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19 Aug 2013 22:23:43
rumours on twitter deal agreed 12mill rising to 16 on appearances cabaye to sign tomorrow for arsenal ashley wants to get in touch with George Reynolds and see if he has any chipboard left to board up the goal for rest of the season after tonight it could have been double figures

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Get a grip. We were beaten by probably the top or second top squad in the country at home with new players and a new manager. It was always going to be a tough job. If you are a toon fan get behind the team instead of slagging Ashley off all the time. Facts are facts without him we would be another Leeds or wolves. If cabaye goes then he goes. No ne n any team is indispensable.

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I have a feeling that cabaye is already gone, where I don't know but it does make sense why we r being linked to willian cause ashley sees money coming in for cabaye. He would never spend that amount of money on 1 player unless it doesn't come directly out of his pocket. A big name will hopefully cushion the blow of loosing cabaye! ( ed any thoughts)

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{Ed001's Note - what links to Willian? There has been no interest from Newcastle that I am aware of.}

The bid was rejected, so where is this new rumour of it being accepted and with add ons. ? I also thought we worked on a full money upfront, no add on's basis. As well as that with the disrespectful timing of the arsenal bid, I seriously doubt we would agree to sell Cabaye for 16 mil when he is clearly a 20+ mil player.

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I'd say that deal is more his worth than 20-25mil people who think that need here heads looking at.

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Cabaye will not be going to arsenal after what they've done, we will probably leave but for at least 20 million and more than likely go to psg.

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How can you defend ashley!

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"Get a grip. We were beaten by probably the top or second top squad in the country at home with new players and a new manager. "

I think its less that we got beat, and more that we looked like an amateur team who couldn't even do the basics that's bothering people.

Everything about this club at the minute, from the owners to the players is terrible.

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Ashley appointed JFK and Pardew and got Wonga as a sponsor so is directly responsible for that, but tbf the squad is actually quite good and quite large in fairness.

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Cabaye can **** off for me, he was fit to play and didn't want to, who pays your wages? so Arsenal bid £10m it's rejected get on with it you soft twisty ******* when they bid enough you can stop playing and **** off til then be the professional you are handsomely paid to be

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19 Aug 2013 13:49:29
Arsenal have apparently made a bid for Cabaye. Don't worry though it's only £12 million and, as has been said many times, only a ridiculous bid £20-£25 million plus would be required for us to even consider selling.

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The problem is this. It won't get re-invested. Sure Ashley will throw Pardew to the fans to say it will but we all know this script. We can't even get a striker " over the line " never mind a replacement for Cabeye.

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It wouldn't surprise me if Man U came in for him too, anything around 20m will see him go IMO. I also wouldn't expect Newcastle to replace him ethier as we have a few centre midfielders. I would rather we got another forward anyway, let's see how it pan's out.


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Worrying that its not been reported as being rejected like Everton did for Fellini /baines offer

Guess we will see JK true colours now -my guess is if we get 15m bid we will snatch their hands off and make do with what we have with the excuse is lack of time to get a replacement sorted and over the line

Oh what am ambitious club I support and pour my money into year on year!

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I can't see him leaving for arsenal and if he does and we get 25mil then that's 20mil profit

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Expect cabaye 2 b sold n don't hold yr breath 4 Ashley 2 spend the money he gets from the transfer just remember he didn't spend money from the Carroll deal! Ashley is a joke support the team n not the regime! York mags out

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Just like wenger putting a bid in for cabaye on the day of our match at city how sh. e is that. unsettling the player ffs but to offer £12 million thought he's worth double that. ED is there owt we can do ( like report arsenal ) to the league? or is it standard practice to unsettle players. geordietom

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{Ed001's Note - they made a bid for a player, there is nothing you can do to stop clubs doing so.}

What are you on about? The bid was reported as rejected straight away.

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Give them a chance for goodness sake 20m & he is gone
As long as replacement lined up & stick to the script Striker New Creative Midfielder Defender & Winger and we will be OK

Get tonight over and take stock

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He won't go to Arsenal, they won't pay enough. I do expect him to go now though, as this will trigger it. He'll probably go to PSG for around £20 million. We may get a striker in, but we won't replace Cabaye.

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I would be happy for the club to take the 20 million, but only if we got 2 good Carr picked out players for around 10 million each.

Cabaye would probably be great at Arsenal, Man U or PSG because they have good coaches and managers.

He will only struggle for form with our set up.

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Its been rejected.

he will sell cabaye and buy a striker.

they should be buying one without having to sell anyone

what joke, JFK ashley and pardew are

want all of them to resign

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Cast your eyes over the Arsenal rumours page - and you'll never call us a laughing stock again! Vic

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Arsenal are so poor at transfer business these days. They won't cough up the money for him

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It looks like it's been rejected everywhere i've seen it.

