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16 Jul 2012 23:17:32
if carrol comes back shola,s for sale with safc going to bid 2.5 million..............

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Will he become a Geordie Slayer then? No Chance mate!

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The makem slayer would never play for Sunderland

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He'll never leave and we wont sell him he's a massive personality within our team and we need players like him and harper respectively and we have enough games to have 4 strikers easily, and shola to sunderland never he hates the mackems

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Don't think we should spend 20 million on Carrol, 15 maybe but 20 isn't worth it.
We could use that money a lot better to strengthen the squad.
As for Shola to Sunderland never going to happen

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Am pretty sure it says they will bid for him does not say he will the post.....

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We won't sell Shola. So back to the drawing board for you, mackem

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Am pretty sure they are saying ok..... But he wont go.... Read the replies... Douche

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20 Million is a joke, So is 15 million. I would love to see the big guy back but he has scored 6 premier league goals in a season and a half. I am sorry but a player that scores 6 goals in that time frame is not worth more than 10 million even by todays standards and fees.

This is one time i have faith in Ashely, He wants to bring Carroll home for the fans but we all know you cannot bluf a bluffer, Liverpool would lose this one badly if they ask too much. They can keep him until Xmas with him sitting every game on the bench and then we will have him for a snip, We are in charge and being more than fair with the price.

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Id love to see Carroll back as I think on his day he is unplayable but would'nt pay more than 10-12 million

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You dont have a clue pal think about it if u dont put the money up he will go else were tottenham are after him chelsea and a.c milan so if u think u can get im on the cheap think again

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Never got the Andy Carroll thing, he had a reasonable season in the championship but still scored less than 20 goals, fair play he works his socks off and is keen but he's nothing like a world class player, 35mill, what was that about?

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Loving the sad scouser's and their bitter comments towards us.
Accept the fact we mugged you off for a way over inflated price and while your at it stop deluding yourselves that he is wanted by Chelsea ( going for Cavani ) or Tottenham ( permanent deal for Adebayor ). AC Milan will get Tevez not Carrol. You will be lucky to get 15 million and I'd prefer not to have him back

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Aye, I'd like to see him come back though, with the right nurturing he'd be class, can't see him getting on ahead of Ba or Cisse though, we do need another striker or 2 though.

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16 Jul 2012 20:23:16
spoke to one of my very good friends on coaching staff last night on phone who is currently in germany with squad he says newcastle are really upping there attempts to sign andy carroll on permanent deal it all hinges on liverpool and how much they want to re coup but 13.5 million has been bid he also says andy wants to come back home no chance of him going anywhere else but to us and a clue who my source is he worked under sir bobby and loves craig bellamy!!

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Alan shearer lol

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16 Jul 2012 20:08:25
Our bid for Andy Carroll is completely tactical and calculated.

We had approx £13m to spend on a striker - as demonstrated by our last bid for De Jong. So thats the ballpark for our Carroll bid limit.

If as reported, we have bid £13.5m for Carroll, any rival bid would have to exceed £17m just to match our bid in terms of revenue to Liverpool - due to 25% sell on clause.

So...we can't lose - either we get Carroll for £13.5m or we pick up nearly £5m from the clause if we get out bid by a club willing to pay ~£18m or more.

If that happens, we have our original £13.5m + £4-5m extra to spend on a top player or two.

Happy days!


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There is no sell on clause though, so what other rubbish are you going to come out with ?

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We offered to pay half his waged then buy him for 12 million they refused that and who would blame him...but i was told today they where going to offer 13 million and wave the sell on claus not sure how true it is but the person who had told me had also said he had been told nufc value carrol at 17 million but are not prepared to go over 15 million full fee paid up in full where no one else does this except chelski and city....all we can do his wait and see........k

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If we're going for top 5 13million for a striker just isn't enough but this is very true.

