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17 Jul 2013 18:01:29
Were in talks with walters off stoke 1.5m bid accepted due for talks 2moro. Decent player hard worker proven premier league and international striker BUT he's name is not big enough.

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Not a good signing at all very poor player not good enough for Newcastle no better than shola

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His name is not big enough? Jus call him wallterss then

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Own goal and penalty miss specialist, no thanks

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Very doubtful. average player at best

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3rd post down, very funny mate bet it took you hours to think of that. Also when we had demba ba bet you had baaaaaaaaaaaaa on the back of your shirt.

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Not at all convinced by this rumor as Walters is nearly 30 and does not fit the club's profile.

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Would love to see this happen better then bent and Remy for his price he scores goals get us 12+goals next season and set up loads too as long as he gets service

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He scores 12+ goals a season? And you think that's good enough for a player that is plying his trade as a FORWARD/STRIKER. ? By the way, take off his og's. and it's probably more like 6 goals a season.

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Better than Bent and Remy. OMG some folk have no idea.

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He's built for a dark age hoof ball team

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Don't Newcastle play hoofball?

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Please sign walters even more reason for us to laugh at you lot!

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Better than Remy? And you have the audacity to say people have no idea. you need to come off the meds, your done!

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Sadly yes

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17 Jul 2013 17:06:10
Cisse did not board the plane to Portugal not because of the wonga logo but he is about to sign for Fulham 15 million deal its the Fulham chairman first big player,, p Inness aka the drop

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Actually think there's some truth in this wether its fulham or another team I reckon he's trying for a move, this sponsor rubbish is just that he wore the virgin top last year with no moaning so its bugger all to do with beliefs

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Yes last he wore the virgin logo who are a bank who lend money we all knew last season he wasn't happy. a rat deserting a sinking ship

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Virgin Money and Wonga aren't even morally comparable if you're actually a sensible person who uses your brain. Poor argument. {Ed001's Note - except that this isn't about using your brain, it is about religion. In which case they are exactly the same.}

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Is he not dating a non Muslim girl? Does that not go against his beliefs?

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"except that this isn't about using your brain, it is about religion. In which case they are exactly the same. "

Very ignorant mindset, I have to say.

Cisse is capable of rational thought and he knows that whilst he might not fully endorse how a regular bank works, it is far from immoral like Wonga is.

You do realise that it doesn't have to be black or white, right? There is middle ground, room for common sense? {Ed001's Note - I do, yes, but I am talking about him using his religious beliefs to force a move through, when he is in fact not bothered about them any other time. The ignorance is coming from people like you, who think there is a difference between a bank and the likes of these payday loan shark companies. There is no middle ground, money lenders are immoral in the Muslim faith, just like gambling and alcohol. Funny how he dates a non-Muslim, which is also forbidden, is happy to have two money lenders endorsed on his shirt all last season, but now he has an offer on the table from another club his faith forbids him to endorse money lenders. He is not Frederic Kanoute, he is not a devout Muslim standing up for his beliefs, this is just an easy way out.}

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They are not even slightly the same kind of corporation, a bank and a pay day loan company are not the same thing. To keep up with the times Muslims have had to come to terms with the fact that everyone uses banks, charging 5ish% APR on loans. Wonga on the other hand charge nearly 6,000% (not an exaggeration, fact) which is viewed as a massive exploitation of people who desperately need money. Cisse isn't allowed to benefit from Wonga, which he supposedly would do if he wore a shirt bearing their logo. It's a similar idea to the Christian story about Jesus and the money lenders in the hotel.
It's hard to appreciate if you're not religious, but Sissoko and Tiote are both Muslims. Cisse could just be trying to force a move out of the club or he follows a different kind of Islam. Either way it's a pretty rubbish situation for the club to be in, and another distraction that we don't need. Worrying times.

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Isn't the premier league sponsored by Barclays - another organisation who lends money -didn't hear him refusing to play in those matches

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More bad publicity for Newcastle, why not just let him wear a charity sponsor on his shirt and that would be the end of it. Makes Newcastle look like a decent club helping a charity and gets our best striker back in the team. Can't believe he will be aloud to leave over this and since when did it come out that he is doing it to get a move away? Another Newcastle disaster. Suppose it gets this seasons out the way early.

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He can date her, he just can't loan her money.

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The ethics of wonga are immoral and cause devastation to many people. He only wore virgin money because they don't loan people money at 3000% Apr {Ed001's Note - if it was that he was claiming was the issue, then I would fully back his stance. It isn't that though, so it is pointless you lying to make out he is doing this for other people's sake. He is contracted to wear the shirt and he is refusing.}

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Can anyone tell me where this Cisse craic comes from?

Oh, and by the way your argument (above) about Islamic beliefs where loans are concerned is somewhere between laughable and tragic.

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1st post, about Cisse going to Fulham, just a thought but their new sponsors are Marathon Bet - are Muslims allowed to gamble?

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Cisse after a bigger pay day

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Isnt the whole islamic deal with not borrowing money for a profit? so as far as I can tell and i'm no expert a little profit and 3000% profit are much in the same as its the profit part they object to not the amounts.

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This really does take the biscuit. You have a footballer who earns what? 40-50-60 k a week and he's complaining about wearing a shirt with a name on it! You have people risking there lives for 40k a year! Theses players need to get a grip and stop being mollycuddled!

