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18 Dec 2011 19:59:15
Ed is the Maiga deal definetly dead in the water or is there a chance we are using this to lower the price?
If the deal is definetly off, who are we likely to go for instead? Luuk De Jong? Olivier Giroud? {Ed001's Note - De Jong is definitely of interest, but Liverpool are also very interested in him, so I have a feeling Newcastle might get priced out. Giroud seems a much more likely signing, he has been watched repeatedly and will be cheaper. As for Maiga, well he has failed the medical, I have heard of no new reduced deal being offered, but I will ask and see if I can find out if the deal is completely dead or if talks are still ongoing.}

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Makes no sense to sign Maiga, we need cover for Ba when hes away at acon. We need a poacher

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I have a feeling Pardew has a strong fondness for eren derdiyok. He was the one he went to see the week after the window closed in the summer. Eren Derdiyok would fit the profile of a pacey, technical striker. Had a wonderful hattrick recently and is a wonderful finisher at times. Any word on him Ed? {Ed001's Note - I have not heard anything regarding him at all, I can't give any info on him one way or the other, sorry.}

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Not heard anything on him? That means he's coming in January. Cabaye, Abeid, Tiote anyone? ;)

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Thanks for the reply Ed.
Id be happy with any of Giroud, De Jong or Derdiyok, all very good strikers.

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18 Dec 2011 12:53:00
The Sunday Sun says we're in the hunt for Chris Samba for £7m.

Seems unlikely but if the top 4 are pre-occupied with chasing Cahill again this January, we may have a chance if we act quickly.

I think he'd be an excellent signing but can't help thinking we need another CH with pace (not that I can think of anyone who really fits that bill). Any thoughts Ed or others?

DomW {Ed001's Note - personally I wouldn't believe anything in there at all, the S*n, whether a weekday version or weekend, is more known for its lies than its truths! I expect the club to continue to look abroad, not only are the prices more reasonable, the wage demands tend to be lower as well.}

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Ed 001. You obviously know nothing about the north east. The Sunday Sun is a LOCAL newspaper!! {Ed001's Note - oops sorry, assumed he meant the new version of the NOTW! There is now a Sunday S*n after all. Hardly knowing nothing just because I don't know a local rag though. But I am sure that won't stop you being a smart arse.}

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The comment above is true - the Sunday Sun is a local Newcastle paper related to the Chronicle. However, it also spouts vast amounts of sh1te on a regular basis, so Ed's comment may well be correct! Can't remember the last time we signed anyone the SS said was nailed on actually.

Is there a new version of NOTW? Huzzah! :-)


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That's The Sunday Sun Ed - regional paper in Newcastle and nothing to do with the Sun

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18 Dec 2011 10:15:56
Hey Ed, could you clarify this for me because I heard that Liverpool are in for Tiote?

Begs the question; if they wanted so many of our players why did John Henry not just buy Newcastle?

On another note, I've heard we're after an unnamed centre back from Italy, and if we need a centre back what about Nedum Onuoha? I know he was on loan at Sunderland but he is a good player who spends his time on the bench at Man City {Ed001's Note - no interest that I am aware of.}

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Dagliesh dosnt want Tiote he just doesnt want us to have him...he didnt want Carrol he just didnt want us to have him..If he could he would sign Cabaye and Krul {Ed001's Note - rubbish, absolute nonsense.}

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Onuoha would be a really good signing. Quick strong young and versatile

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