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16 Dec 2012 21:55:05
News just in arsene wenger plotting a 15 mil bid for Ben arfa

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Double it and then you are talking. Ben Arfa is only player Toon have thats worth big money, bearing in mind Ba`s release clause and his eagerness to hawk himself around.

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Im sure i read somewhere Ben Arfa has fallen out with Pardew after Fulham match. I hope not as the day before he was saying how much he loved the club, fans and city.

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Ben arfa, cabaye , tiote, cisse and ba are all worth alot although ba would go cheap but without release clause he would go for big money.

ben arfa= 40m
cabaye= 30m
tiote= 20m
cisse= 20m

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You read that here from some person making up a complete lie, Ben Arfa has always come out saying he loves it here and owes the club a lot for what they have done for him, also no way would ashley and pardew sell for under 25 mil if they can get 35 for AC lets be honest

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In cuckoo land HBA is available at 15m
and Ashley will look to raise 25/30m and spend 15m
Have you not woken up yet???

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Krul, Ben Arfa, Cabaye and Ba are the only players worth decent money.
Anita's value is rising every game, however Tiote and Cisse would be closer to ten million.

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I was told by a retired Newcastle keeper that he had been told from 'current player' Toon would sell Ben Arfa for a bid over 15 million. Seemingly he does not mix with the players as much and they know he is an Arsenal type of player.

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16 Dec 2012 18:52:10
Ben arfa out till the new year as if it couldn't get any worse

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16 Dec 2012 18:36:13
Man City corner, ball comes over, header, back of net....where is our tallest central defender,,,standing on the edge of the penalty box....I kid you not have a look at the goal and as City are about to take the corner Williamson is on the edge of the penalty box (not the 6 yrd box) who is our defence coach if we have one

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Watch the 3rd goal,and see how easily simpson is beaten,he even walks at one point.

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Simpsons girlfriend just bought a fancy pad in London.

Bye, bye.

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