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18 Jul 2012 17:36:54
The carroll deal will b done at the end of aug when the window shuts. The toon are not desperate for a striker. So they will play the waiting game. Its all to do with bringing the price down. Ashley is a business man.

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They can wait all they want. Carroll won't be sold for under 20 million.

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I expect he'll end up stagnating on the bench collecting his big wad if they insist on holding out for 20m ,no way Toon gonna pay that fee.Can't see him going to West Ham or Fulham orQPR either.

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West ham justbought a striker so they wont want him

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I dont even think he'll make the bench. Borini and Suarez will be first and second choice starters (assuming Rogers goes 4-3-3 like at swansea, and uses Downing and whatever crap liverpool bought on the opposite flank).

Imagine it'll be a front three of

Downing - Suarez - (Dempsey?)

with Borini on the bench, and Carroll by the pool.

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20m lol keep dreaming. liverpoolhaveno leverage whatsoever. they've already told the market he is surplus to requirement, he is not happy and we are not desperate. keep hold of him, we'll find someone cheaper and better.

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Agree and now br is back tracking on sky saying he might fit into plans as good strikers can play anyway......

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They are turning into a joke club with mixed messages all over the place. Buck won't last 5 mins if he doesn't learn to play the press better imo.

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Yeah, Liverpool are a joke club, says the fans whose club last won a worthwhile trophy was in 1955.

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20 Million for a Man who scored I think 6 goals last season, Keep Dreaming! Carrol had a shocker last season. The reason for this is because Liverfool didnt play to his strenghts, For 35 million the team should have been built around his style of play, Thats what all managers do that invest a large amount of money on one player however I think the signing was only to make a statement of intent. At most i would pay 15 MIL but in my opinion that is way overpriced however in our case it wouldnt be so bad as we would have still earned 20 million off liverfool overall.

Liverfool are on there way out of the worlds elite of major / decnet clubs. Now with Rodgers are the helm they are not going to do anything. He style of play is completely boring and the players he has been linked with aint what I would call the next level or a level that would improve the current squad. At least MA and Padrew think for the future and buy players that could become decent in the future or add players that are already better than the ones we have. We have lost, Barton, Carrol, Enrique, Nolan over the years, All of which we looked at like they were class etc, We replaced them with Ben Arfa (Well Technically as he was injured and only started the last season) Cabaye, Tiote, Santon, Ba & Cisse who are all improvements on them and I think all cost less than the 35 mil we got off liverfool.

Nolan was quoted as saying that MA wanted to replace the current team with Cheaper Players, I am all for it if they are of higher quality. It makes TOTAL SENSE.

The only player out of the list I was gutted to see leave was Enrique. He was Quality and in my opinion one of the best in the PL and in time I think Santon will be a massive player and will be a better player either at RB or LB.

Liverfool need to wake up and realise

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Liverfool ? that's brilliant that, never heard it before. Did you make that up ?

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18 Jul 2012 16:42:19
My point of view on the carroll situation is that Ashley may be trying to use it too generate good press and better his ever improving repor with the fans.. Though I have had no indication to see whether he will pay the fee or not, wage demands maybe the key including any payoff from Liverpool to Carroll to ensure he's off there books

Debuchy is another point of interest of Newcastle, though the longer this drags out more and more clubs are getting more keen on the player and with Newcastle already competing with internazionale it will be a hard deal to complete. Still hope though shame clynes been picked up, would have been a good contingency plan.. Just hope the other back up options are as good.. I know Graham Carr spent alot of time on Europe looking Rosales, Jung and Corchia are possibles

Also I wouldn't rule out hoilett as Newcastle are looking to increase the HG players in the squad, especially younger players and hopefully that means a rethink on zaha maybe drive a bargain with palace.

What do you think on the rb and fwd situation at the toon ed? Debuchy likely?

Mac boy {Ed026's Note - I think Debuchy will sign. Carroll won't and we'll get either of Anita or Hoilett, probably Anita. But to be fair, we all know how privately Newcastle's trading is done!

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Ed, I'm not sure that Newcastle are about to shut up shop after Anita and Debuchy. They know they need CB cover and some power up front especially with Europe on the horizon and it only takes a few injuries and then they knackered on all fronts. Even Ashley will see this and like any good business man will wish to consolidate Newcastle's position.