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Now THAT'S magic! (and very cunning)

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You don't have to spend massive amounts of money to get into the top 5. Ba+Cisse was less than 15 mil. Chelski and the scouse b******s spent a lot more than us on just one player each and look where they ended up on relation to us!!

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Why would any club agree to a sell on clause when they have just spent 35 m ? Think 35 was prob 20m to much ! Sell on usually are implemented if original price is slightly lower than the selling clubs valuation .

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Even if there was a sell on claus it would only be a % of any profit made. So unless Liverpool sell for over 35mill then it's sweet FA

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If you where told 2 years ago you would get 35 million for carrol in cash you would of laughed do not be surprised if ashley had a sell on claus no matter what he sells for............k

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16 Jul 2012 17:05:01
Walcott and Ben afer to swap clubs. In the next 48 hrs

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HAHA your a fool, this will NEVER happen

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Claptrap ,Liverpool want him.

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That would be ok i suppose would rather have ben arfa though keep the french connection going

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Ben Arfa is so much better than Walcott, the ONLY aspect that Walcott is better is pace.

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What makes ya think toon will give him 100k a week. thats why he is arguing at arsenal..

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Biggest load of bull so far.
Walcott would be a good signing, but I'd rather have the better player, Ben Arfa.

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Another mackem speaking through his bum

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16 Jul 2012 14:03:33
Andy Carroll not on plane to liverpools trip to USA, not saying he's on his way to Newcastle but that it is more likely.

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Its official he is not in brendon rogers plans..........k

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Hes not back at lfc until 23rd July I beleive as hes on an extended break with the others that attended euros. They are due to fly out and join rest of squad when they get back

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Rumour has it newcastle has steped up there bid to 13 mill, will most proberbly go for more like 17 mill according to newcastle blog and bbc sport transfers.

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Liverpool need to sell a lot more than we need to buy, should give them a take it or leave it or a loan with option to buy or just smack 10 mill on the table

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Neither has Gerrard,Kelly,Henderson,Downing,Johnson,Suarez,Coates,Doni,Reina or Suarez.

I wouldn't read to much into to be honest.

Why do Liverpool need to sell? Are they skint, i wouldn't have thought so.

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Either way nufc have a sell on clause for any fee if carrol is sold so the advantage of us buying him is we will waver the 25% seel on fee and there aint many clubs in epl who have that kind of money just 3 or 4............k

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They need to sell him rather than pay his wages on the bench that does not mean they are skint..............not in his plans that simple...

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I don't know where you're getting that sell on clause from. Complete lie.

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There is no sell on clause.

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Im the guy that put they need to sell more than we need to buy, let me just clarify.
I mean we dont neef to buy carroll we have tonnes of option with over 10 mill for a striker. Liverpool 'need' to sell because whats the point in keeping a 10illion + asset on thr bench.
Hope that makes more sence

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I think Liverpool are skint! Crowds aren't huge mid table finish paying high wages spending on Henderson, downing, Carroll, ok they sold Torres might not have all the cash yet. Plus they've had to pay off Hodgson and Daglish

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I dont think they are skint but with there owners letting daglish loose with 100 million to pay over inflated prices for players and think they realised you can not keep doing this with all these new fair play rules coming in....a club now needs to make more than it spends and then theres no champions league for lfc either....think rogers is out of his depth but time will tell.......

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Despite the lack of champions league football and a tiny stadium Liverpool's international TV rights are a massive part of their revenue. I don't know for sure but I would assume they compensate for the smaller ground by having a massive international following from America to the far east.

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16 Jul 2012 12:29:26
Confirmed that andy carrol only interested in a loan and not a full time move! Sky sports news website!

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I'd prefer a loan with a set fee at the end tbh.
That way we get an idea if he is here to play football and show the scousers what they were missing, OR, if he is just here for nights out on the toon.
Nee chance that is going to happen but that's not to say we won't go back in with a cash offer for a permanent transfer.

