Newcastle Rumours Archive March 13 2013


13 Mar 2013 13:41:22
Newcastle will be ready to sell winger gabby obertan according to a web site. A possible move could be a return to france for around 3m, but no club as been officially interested yet.

I think going back to france would be a good move for gabby, unfortunately there has only been a few matches where he's been good. He just hasn't really settled. He was awful against anji though.

But I wish gabby all the best of luck if does get moved on :)
Geordie moses


3m would be good if we got it

Good. dump him and use the cash to buy jodi lukoki or miralem sulejmanji (sorry for any spelling mistakes) both do the same thing as obertan and both are better at it plus they're both young so they meet all of Ashley's criteria




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