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19 Jun 2012 22:39:57
Really believe that duebachy (sorry spelling) has already agreed something with us. The reason for this is because we all know Newcastle like to keep things close to their chest yet pardew was quite open when saying he was hopeful of signing Cabayes mate. Surely to come out with this statement some sort of talks had already took place.

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Now we will see if ashley the money grabber is made of!! greedy t**t

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Newcastle are ready to seal a deal for FC Twente striker Luuk de Jong, 21, by paying £9m but have failed to sign France right-back Mathieu Debuchy, 26, from Lille.
Source: Daily Mail

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Yeah cos Ashleys run the club into the ground these last couple of years.get off the blokes back you person.

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Fatty cant take us any further coz he needs 2 spend a bit more 2 make us stronger BUT he wont we wont get lucky all the time on cheap players so the good ones leave then we struggle he needs to spend a lot more {Ed026's Note - Pardew and the club have stated on more than one occasion that they will invest money in the right players for the right prices. No point being held to ransom. There's always other targets.

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There is a difference between luck and quality, prolonged scouting that ensures the player is up to premier league standard

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I'm right fed up with all the anti MA rubbish.He has shown he is willing to put up the cash if it's right as in Cisse for instance .And let's not forget he has subbed us an interest free loan of over £100m in order to clear our bank debt and ruinous interest charges.Frankly if Sheperd was still in charge we would probably of gone to the wall by now ,so get off the guys back.

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I'm right fed up with all the anti MA rubbish.He has shown he is willing to put up the cash if it's right as in Cisse for instance .And let's not forget he has subbed us an interest free loan of over £100m in order to clear our bank debt and ruinous interest charges.Frankly if Sheperd was still in charge we would probably of gone to the wall by now ,so get off the guys back.

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I think it also should be added that MA is no fatty anymore...

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Lol I enjoyed the weight loss gag :-D

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19 Jun 2012 20:52:38
Pardew is currently looking to bolster his team for european football next year and is looking to recruit players, preferably at a low price which have experience to play consistently in the premiership and in europe which has sparked rumours of several free agents and unwanted players from the premierships top flight clubs. Berbatov has been rumoured to have held talks with the toon army as well as winger adam johnson from manchester city, Kalou, and luke de jong. Apart from De jong these transfers aren't even 70% certain. however, the talks have held place over the last few weeks.

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Well done for stating the obvious then linking us with two of the least likely players to ever play for us, berbatov: age and wages and adam johnson: wages

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19 Jun 2012 17:41:03
Was listening to talk sport earlier and a French guy was saying that debuchy has a release clause of 8million euro's, he also said that Lille have got already got a defender coming in. But wont do nothing transfer wise till after the euros
Moorski mag

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Could be true but equally wouldnt be suprsied if it wasnt, talk sport talk absolute patter :)

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19 Jun 2012 16:24:54
debuchy has just posted on twitter 'everything is ready #newcastle' wether its an official account im unsure {Ed026's Note - I've not seen the tweet but I'm fairly certain that account is fake

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Yohan Cabaye is not following the account of "Debuchy", so I'd guess that the account is a fraud.

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The account is clearly fake, he has already posted about newcastle right in the middle of the french playing a game so unless debuchy is twittering whilst playing i very much doubt its him

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It's fake. He regularly tweets during matches and it's a bit suspicious that Cabaye isn't following him.

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Ithought all French players were banned from tweeting untill after the Euros by the French F.A .

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19 Jun 2012 15:29:10
Luke De Jong has been said to cost more than the initial 8 million put on the table, however newcastle already knew this and we just keen to see if they could get a bargain, so they will have no problem in raising the stakes! Debuchy is also said to be a definite move for the Toon army. He has stated he wants to play with Cabaye (french team-mate) and has expressed his gratitude to the move to the north-east. newcastle can also offer the young star a regular place as a full-back unlike that of its rivals chelsea who have a variety of defenders in their mitts. Newcastle are also set to sign Coventry City's Jordan Willis as well as signing Bedimo from Montpellier.Victor Wanyama is also looking to sign from Celtic as well as a possible catch for Kalou from chelsea on a free.

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This could have been quite convincing... Until u said Bedimo.
Rumours here please, not blatant lies...

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De jong valued at 15m spewcastle as ever offer half that. Debuchy valued 7-8m spewcastle offer 4. Typical ha ha anyteam can say we after this one and that and offer coppers for them

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Spewcastle that is poor, anyway “young star“? He's 26.

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Dont know why 5under1and fans come on here so pathetic, dont see us paying over the odds for wanyama which i feel celtic will be wanting, and as for bedimo would be extremely surprised if we were signing him doesnt fit our criteria what so ever

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19 Jun 2012 13:58:31
FC Twente want closer to 12 million for De jong and Lille are looking for a bidding war for Debuchy.

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15 mill by sky sports so that's ashley pulling out.

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Aye just seen it on sky sports want closer to 15 million.

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I don't think we will pull out I think Ashley is willing to invest in club

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Only mugs go in with high bids straight off ,it's good business sense to bid low and then thrash out a compromise fee.

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Its a funny old world especially the short memories of the Tyne,Ashley to invest,geordies in the pub telling me Ashley is a great owner and they love him unbelievabe.

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Clearly not newcastle fans then

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Clearly not mate although they have season tickets so they say,still means nothing that.

So you don't like or love ashley? Even after he has started spending.

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I cant stand ashley or specky lamb NUFC 4eva NOT the cockney t**t

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Let's be fair, what's Ashley done wrong in the last year or two? yeah we went down, but since then we've come back stronger, we were looking like we were just gunna slip into a mid-table team year in year out. I have no problem with him.

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19 Jun 2012 09:37:54
pardews been looking over croatias dario srna while at the euros and also took interest into czech republics vaclav pilar

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Pilar agreed deal with Wolfburg in January to move to them after Euros. Terrible rumour mate

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19 Jun 2012 09:20:47
Bid tabled for debuchy but at just 4mil i??t was laughed off, i think 4mil is a bit of a derisory offer to be fair, if we want him just put 7mil take it or leave it offer in, starting mega low and slowly workin up is when the vultures will snap him up

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Yeah but why pay 7 mill when they might except 6 mill. with Debuchy we have the advantage of paying all them omeny upfront, but also the advantage of the fact that he has stated that he would like to play for us and to play with Cabaye

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I think we are just using the fact that he is very interested on a move here to try get the best price we can. Players can force through transfers after all. I would be surprised if 4 mil is our final offer

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The £4m offer was said to be offered before the Euros in May, Lille only brought it up now so that they can try to get a bidding war going in order to get more money.

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I still think he will end up with us ,he has never once expressed a desire to go to Chelsea or elsewhere only Toon. It's in the interest of all parties to strike a deal I would of thought.

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A representative of Lille apparently said "4 millon? they must be thinking of a different pley"

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