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There is no way that Liverpool are going to loan Carroll to anyone.

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Think you'll find that yes there is a sell on clause unless you've been living under a rock

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16 Jul 2012 12:12:14
Toon have offered £13.5 million for AC.
Debuchy deal to go through today for £7 million

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13.5 Million is a bit steep considering he will probably be expecting atleast the same wages as he gets at Liverpool which is supposed to be 80k a week. He has just had a bad season at a club that came 7th, Liverpool need to get past the illusion of what he once cost and get to grips with the reality of what he is worth right now.

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13.5 million too steep ? He's worth about 17m-20 m. He's much better than Demba Ba who is awful.

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Surely one of the reasons Liverpool had a bad season was Carroll's bad form. Plus, he's only ever had one good season before the 'one bad season'. You seem very sure he will turn things around, all things considered.

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What planet is the guy living on who said Demba Ba is awful?
Fair does he didn't net for the last few months of the season but he played his part OUT OF POSITION and without that set up Cisse might not have been so prolific.
Maybe a wet spam supporter who had hopes of getting Carrol just to be gutted to see another of 'your' strikers end up at the toon.

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If the choice was Carroll or Ba, only an person would choose Ba. Carroll is much better and younger.

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Can't see us paying the wages regardless of the transfer fee. It would unsettle many of the starters. Is it possible it is just a ploy to get Ba tied down?

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Would rather have
AC because if you ask me he is 10x better than ba

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You have to think of legal reasons. All pardew can do for Ba's contract is negotiate with him what contract he'll give Ba when his release clause ends at July 31st that's when we can tie Ba down. Plus Demba is much better than AC that fat Sh**. Ba is more of a complete striker. If u ask me, Cisse would of not scored as many goals if Ba wasn't there, Demba Ba had to help Cisse settle, by translating and playing out of position for the team

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16 Jul 2012 11:49:04
Andy Carroll flew from Gatwick to Milan last week (think it was monday).

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Like someone said a few days ago...more chance him signing for AC/DC than AC Milan.

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16 Jul 2012 11:20:31
Ed, do you know what the latest on Debuchy is, a havnt heard out {Ed026's Note - Debuchy has apparently flown into Newcastle today and a fee as been agreed circa £7m. Perhaps some news later today..

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Debuchy is still on holiday, and the clubs have not agreed a fee. Yet more rubbish on this site! {Ed026's Note - And how do you know he's still on holiday? This is a rumours site after all and there are strong rumours from a number of sources that he's flown into Newcastle today, not saying this is 100% true but that's the word. A number of papers have also printed that a 7m fee has been agreed, which would seem about right for a player of his calibre.

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16 Jul 2012 10:56:28
nufc to make a cash bid for andy carrol today any where between £12 to £15 million and as allways pay all fees up front.....good news is if any one else bids for him and he goes there we get 25% sell on clause......edd have you heard any think like this......... {Ed026's Note - Last I heard there was a loan and option to buy offer turned down which was for £12m

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Thats what i heard edd so there must be a little truth in it some where cheers.......

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I wonder if the Toon are really serious about Andy Carroll. If they have a sell on clause agreed with Liverpool, it may be in their interest to drive the price up. They may have started this process by lodging the first bid, hoping others follow
with higher bids. Just a thought!

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15 Jul 2012 22:21:09
Arsenal set to re-ignite interest in Ben arfa, champions league football may well be the decider, your thoughts Ed? {Ed026's Note -A non starter for me.

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Ben arfa must be worth 12 to 15 million.....arsenal dont spend that kind of money so its a non starter for me to

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Ben Arfa worth 12-15 million, no chance. More like 7-9 million.

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Must be SMB to quote these prices..... He improved his work rate for the team towards the end of last year, and his runs which had defenders all in a daze were outstanding.... Double the 15m price, then you may be closer

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16 Jul 2012 07:42:38
Odds for Carroll to join NUFC still very low

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