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15 Jul 2013 08:48:05
papiss cisse being sold to fulham

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U can make some great words out of papiss cisse in reply to this post

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Is it true cisse is training in the reserves, due to his stance on the new shirt sponsors
Just read it somewhere

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Its all paper talk blown out of proportian

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Cisse won't wear a shirt with Wonga on, as Wonga borrow money to people and it's against his religion to borrow people money!
OK, did anyone hear about Cisse complaining when he was wearing a top Sponsored by Virgin?

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He only reports back for training today. papers talking rubbish, hope the club sues them.
unless of course, he gets banished to the reserves when he turns up today.

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This is getting silly now. He has reported back a week later than other players so is not ready to train with them yet so is training in the gym to get up to speed which is all normal practice. No story here just the rags stirring the pot.

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Something I was thinking about today. Some fans jump down the throat of some players who want to move to other clubs. True, we are amongst the best fans in the world BUT the club is run by a muppet, can we really hold it against anyone who wanted to work somewhere else? Would YOU want to have someone like Cashley as a boss? You might say, I'd do anything to play for Newcastle, likewise but would you do ANYTHING to play for Udinese? Levante? Montpellier? or any other mid table clubs from around Europe? If you were there would you not think, to hell with this, another club wants me and are willing to pay more. In the past we have had mercenaries granted and they were but, right now, who can blame people for wanting out of the circus? Just a thought.

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Totally agree mate but we have to keep the faith as football can change so quick these days with all the money about so we won't be like this forever! Also going Motherwell tonight, any ideas on what team I should expect to see lads?

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Football is all about money these days. there is very few loyal players, and bringing in someone from abroad they will never be loyal (rare case).

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Cisse is being punted around Europe, seems he has been told to find a new club. a mate in Germany works at Dortmund

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I thought Muslims couldn't gamble? Only mention this as cisse is a Muslim yet I see him in all the local casinos constantly, so if he is refusing to wear shirt it's a complete joke, which tends to make me think its paper bullsĀ£&t

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It is all BS, I don't think he has actually been quoted as saying he will not wear it. all BS.

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Yes, but the club would have taken the opportunity to show him wearing a wonga training top if that was the case.
no smoke without fire.

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15 Jul 2013 08:30:44
Don't shoot the messenger but I have heard we are in advanced talks with Ajax for Siem De Jong. Also Darren Bent should be signed this week.

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No shooting you, but get real. We will sign some never heard of player from the Blue Square and that is all we will get!

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2nd comment siem de jong isn't even unrealistic gona shoot something down do it with facts

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Facts are:
He will be playing champions league football next season - Would he give this up to come to Newcastle, with no European football?

He is captain - Will cost more than what he should because of this - MA doesn't like to spend too much money.

He scores one in every three (league form - Good proven goal scorer, again knocks the price up.

Last summer when we were linked with him, we stood a good chance of getting him. Now I can't see it, we finished 16th for gods sake!

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Yanga m'bwia was a captain but he still sits on the bench

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M'biwa should be starting at right-back instead of Debuchy. He is a lot better at defending and doesn't make any stupid mistakes like Debuchy does every match. Defenders need to defend first then if they can get something from a set piece it's a bonus.

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Cabaye gave up CL football to come to Newcastle so why not? I think you forget the wages prem teams play compared to Ajax plus playing in a much better league will be an appeal to most players

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No way should Yanga-M'Biwa be starting at RB! Debuchy had a rough start but like a lot of foreign players he needs to adapt to the league fully. You only need to watch his performances in France, and for France to know he's a good player.

Yanga-M'Biwa was bought to be a CB, because he has the potential to be a great CB. He shouldn't be wasted by being used as a utility man.

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I feel that Taylor and Colo will be first choice at CB this season so we would be much better having Mbiwa at RB instead of Debuchy rather than him sitting on the bench waiting for an injury.

He wouldn't be wasted at RB anyway, he looked good at left back when he played there last season. If Mbiwa got a run of games at RB is no way Debuchy would get back in the team. Mbiwa - Taylor - Colo - Santon. That's a solid back 4 if you ask me. Debuchy does make far too many mistakes every game.

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Debuchy was brilliant for Lille and brilliant for France in the Euros. MYM is a CB. Back four should be

Debuchy Colo Mbiwa Santon/Haidara

Look how many mistakes Colo and Enrique made in their first seasons for us. Then look at their second seasons onwards. They were awful at first. Debuchy will adapt. I mean Yanga-Mbiwa looked poor for a lot of games last season as well, made some big errors in defence.

Taylor makes plenty of mistakes and he's been here 10 years.

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14 Jul 2013 20:32:22
Ed is it true that we're closing in on Ben Yedder? {Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}

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