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Well stop then. only thing that will ever bother ashley

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Arsenal fan here- I don't know what's happening to our club, you can guess we are not happy and very frustrated atm.

I know you've had your fair share of frustration as well.

The reported 10-12 mil bid is a joke. I would say 17-20 mil in today's market.

But the thing I really wanted to say is that I apologise that they made a bid today before an important game (1st game of the season etc)- they could've at least waited until tomorrow morning or something.

Anyway, gl for the season and tonight, always had a soft spot for your club.

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Mate. the soft spot must be in your head, like the rest of us. ! :-)

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Cabaye left outta team means he is goin

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I'm not for kinnear

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Cabaye left out of the squad at arsenal

He is away

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It was Newcastle who informed the press and player of the bid, window doesn't shut just because of a game, poor offer though

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Ashley must be counting the money already -JK probably on commission for sales - because he ain't spending any money is he!

May be the thrashing we've just had, and yes it was men against boys will make them sit up and see we are not good enough - get some signings and tell Arsenal to forget cabaye because he's going no where

may be we should put in a bid for Giroud just before there champions league tie and give them a taste of their own medicine on how to conduct business

Just got to bear the after match interview with Pardew when you can already hear what he is going to say

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The stats on tonight's game are horrendous
1shot all match against 20 for man city

We only had 3 touches in their box all match!

How pathetic and embarrassing is that

But apparently we are good enough to do well in this league

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What the hell is Pardew saying

1. We apparently made a good impression until we had the sending off - we were 2-0 down for gods sake so if that's making a good impression then I'd hate us to play deadly in his eyes

2. He also said We were good in front of goal during the match -we had 1 shot all match -cant remember their keeper making a save

I give up

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Only players that are good enough at the club are Krul, Colo, Ben Arfa, Mbiwa (should be at rightback) and possibly Cisse.
As for the rest of tonight's players, they all just looked shocking and way out their depth.
Midfield is the biggest problem. Can't pass and keep hold of the ball so the defence is always in pressure because of this. Have no creativity either. If you give Cisse the service he will score, he has proved that.
Pardew keeps saying we just need to get another striker over the line, but he must be worse than the players.
We need.
1 x Reserve keeper
1 x CB
3 x CM (who can pass)
1 x left winger
1 x striker

By my count that makes 7 new players then I'd he happy with our squad. And that's even if Cabeye stays, but he's not going to.

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Cisse was absolutely abysmal today, got absolutely bossed the whole game by kompany and lescott and was at fault for the second goal in my opinion gave the ball away so cheaply. Dzeko showed how to play upfront today getting himself about and causing trouble and every chance.
Colo was also poor and Yanga is clearly a centre back, and feel if he had started there with dummet at left back we would've had a different game, Aguero wouldn't have got away from yanga as easy as saylor made it look.
No way is centre midfield our biggest problem we have 3 decent players and 1 world class player, our weakness is clearly our wide players, strike force, but the biggest weakness is the manager and the backroom staff tactics were absolutely useless, we have the players to play neat football but pardew clearly hasn't taught his players and given his players the tactics to do so.

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19 Aug 2013 13:48:42
Sky reporting club has received bid from Arsenal for Cabaye

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19 Aug 2013 13:38:52
There is a rumour Arsenal have made a bid for Cabaye. If it is true I expect a bidding war starting with PSG getting involved.
If there is one I reckon Ashley will hold out for £35m which would be good money but only if it gets re-invested. If it was who would you like to come in?
For me Victor Moses, Diame (who has a £3.5m release clause) and I'd take a flyer on Will Hughes and look at Nick Powell.

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Apparently the bid is 12mil or thereabouts I thought we were kings of the lowball offers.

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Who do you replace him with for the twelve mil that they have offered.
lowball kings Arsenal.

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Quality work from Arsenal. They apparently want to challenge for the title and Champions League positions so they wait for the day a club is going to play one of their rivals to bid for their captain and potentially unsettle him before the game. persons! We're unlikely to win the game but is this really going to help us take points off them

No wonder their supporters trust want an investigation into the club roles and transfers etc.

Big dave out

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Or he will play out of his skin bang two in!

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It'll suit JK down to the ground this as the bid for cabye will deflect attention from the lack of signings being made by the club

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£35mill for a guy injured half last season amd not regular in french team? £15mill and ashley will sell as to injury prone and ashley always sea

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Cabaye is not our captain - Colo is!

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19 Aug 2013 13:22:41
arsenal make bid for cabaye on tv. geordie tom

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