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14 May 2013 18:25:31
if pardew stays one good thing is well get andy carroll back but probs at the expense of hba


What do you mean IF he is definately staying even if we had been relegated. Get used to this inafective football we watch at SJP. managment all lads together if it works great if not tough

I am more worried about the noises Cabeye is making. Can't afford to lose him or HBA.

How is getting Andy Carroll back a good thing? Just means Pardew isn't interested in playing good football.

Pardew will stay all Ashley cares about is being in the Premier league so he can make a profit he doesn't care about the quality of football we play.

I don't think it matters whether we play attractive football or not as long as we win. What we really need is some attacking flair and I'd suggest McManaman who's been great for Wigan lately, him or Weiman who's been a bit underrated for Villa this season although that's probably because all the attention's been on Benteke.

Does ashley make a profit

Probably not from the club considering how much is spent on signings, wages, agent fees plus wages for all the stadium staff, board of directors, scouts etc plus energy bills for the stadium, stadium maintenance, paying to get replica kits made, the low ticket prices. There's no way that he'll make a profit from what he spends on the club he can only minimise his loses. He'll make most of his money from sports direct.

Carrol = hoofball. Perfect for a rubbish manager.

If it means scoring goals and winning games then I couldn't care less

There should be a balance between putting the ball in the net and playing good, effective football. If it looks nice, then that's fantastic, but it's not the primary aim. Often one results in the other, we need to be looking at a general all round improvement, not trying to emulate Swansea or anyone else for that matter.

We are toon fans not stoke fans. winning yeah is a necessity but so is watching attractive exciting football. if wigan and swansea can play good style on a very small budget then so can we. we just need a manager who can.


With our players we should be playing it on the deck and playing pass and move not endlessly hoofing it to no one in particular.

Short and sweet.

How is it a good things to gain Carroll and lose HBA?

Really a good response and good reasons behind your logic?

HBA is an important player when fit but probably misses too many games to be relied upon any more. If a bid of over 15m came it would be foolish to turn it down and then he could be replaced with a fitter alternative. Carroll certainly isn't that though.

Wigan play 'good' football. Relegated. Reading play 'good' football. Relegated. Effective football wins matches, and keeps 'hoofball' teams like Stoke and West Ham in the Prem. 'Hoofball' isn't Pardew's tactic, it's just the way that poor players - defenders mainly - happen to play, because they don't have the ability or brains to play 'good' football. Get rid of poor players, get rid of poor football.




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