Newcastle Rumours Archive June 19 2014


19 Jun 2014 11:29:38
Apparently Pierre Michel Lasogga £7.5million deal set to be wrapped up this week.

Really not sure about this guy but I trust Graham Carr


Going on what I've read JT he's staying in germany ( Hamburg )

Ha Ha carry on

More rubbish, we were going to sign someone last week nothing and about next wednesday we will be signing someone before the end of the week and. nothing in the last couple of weeks we will sign two and have one on loan because we think the present squad is strong enough RTaylor like a new signing

We're never going to get anyone decent in. Are going to have to hope Armstrong get a break in the first team and turns out to be a world beater.
Know body in their right mind would want to sign for us.

JT: you're well and truly outnumbered in your optimism, m8. And why do you trust Graham Carr when it comes to strikers? We desperately need TWO 20-goals-a-season men - and a winger who can knock in a few, AND a replacement for Cabs with a decent strike from distance. This situation is obvious, should have been planned for, but do you really think we'll get them? Neither do I.

Ha he walked out of the negotiations




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