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16 Jun 2012 22:18:02
Ed what are the chances of us putting a cheeky bid in for Alan Dzagoev now that Russia are out of the Euro's?
I know other big clubs want him but isnt he out of contract soon? could play into our favour. {Ed026's Note - I've not seen anything linking us to him. He's possibly an Arsenal target and at £13m probably out of our price range.

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There is a big fat 0% chance we will get him

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Why would anyone pay 13mil for a player whos contract runs out in 6 months that and he hasnt really shown to be an excellent player, scored a few goals in the euros but that was about all he has done, especially in the second game he done absolutely nothing apart from grab that header, a good player but being hyped up far too much

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Not worth 13million.. we can offer him a contract end of July anyways and get him for free in the jan window

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13 Million is not out of our Price Range, Newcastle would have put that up for Gervinho.

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16 Jun 2012 17:33:20
Wouldnt mind if we looked at obraniak of poland and bordeuax can play either wing or "number 10" he looks creative and skillfull and would provide excellent cover or even challenge for a first team place

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Where does number 10 play {Ed026's Note - Obraniak pays on the left wing for Poland. Has looked decent tonight.

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No 10 plays inside left in a traditionally constructed football side.




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In english football it is
2 5 6 3
8 4
7 10 11

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He has already been sold to a club. he went for 1million. they were talking about it last night during the match

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That player the commentators were talking about was the czech winger Pusil or something like that who's signed for wolfsburg.

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This is a rumour page, not a wish list. the banter page is for that.

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I know the number 10 used to be inside left having watch Vic Keeble, george eastham and a few more besides but todays number 10 can turn up anywhere

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Its not Pusil - its Pilaf

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What a crock of rubbish. No position is required to wear a designated number.
Demba Ba = 19 is a perfect example

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Yaya toure gets in city team week in week out and his kit number 42

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In sunderland under O'Neill it is.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 on his own in a 9 0 1 formation.

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After cattermole has been sent off.

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15 Jun 2012 23:47:42
From a few pages I've heard Newcastle have had a 5million (Euro) bid rejected from Lille for French right back Debuchy and they are wanting around 8 million. However there are also sources claiming we aren't going to make a move untill after the Euro's...

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Chelsea are now favourites to sign him typical why don't we move fast and get him before the euros Newcastle Back to old ways all talk no action

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He will go to Chelsea or another Champions League club sadly...The question now is what defender will we now get? We need at least two of them, one CD and one RD.

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If Chelsea want him which is being reported today then we have no chance

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Still think he'll sign myself. Strong links with Cabaye whose done amazing with us. He looks worth 8m so I'd say put another bid in.

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It was reported in the Daily Fail, let's not jump the gun.

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They might be linking him with chelsea with hazard just signing for them

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They would never have sold him before euros there not stupid

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He has chose us did you see his twitter last night? {Ed026's Note - I doubt that Twitter page is real as Cabaye doesn't even follow it.

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The tweet was posted while the game was on so unless he had the phone in his sock i very much doubt the validity of the account
if he's such a great player on an international stage he's bound to attract interest from other clubs plus nobody but he knows where he wants to go what drives him ambition or money or both.
But could you blame hi for signing for Chelsea european champs, bigger wages and i'm sure a very strong squad when their spending is done

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