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16 Apr 2012 13:21:57
19 year old Curtis Good from A-league team Melbourne has a 10 day trial.

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I have it on good account, from two Australian friends who's actually seen him play live, that he's not that big of a deal. Apparently he's a solid defender, a no nonsense type player. Doesn't go forward too much. He's got decent size and he's a strong one aswell.
That said, it doesn't mean the lad doesn't have good talent. He's only 19, and perhaps the scouts has seen potential in him yet untapped.
Let's remember, without being disrespectfull, the lad plays in a 4 year old football club, joining it from a lower league club. Our scouts may be able to see a future in him, where as an austrailian club may just be limiting him.
No offence.

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Havent Heard

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The Australian League is like watching 3rd division football. Very pedestrian, I personally wouldn't sign any player from the australian league. The premiership is way too fast

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I agree that it's a far less appealing league to watch but that doesn't mean there's young talent we can't grab from it. there's plenty of lower quality leagues with players who can cut it in the premier league - look at James McLean. Last season playing in the Irish league, now he's mixing it up in the Premier League. And it's not as if we have to pay huge sums of money to get him - were only giving him a trial.

In Carr, We Trust.

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I've seen Good play live and don't think he'd ever have enough to break into 1st team... Interesting that Carr has eyes on our A-League tho!

Alex, Perth Oz

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16 Apr 2012 12:08:53
what do people think about have a look at Bruno Cesar of Benfica and he play as a second striker or a attack midfielder and he is a 23 and have play for brazil but i don't know what his price would be.

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Maybe do what ben arfa do on the right on the left because ba doing want to play on the left!

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Benfica have a similar transfer policy to us, buy young and cheap and try to sell on for big money.

for that reason he'd be for sale but may come at a price.

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