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01 Jul 2012 17:19:23
Looks like we're gonna miss out on Luuk De Jong with a number of footballing sites (L'equipe, German Bild, Express and magazine Kicker) reporting he's signed for Borussia Mochengladbach in an 11million deal.

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Seems strange that they quote 15m and sell for 10m.
Should find out tomorow morn. if there is any truth in this. Even more surprising that this happened only a day or 2 after a toon delegation visited, and for a price we would've gone to.

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His agent has just rubbished it. He's yet to leave Twente.

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His agent has come out and rubbished reports that he's agreed to join Borussia Monchengladbach

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His agent now saying he has not signed, all over Twente fans websites and other Dutch and German sites.

Keeping his options open. Not the first time a club agrees a fee with more than one club before a player takes his pick.

Fingers crossed!

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De Jong's agent has came out and said that this is untrue. So I think we'll have to wait till something is said from de Jong or lambias etc ignore the media!

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I doubt it considering he's been in hospital for the past 2 or so days and also in the reports I've read the fee is less than what we've offered so there's a good chance it isn't true

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His agent has come out and said that he hasnt signed for anyone yet. What is more he stated that he wants to play for a big club and that doesnt necessarily mean champions league....

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Doubt it

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Are the articles actually on there? had a quick gander before and couldnt see one on any of those sites.

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His agent has said that he hasn't

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His agent pretty much said he'll be joining us. just a matter of time, hopefully more news tomorrow

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11 million to a german side if you transfer 11 million euros probably only work out about 9 to 9.5 million so dont think so and he,s been quoted at saying he was impressed with sjp and the toon army...

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The above post is not from me!

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Hasn't signed for that team as confirmed by his agent, but newcastle fans who are claiming he's signing for us, not necessarly true either. His agent has stated 2 teams are very interested, obviously one of those is us. But Newcastle need to match the asking price first. Hopefully this can be done though, ToonThomas

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The above post is from me!

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I've said from the start that De Jong will be a Newcastle player and it will cost the club 12mil be it with add ons or not and now they have a price for Douglas, a little cheaper than first quoted, it all come within budget! Debuchy will follow very soon.

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De Jong likely speaks English, The Choice between England and Germany is a no brainer. {Ed001's Note - he does speak English, they are taught English at school, they speak it better than most of us!}

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De Jong will not join for 12 mill as the club have offered 10 mill cash up front take it or leave it.

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Perhaps we should # ourselves thing 1 and thing 2 like in Dr Seuss books.

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Fc twente is in europe 10 million english pound notes is about 12 million euros thats about 8 million euros more than gyan is going for...

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01 Jul 2012 14:16:01
Apparently Man United want Demba Ba would hate to see him go like what a partnership him and papiss will be next season but youve got to admit Ba and Rooney would be a nightmare to defend against aswell

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Apparently they want Cabaye too.

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At the end of the day if some one like united come in for him he,s going to go and you can not blame him at least it will be 4.5 million profit at least could be worse we could lose out financially on him...

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Leaving Little Pea and Welbeck on the bench? Don't think so

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United dont sign players they will lose top ACoN...

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It would be 7 million profit, and they have a lot of forwards dont see why they would need ba when they have wellbeck rooney and hernandez where would ba fit in there?

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Ba is rumoured to be off to galatasaray. As he seems to be a bit of a mercenary this would be a good deal for him as they pay less tax in turkey!

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How would it be 7 million pounds profit ba got a sighning on fee from NUFC and his agent had fee,s aswell which would roughly come to 3 million so technically theres no such thing as a free player as most players these days pick the club who gives the biggest signing on fee...

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Newcastle would make little money if Ba goes for 7 million, If he is sold most of that 7 million gets circulated around Ba and his agents.

I would not be upset if Ba goes and De Jong comes in, If i had a choice of Ba or De Jong it would be De Jong.

Ba was shocking when he came back from the africa cup of nations, His stardom lasted about as long as a X factor winner.

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01 Jul 2012 14:11:04
luuk de jong to sign for the toon on Monday talk of him signing for the Germans is bull

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Let's Hope Toon Can Get De Jong In ASAP And Debucy And Anita And Douglas If We Sign Douglas For 5 Million Are We Selling Coloccini To Man City??

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Are you luuk like?

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Told u so

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Just because we might be signing a centre back does not mean colocinni will be off to city. We need four centre backs due to many reasons like injuries, suspensions, and even fatigue. We can't rely on williamson for long periods like last season so we need better quality centre backs so we can still compete at a high level. Wish everyone would stop banging on about losing one of our players when we are linked with someone who pays in the same position!

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Douglas, Anita and Debuchy would really move Newcastle onto the Next level.

Watch how Arsenal crumble next season by fixing their defence problems with buying more strikers.

Chelsea are going to suffer under Di Matteo, Liverpool are stuck with a expensive squad they cannot shift to buy more players.

There will never be a better time for Newcastle to invest in the Squad with the Manager of the year at the helm, Top 4 is realistic.

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01 Jul 2012 09:39:31
Hearing both the Debuchy and De Jong deals are just about agreed. The Junior Hoilett rumours are just rumours. The only contact between Nufc and Blackburn has revolved around Leon Best. We can expect as many as 6 new signings before the season starts

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Wouldn't need to talk to blackburn about hoillet, he's a free

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I player signed then 5 to go...

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The Hoilett rumour is probably because Best is going to them and the links been made ,but he's free anyway so makes no odds.

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They will be looking compensation due to his age.

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01 Jul 2012 09:26:21
news today that we've agreed a fee of 5 million pounds with FC Twente for Brazilian(-Dutch) defender Douglas

also that Twente want 16 million combined for Douglas AND de Jong

and its only twitter talk, but comes from a journo that Hoillett is most likely to join Newcastle


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Only person being so;d is best to blackburn strollers for 2.5mill so all you crap happy mackems and joabs comforters demba ba is going nowhere pardew is trying to build a team to compete in europe not destroy one

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01 Jul 2012 09:08:44
Newcastle has agreed a 5£ fee for Douglas and is looking to take both him and De Jong from Twente for a combined fee of 15-16£.

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01 Jul 2012 08:05:41
Newcastle have agreed a fee for Douglas believed to be 5 mil also there is a rumour of newcastle bidding 16mil for both

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