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20 May 2013 16:44:45
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is crying out a "come and get me" which has put Newcastle and spurs on alert. The Gabon international will cost around 12million pounds.

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When did he say that

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9 times out of ten they're just saying something along the lines of "club x is a very big club" or "I don't know if I'll stay" etc and the papers etc spin it as the player is desperate to leave then say that a bunch of clubs are chasing the player regardless of whether they are or not just to sell papers so that's probably what's happened here.

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I just watched him in his last game, he was playing against Marseille and he ripped them apart.

He would put Neymar to shame.

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Get him! great striker we need his potential to the club

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20 May 2013 14:30:55
Me nans mates cousin works down the bookies, she heard from her mates cousins nans nephew that HBA is off to Monaco and Tiote is off to Galatasaray. FACT

BTW ignore the first bit and the FACT at the end, but the two players are linked with moves to the respective clubs.


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Other than money and champions league (galatasaray) why would benny and cheick want to move away from the premier league and to smaller clubs?

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Had a laugh at this joker. I heard of my brothers Yorkshire terriers cousins friend that this is bs

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Other than money and champions leave football. Ha, pretty good reasons thee mate.

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I doubt Hatem will move back to france especially with their new taxes he would have to be paid a ridiculously high amount eg 120,000 a week to go back if not more, as for cheick to galatasary that move wouldn't strike me as that unreasonable but I doubt they will pay the money ashley will be wanting

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To guy on about taxes, Monaco isn't in France, therefore the 75% tax rate does not apply to them, this is why they're attracting players and reportedly signed Falcau

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Monaco comes under french law

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Monaco is not in France but any Frenchman working there is subject to paying tax in France at the french rate. part of a treaty signed with General De Gaulle and the principality years ago back in the days. only non french people get away with the lesser tax system

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Monaco is tax free

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I can't quite remember where I read it but I'm fairly sure Monaco had to agree to the same tax rules as French teams to be able to participate in French football.

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Monaco is a tax haven like Switzerland which is why Grand Prix drivers live in either of those two countries.

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Anzhi Makhachkala are also in for Tiote. 12 mil

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