Newcastle Rumours Archive February 15 2012


15 Feb 2012 11:16:06
Alot of people on here agree we should be playing 4-1-2-1-2, why can't pardew just give it ago? On paper that team would give anyone a decent game. Maybe rip some teams apart...


Play 4-1-2-1-2 would mean either loosing width or playing either cabaye or tiote out of postition, and you dont do that to your best players, Build around them .. if its to accomodate HBA then in my eyes he still needs to establish himself, great talent, but far to inconsistant, needs to adapt to play for us not for him.

What forever ? We will never be in a cup again muppet

But you are out of the cups

Maybe in cup games not in PL .

That doesn't stop him from experimenting and giving it ago.

Maybe pardew who watches our players every day in training and has been in the game for 30 years might just know what is best for the squad he's got




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