well last season, and off-field we're in a great position. Get behind the team and the manager, and maybe results will improve

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20 Nov 2012 01:07:42
Cant understand what Marveaux has to do to get a chance. Cant believe Sammy and Shane Ferguson started ahead of him at the weekend, technically he is brilliant, he just needs some game time to get used to the prem (just like HBA!) he's the closest thing we will ever have to having 2 Ben Arfa's on the pitch.

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I still think that Ba should be playing on the left with Cisse in the middle...

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Totally agree, something has to be done fast and if that means sticking ba on the left of a front 3, cisse down the middle hba on the right, then do it. I know ba has been scoring but we have to get cisse scoring aswell, ba could be gone in january?

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I agree, when he came on and he had the ball I thought it was Ben Arfa his control skill and touch so yea he is in the top 3 best wingers we have

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I know this is won't go down well, but as far as players deserving a start goes, I think Obertan has ripped it up in Europe from what I've seen. He's been rinsing past defenders, and its only a lack of a presence in the box and anyone gambling and getting in there that he hasn't racked up a nice tally of assists. And it pains me to say that.

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Obertan is as useful as a blind, blind assistance dog, had 1 maybe 2 good games in europe but that is it during his entire life with us hes absolutely dreadful, marveux is certainly someone who deserves a chance though

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Marveaux will never make it in the prem - his perception of his talents far outweighs the reality.

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Marveaux is to be used as player plus cash deal for either a new striker or debuchy in January... I think Obertan could also be used in a similar way.


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Fair play, I can't imagine Obertan ever scoring a goal like that. Not a bad finish. Let's hope that does the world for his confidence and he hits a bit of form.

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