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14 Jul 2012 20:41:55
Newcastle have bid 10 million for carroll, liverpool still have 10 million left to pay for carroll (installments) so liverpool have said along as we pay for the wages then we get him for free. I no this because my dad is good mates with peter ramage.

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If this is true, have liverfool essentially just paid us 25m to loan a player and pay his wages amd some for 18 months?! ahaa

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I would have carrol back but do not think they are going to say he you go he,s free just forget the last instalment...........

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Haa and how would ramage know

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The Carroll money was paid up front according to Lambias.

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That's utter bull we got 35 mil in cash Ashley won't sell players unless it's cash

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14 Jul 2012 19:36:29
There's a problem with signing a CB in that STaylor is a great player and if we sign someone they won't want to be 3rd choice. Especially someone with a reputation of being a diva, like Douglas. It would be better to either get some more youth options in for cheap or go for a big signing (10mil, Sakho/Dede or maybe even M'Biwa) as STaylor's a local boy and wouldn't mind sitting some games out. Just a thought, and it is something that affects our signings.

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We could end up playing 50 games if things go well there is plenty of room for 3 top CBs

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S Taylor gets injured as much as L king these days. he injured his hamstring yesterday so def need to get a CB

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I agree with this post, but my personal preference would be some youth, some european defenders, ie Angelo Ogbonna, Daley Blind or Toby Alderweireld. Davy B

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I agree with guy above we could easily end up playing 50 games + players get injured second choices come in.

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A New Centreback would be ok with being phased into the team on viewing St.James park. It is a bigger stadium than most of these guys are used to playing in as a home ground.

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No room for sentiment , we need another cb. Competition , poss lots of games , injuries .

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14 Jul 2012 10:02:19
was talking to an ex of andy carroll in town last night and she rekons hes been saying he'll be back at newcastle by end of month. i just hope its not a loan deal as y should we get players fit and scoring for our rivals

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Carrol isnt even in the country he is on holiday and he hasnt even spoke about moving away

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He said Carrols ex and even if he isn't in the country have u ever heard of a phone

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He is back from holiday last week

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Obviously can not read as it says talking to an ex of carrol not talking to carrol........

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14 Jul 2012 09:45:14
Pardew Hopes to sign debuchy in the next 24 hours so he can join them for the game vs Monaco on monday. 7m fee already agreed And Newcastle in talks with FC Twente over Brazilian defender Douglas.

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Rubbish!!! He would still be on holiday like Cabaye and Ben Arfa

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Doubt this is true as pardew hasnt brought ben arfa and cabaye with the team so they can rest

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Debuchy returns on Sunday.

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Debuchy went to Lille on Monday after his holiday, google it it's that simple

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14 Jul 2012 00:27:04
Debauchy transfer almost complete and second bid in for dede, news yet to be heard about messi

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If you could just keep holding your breathe re the Messi deal, we'd all be really happy in about 5 minutes time !

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Dede is a CB i thought we were getting Douglas. Which 1 is better?

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There s no chance we are getting Dede, he is at Vasco an has been linked to both Manchester clubs, Real and Barca - he'd command a fee of at least 12-14 million and that would trigger a bidding war.

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I posted the original post and I meant too say Douglas not deed, wasn't too

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13 Jul 2012 23:24:50
debuchy agreed for 7million is it true ed {Ed001's Note - it is certainly close to a done deal.}

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