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19 Jun 2013 08:41:10
tv reporting that we were signing Douglas this week but Kinnear pulled out because he has 'other targets'

He better know what he is doing.

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Be some league 1 player who's about 34 years old

the man's an person

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Lets just hope we're trying to sign a decent CB, happy that we're not signing Douglas he'd be an awful signing let him go to one of the "bigger teams" that we're interested in him last Summer.

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I would imagine a Centre forward is top of the list.

Douglas wants first team football guarantees supposedly, he can forget about that with Colo, Taylor and Mbiwa in the squad.

He would be coming into the squad as 4th choice and having to work his way up.

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Good, Douglas was always going to be poor imo. Titus part2, and a hothead.

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Thank god this isn't happening. From everything I've heard he plays like Bramble and has Tiote's 'over commitment'

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Apparently he wasn't in the top 10 of Carr's recommended targets, you have to wonder how good he actually is if no one has snapped him up.

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We will be buying someones elses reject again he has not got a clue it should be left to the manager not some hasbeen we could go down with him in charge of signings.

championship here we come

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Then this proves that Kinnear has not been a bad signing after all

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Wanted him for a year and now he's rubbish?fickle

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Have you noticed spurs appoint someone above a. v. b but nothing is said, yet we appoint Kinnear and we run a circus,

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Maybe it's got more to do with who the clubs have appointed, don't you think?
Spurs have appointed a man who has worked at Roma, Real Madrid and for England, whereas we have appointed a man than has worked at Luton, Wimbledon and for India quite a difference, wouldn't you say?

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A circus with big f-----g CLOWN SHOES.

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Its always the case what ever Newcastle do its back page headlines, and the press look for any negative point they can

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Yeah because Spurs new D. O. F is a well respected media savvy guy with a good command of English and many contacts.

As far as I know he's not a ranting nutter with vascular dementia and a dodgy heart who is totally inappropriate for the role.

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Spurs appointed the highly respected Franco Baldini to work with AVB in achieving transfer success. AVB has made it clear he wants to work with a management team and is happy to have a Technical Director. The club issued a statement and that's the end of it.

Newcastle appointed Joe "f***ing" Kinnear, seemingly with no input from Pardew or Carr. Prior to a club statement, Kinnear went on the radio to give what can only be described as a car-crash interview in which he insulted the fans, claimed a Director had been fired, was unclear about what his position was, showed a lack of knowledge of the squad and made outlandish statements as to his career and experience.

There is quite a difference.

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18 Jun 2013 15:06:14
Ed, Is there any truth behind the Bent rumours? He's an ok player but not what we should be pinning our hopes on?! {Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of.}

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No but there is truth in Derek lying bambastic quitting

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Rather keep derek than Joe K!

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This club has become a total embarrassment and laughing stock
The situation is totally pathetic

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The club has become a total embarrassment and a laughing stock. again, not the first time

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Its not the club that has become a total embarrassment its the way the fans have been behaving if they had just given it a bit of time and see how things pan out

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Just how much do we have to put up with? Have you got no self respect.
You'd probably see a positive in Mugabe being on the board.

We have 2 of the most arrogant, delusional route 1 dinosaurs locked in a power battle while Spurs for example have a young progressive technical modern continental manager and a respected D. O. F

Pardew and JFK wouldn't get these jobs at any other club which makes us a total joke and laughing stock.

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With Stoke changing their playing style, the prem will need another route one dinosaur team. Thanks Ashley

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We had a bad season last season let's see what happens this time

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Worse season for you lot!

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