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01 Feb 2014 20:02:56
ED, I was just watching the Barca-Valencia highlights and the commentator said the transfer window is still open in Turkey so could Cisse still be sold?


Keep him and sell Shola

Unfortunately shola has little confidence in front of goal, along with Cisse. I personally think Shola will be here till he hangs up his boots.

Hope we give him a coaching role?

Shola a coaching role, really?as if carver & stone aren't bad enough! Although shola could teach the kids how not to score, how to fall over, how to give away free kicks and of course how jog lathargicley (spelling) around the pitch!

He might teach people to become mackem slayers! Otherwise I agree and I hope we don't get him but I hope we get harper or given as GK coach

Cisse is off to the Russian club Rubin Kazan. Thier window is still open to the 27th Feb.

P F M spot on

Cisse is a good striker but isn't doing well under coaching staff, if we get £9million or more I hope we sell though

My concern is that if we do sell then the money wouldn't be reinvested and we would make do with what we have. As the useless and spineless (couldn't be bothered to turn up yesterday and face the fans comments ) Kinnear would say the squad is more than good enough

The thing is if we sell Cisse for £10m we will make a profit on him which would be very good and I think we bought Luuk De jong for is reason but I think if we get better coaches cisse can be like he was when he first joined. Also Adam Armstrong has been on the bench recently and he looks good so I t might be ok to sell him.

What do you think, Should we sell him for £10m or keep him

I think the season cisse arrived the team was swapped around to accommodate him & he was class there's no doubt about it!as the season is pretty much over for us why not stick him back up top with benny n remy coming in from wide & see how the lad does?
As for harps as coach your bang on lad but apparently he upset Ashley so doubt it would happen!

As poor as the lad has been recently we need to keep Cisse, Shola in the derby game was dreadful and he really shouldn't be allowed near a football pitch.

My only concern would be that it might prompt the club to offer shola a new contract.

I think we signed De Jong to prepare for cisse leaving.

Geordietoons comment could be tongue in cheek but it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's what happened. At times we really are a shambles




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