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Your'e not sure Newcastle are about to shut up shop after Anita and Debuchy?
We haven't even got those two in yet before you start talking about further signings..
I'm not even convinced we are after Anita.

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Sounds like Overmars was offering a come and get him plea over Anita, Why else would he tell the press he has not had a offer from Newcastle after Anita stated he wanted to go.

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18 Jul 2012 14:11:00
Is it just me that's suprised about how openly Newcastle are talking about Carroll? What do you think ED? {Ed026's Note - I agree, it is strange for this deal to be conducted in public as seems it is. IMO I don't see it happening because Newcastle won't pay £15M+ for AC. He'll end up at West Ham or could even stay at Liverpool if they can't find someone to match their valuation.

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Now they want Ba + cash for caroll , and i used to be Big Andy's biggest fan but since we've had the two dembas i admit i for one would hate to change what we have at present.

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It's not the normal way Newcastle do business

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Newcastle have this one wrapped up, Liverpool can only sell Carroll is he agrees terms with another club and as he wants to come to Newcastle that is not going to happen. Also if the 25% sell on fee is true we really have Liverpool over a barrell here. Nice work Mr Ashley.

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Why do Newcastle fans keep going on about a 25% clause. It doesn't exist.

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Does anyone actually know what is agreed in the contracts? Everything is so secretive these days. Everything is speculative at best. We sold him for 35m which was excellent business. Lets hope he stays at Liverpool where he wanted to go for the big pay deal.

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How do you know for a fact it doesn't exist. It seems to very well documented that it does

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Only by Newcastle fans though. It does not exist.

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And you where there when he signed his contracr to know theres no sell on clause.....k

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So I guess all the Newcastle fans have seen the contract then, as they are the ones making up the 25% clause.

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No just we know first hand how ashley works when it comes to money so think he would have a sell on clause asking for a % if carrol gets sold no matter how much he,s sold for...edd do you know any thing about a clause or is it total crap? {Ed001's Note - I don't know of any sell on clause sorry.}

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Mike ashley isn't a mug, he is a shrewd business man, there will be a sell-on clause.

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If there is a sell on clause, it's likely to be for any profit liverpool make, not on any future fee. so if they sell for 37m we would get 0.5m of that, presuming 25%.

there was no sell-on clause included for the Forster deal either.

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For the last time, stop going on about a 25% clause. It does not, and has never existed.

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18 Jul 2012 13:40:31
According to sky sports news Anita had handed in a transfer request, time to move!

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18 Jul 2012 08:59:56
Heard from a mate who was at a family party with Carroll over the weekend, said outright he want's to come back !

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Yes.... And my uncles dogs next door neighybours cat told him were also on the verge or signing messi come on where do you get this crap from?

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Think what you want, this is a rumours web site aint it. i'm only passing on what i've been told.

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God my fish herd the same news!

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17 Jul 2012 23:38:11
toon have bid 4m euros for douglas


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No chance with the bid i,m afraid but you get know where if you dont try..........k

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Nowhere even

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No where, even

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I would not be surprised if the Douglas fee and terms have already been agreed, He will stay until 24th of August as documented before to get his Dutch clearence for international football. If Douglas was still available rumours of business with other clubs would still be surfacing.

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17 Jul 2012 23:05:35
Bid of 4 euros gone in for douglas, Anita asked to leave Ajax with newcastle interested, Mike ashley talking over the carrol deal with liverpool board, Debuchy close to signing just waitin for lille to find a replacement, Good times ahead at the toon!

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It will be a great deal if we get Douglas for just 4 euros

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Debuchy only stated we are one of his "options" Inter being the other..and as much as id like to see this one happen i think this may be the one we miss out on lads...

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Be nice if they all come off it would mean roughly 27 million spent which i,m a bit surprised i thought we would spend 20 million but who knows.........k

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And West Ham have ended there interest in Carroll. Sky Sports

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Debuchy fee has already been agreed. Lille won't accept it though until they have found a replacement. He will be a Newcastle player before the season starts.

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Anita looks class act, splash the cash i say

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All very possible but here is one from the leftfield, Peter Odemwingie. He has had a big bust up at WBA and fits several formations that Pardew uses as well as cover for for the CF's and wing.

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To old

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Doubtful, isn't odemwingie like 30 odd?

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He is 30 and yes it does not fit Newcastles MO but for the right money and ex-Lille, stranger things have happened.

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