Newcastle Rumours Archive October 11 2011


11 Oct 2011 21:44:52
Stephen Taylor injured in training now.


"nice bite though Geordie !"
Seriously do you know how pathetic you sound grow up you immature little girl.

Who cares Stephen or Steven ? Nice bite though Geordie !

Unfortunatly, this is bull, as Stephen Taylor doesn't play for us, but Steven does.
Stop the untrue s**te, it's simply not true.

Aye, it's gunna be a tough one, unfortunatly our November isn't really a happy month, Man city then Man United then Chelsea all in a row :( Adstatoon

Aye a read that somewhere aswell mate, but if he is just means ben arfa gets his chance will be tough game a would be very happy with a point but think we may nick it 2-1

I did however google Demba Ba injury, and according to the google news we are 'sweating it out over news' Adstatoon.

You are either a sad little mackem or a sad little boy ! If you were a geordie am sure you would know s.taylor spells his bame lyk Steven and not stephen. And anyway it would have been on atleast 1 nufc site.

Everyone fir according to the Chron and NUFC web

Ok i'm now starting to fear this maybe true, i hope it's not, what is your source?

Yip. I got told that too.




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