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12 Jun 2012 22:25:46
Danny Simpson is off to Fulham, you heard it here first.

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Nope I've heard it before

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I've never rated Danny Simpson highly. He gets into decent positions then fails to deliver a cross that's half decent. If we want to progress then we need to start by replacing our worst player with a better one. Good luck Fulham :)

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And me

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Regardless of his Crossing ability I do think its harsh to call him our Worst Player, You have Best, R Taylor & Oberton amongst others who are must worst than him. To be honest he has player I think almost every game since he has come and improved on a massive scale. Some of his goal line clearances this season ''especially the one against MAN U'' were great and as stastics in the PL stand he was the most consisten RB last year. I do think we can replace him with someone better who has more ability however do feel that credit should be given as he was one of the player who go us where we ended up this season.

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Why would he go to Fulham? Unless he's fed up of Newcastle fans not appreciating him. I hope he stays but we bring in completion for his place. By the way as everyone seems to know he's of to Fulham what's the price?

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Good riddance! don't rate him at all, can't understand why he's before ryan taylor in the rankings

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If he goes this window it would be a few million

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We dont need competition we need a new rb he wont sign a new deal cos he wants more money and wouldnt be happy sitting on a bench, perch and taylor are fine for cover.
1 more thing we couldnt switch santon to rb because hes not strong enough hes alright at lb because guttirez works hard to cover when santon gets caught upfeild ben arfa doesnt have the same work rate or provide the same cover and you wouldnt want him to

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All the people slating Simpson do you go to the match or just read the ratings in the Chronicle? R Taylor is too slow that's why he doesn't play full back. We missed Simpson last couple of games and ask Ben Arfa if he'd rather play with Perch or Simpson. Get of his back man
Leases end mag

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I go to every game and he is poor

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Simpson made a few eye cathing goal line clearences but other than that he doesn't contribute much. Also the * do you go to games * line is getting realy old now... people assume because they have season tickets they are somehow more knowledgable fans than those who cant afford it...mongs

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Oh can you say Raylor is poor, he is a toon hero after that over the wall freekick vs sunderland. i'd like to see the stats of them when they have played for wins, loses, assists.

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Scoring a Freekick doesnt make you a good player. R Taylor cannot tackle to save his life! we have got around 15 decent games out of him in 3 years, Thats a joke. He is a good utility player but never in a million years should he be in the first 11. He cant pass, He cant tackle, and has no pace. Yes he had scored a couple of goals and some decent freekicks but other than that he has done nothing all season. I would rather get rid of Taylor than Simpson, Simpson would be a more reliable backup.

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I cant understand the comment about Santon not being able to play RB, Did anyone see gutierrez in the second half of the season! he was sooo poor, he couldnt keep the ball at all and will never be able to cross. YES he does work hard but most of the time he is making up for his own mistakes. Santon is a natural RB not a LB hence the reason why he is right footed. What people dont understand is Santon is still very young and at times last season looked amazing. It is rare that you see a decent Italian make in the PL like ZOLA etc, I think i would stick him at RB and if his progress is anything like this year, In 1 or 2 seasons when he will be around 24 he would be amazing.

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Simpson does a job defensively but lacks ability on the ball. If you look at the top teams they have full backs that are good on the ball and get forward. If we want to improve we have to replace players like Simpson.

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R.Taylor is not one of our worst players, I would say either best, obertan or perch are the worst.

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You are no way a NEWCASTLE FAN, Perch!! Yes granted he had a slow start but in the last half of last season he was immense and looked like a total class act in all the positions he played in. I am looking forward to seeing Perch hopefully progress further. NEXT SEASON! He is no way on earth one of our worst last season

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12 Jun 2012 08:45:56
Two players that with have been heavily linked with in the pass are now both available on free contract.

Eljero Elia hasn't had his contract renewed by Juventus

Tranquillo Barnetta will be leaving Bayer Leverkusen after failing to sign a new contract.

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Eljero Elia has only been at juve a year his contract expires 2015, but hes available on a transfer

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Elia has been made available for transfer he is by far from a free agent

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NO Truth in the Eljero Elia Story, Again somebody that doesnt know anything about football and attempting to make a poor rumour. Why would Juventus sign Eljero Elia for €9 million in 2011 on a 1 year contract?? He still has a contract however is available but would cost around €5 Million Plus. FACTS ARE EVERYTHING!

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Elia didn't join Juve on a 1-year contract, he's available for transfer subject to fee being agreed.

Barnetta is available on free, his contract runs out end of June.

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Elia's only been at Juve for one season so he's hardly out of contract. But he did have a transfer request accepted so he's likely to leave.

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It's not that Elia hasn't had his contract renewed, it's that he's played there a year (and I use the word played lightly) and only made 4 appearances in all competitions.

that said.....i'd snap em both up!

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Elia isn't available on a free, he's had a transfer request accepted. He only signed for Juve last August.

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My apologies I misheard the Radio.
That being said I would still take him if Juve are looking to get rid on the lower side of 7 Mill.

P.s Facts are everything guy. You need help.

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It wasnt last August It was January

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