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How come I've been in casino in newcastle city centre and Cisse been there 4-5 times gambling its there religion when it suitds got his autograph as well whole club laughing stock agfain

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The difference between a bank and a pay day lender should be obvious. Banks provide a number of different services, with many that are not loans. remember Muslims use banks! while a payday lender only gives out loans this is the crucial difference. While Cisse may well be forcing a move evidence such as well he was happy to have a bank on his shirt, don't make much sense {Ed001's Note - Muslim banks are interest free. You don't earn interest on your account with them at all. This is a direct quote from the website of one: The best-known feature of Islamic banking is the prohibition on interest, known as "Ribba".}

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Quick question about this - cisse isn't wearing the shirt because it's advertising wonga a payday loan company. the reason for this is because he would be indirectly (because he doesn't choose to wear the shirt with it on its part of his contract) be supporting a loan company which is against his religion.

If this is the case how can he continue to play for newcastle? by this I mean he would still be indirectly supporting the company by playing for the team that is financially benefiting from the loan company and promoting its business which is then able to pay his wages.

Surely this makes the whole point of a charity sponsor or no sponsor on his shirt a joke as the rest of the team/club are still promoting the company?

Or am I missing something?

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Cisse gives a large amount of his salary to Senegal charity's. he's getting no where near 40-50-60k

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Why don't people who want to run there mouths get the facts before they speak, cisses whole stance is he's a muslim and they don't believe in money lending wether or not wonga charge ridiculous interest isn't in the koran as far as i'm aware so to say there totally different is garbage, face the facts russian clubs showed an interest so is using the sponsorship deal to get a mega money move or an improved contract that's the cold hard facts and you can come on and argue all you like ain't going to change the facts

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Hes reportedly on 40k per week and I agree that this is less about religion and much more about money. again

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Err there are no facts of yet! only media speculation. No one has come out to confirm or deny the allegations. This does not mean that what is happening is not suspicious, but any cries of 'cold hard facts' is just not true.

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If wonga lend you £1000 at 2000 % or virgin lend you it at 7% it is still a loan from company's who are both ripping people off cisse should play for the badge not the logo

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No smoke without fire.

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17 Jul 2013 13:50:03
I work at Newcastle Airport and just saw Scott Sinclair. Wasn't sure if it was him, but he signed a few autographs for kids that recognised him. Fingers crossed

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My son met him today, was so nice. He stopped for a photo, and made my sons day. Brilliant end to our holiday! He must be signing, why else would he be here?

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Haha yeah right

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I have just seen Scott Sinclair, I'm not sure it was him! A

He could be landing in Newcastle to make a move to Sunderland?

And it MIGHT NOT BE HIM - is it me or are people just posting what ever they feel like these days?

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I agree it's a transfer rumours page not a bear face lies page. I get my hopes up with some of the stuff I hear on here. I've been expecting big signings since the transfer window opened and felt let down. I think all our deals were done in jan and we will sign bent or someone of his caliber and that will be it.

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I think its was someone that looked like him, because he is on Man City's tour in South Africa.

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He isn't in South Africa. He was left out because of an injury, ribs I think

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The only thing more tawdry than making up false rumours/sightings is people accusing people of making up false rumours/sightings.

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Sinclair isn't on the tour shows what some people know and actually I would believe this one he's not in citys plans and we need a winger

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Well he is on tour, shows what you know. You've embarrassed yourself.

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There's an easy solution to this situation. The whole team drop wonga and wear the 'sir bobby Robson charity logo'. Simples!

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He can't be with City, he has just had a rib taken out. He won't be training till around September time!

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Why would he be on a plane when the drive from manchester is only about 3hrs.

It would take 30 / 45 minutes just to get the the correct terminal in Manchester, then flight time etc would make no sense at all.

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17 Jul 2013 13:38:37
Darren Bent to sign by the weekend.

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Hope not

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Why not? Quick, lethal and a prolific goalscorer, and English.

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Not quick, off side two in three times he 'drops off' a defenders shoulder, can't hold the ball up, never links up with midfield, can't tackle, doesn't track back, poor work rate.
Apart from that, a cracking signing.

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Why are people so against signing Bent? If he can score goals then what's the problem?

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Quick or was quick, one seaon good next rubbish, temperement dodgy (like my spelling), I can see guiterez on his argintine holiday tapping up the next tevez for us!

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You just described bent two years ago. he's finished now

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You make me laugh, with your crap forwards, the old guy in the Wonga ad could play up front for you lot. Play to Bents strengths and he will give you at least two good seasons of seeing the ball hit the net.

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Bent is a huge gamble - you have to ask yourself if Villa are losing Benteke, why would they let Bent go?

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17 Jul 2013 07:08:32
Danny Graham on his way home from training camp for talks with newcastle after the club's agree fee. Expect this to happen by end of week.

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Not a chance of this imo.

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He's going to Hull on loan.

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You do not have a very good imagination.

He is going to Hull.

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Suderland in talk's with q. p. r over remy loan deal.

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Harry erednap says he doesn't loan players out because they are back after a year or whatever and you still have them

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Harry wants him back next year if qpr win promotion aye so a loan deal makes perfect sense

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