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20 May 2014 13:17:05
Reports from Portugal that 20 year old Spanish striker Ayoze Perez has turned down a move to Porto in favour of a move to us however he will likely go into the development squad/reserves since he's only ever played in the Spanish second division.
Social media is going mental with people saying it could be done by the end of today.
If there's any truth in this I'd expect to see a lot of people who have family who have a friend working at the airport who were talking to a taxi driver whose mate picked him up.

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Makes no difference, as soon as he starts training with the first team pards and the rest will ruin him.

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Fact. I was outside St James this morning meeting a friend. At exactly 10am, a grey large car pulled up and reversed into a reserved club space 20 feet from me and directly across from Sir Bobby's statue. A smartly dressed young man, about 20, got out with 2 other men. I now know this to be Perez after checking photos on the internet and in the local press. They were met by a NUFC representative and were led into reception after much shaking of hands. 5 minutes later, Coloccini pulled up in his beige Porsche 4x4, parked next to them and followed them into reception, dressed in large chequed shirt outside denim jeans, probably to sell the club to a fellow Spanish speaker. This is genuine.

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{Ed007's Note - Colloccini doesn't own a chequed shirt, my cousin works in Cruise in Newcastle and is his personal dresser, he does ALL his shopping there. Although she did say there was a scruffy 20 year old Spanish speaking lad in this morning with 2 men looking for a suit as he had a job interview, or at least she thinks that's what they said - none of them could speak English. Not many 20yr old footballers dress smartly do they? Sadly she was in a wifi blackspot so couldn't check the internet and the news-stand was sold out of Echo's. This is also bull$h!t.}

ED7 well said m8

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Personal dresser? My wife was surprised when I told her who Coloccini was and mentioned he looked an absolute scruff. As did his Porsche, badly in need of de-leafing and a wash. Just check local press today for confirmation, or are you going to take the P out of them as well? I know what I saw.

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{Ed007's Note - Do the cameras on you and your wife's phones work? I don't pay any heed to the press, most of the time the only truthful thing in it is the date.}

20 May 2014 09:34:08
So Nicolin wants £11m for Cabella yet we offer £8m with Borrusia Dortmund apparently also interested, why? The same thing will happen as last season with Aubameyang or whatever his name is. He said he wanted to come, we tried paying tuppence less than the asking price so Dortmund came in paid the asking price and off he went to Germany. Sound familiar.
FFS do these cretins never learn. If he is the player we want to replace Cabaye who we received £19m for what is the problems of using only £11m of that money to get him.
Llambias, Kinnear, Charnley its makes no difference who is doing the deals they just can't do them, but hey we tried, we worked really hard but we just could not get them over the line! But look on the bright side we have Ryan Taylor back and that is like a new signing AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

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Spire if you don't know now you never will
Newcastle rather Ashley does not know the difference between good player value for money player and a donkey on the beach
It is all rumours we've all seen it before and it will continue.

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Firstly in bidding you always make your first bid a bit lower than than the asking price (a)because why pay £10 million if you can get him for £8 million (b) the main reason for it is to get an idea of what's going on for example are they going to stay firm on their valuation or are they willing to accept less (c) if you go straight in and offer £10 million to a club run like people like Nicolin it suggests you have money to burn and they will try and force the fee even higher.
As for Dortmund I haven't seen anything about their intrest which is likely untrue since they have Mkhitarian and as for Aubameyang Saint Etienne said we offered more than Dortmund but he chose them because of wages and CL.
The window doesn't officially open until July and most players will be on holiday or at the WC so most stuff will be nonsense and rumours made up to sell papers.
Also I read that we've arranged to meet Cabella's agent to discuss personal terms does anyone know if there's any truth in that?

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Keep us up to date. M8 even though mist of what is coming out is b*******

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Hi Glasgowtoon, I understand what you are saying but they try this tactic all the time and then lose out. As for Aubameyang w only offered more after he agreed to go to Dortmund if we had offered the asking price in the first place Dortmund would not have been able to nip in. Plus it also is a sign of intent to any unsettled players we actually do want to keep and any other targets we are trying to sign.

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