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11 May 2013 14:44:50
This is what we need to do over the summer hopefully when we survive: (I also got some of these from nufcblog)
1) Ashley needs to decide whether Pardew is the right man to take us forward.
2) We need tot decide whether coloccini is staying or not.
3) Ashley needs to give whoever our manager is a good solid transfer budget (25-40m to spend)
4) The club need to make an apology to the fans for putting us through hell this season.
5) We need to get rid of all the deadwood (some coaches, fringe players, jonas, williamson, simpson, harper, gosling, obertan) and some youth (Newton, abeid etc. )
6) Get some new technical coaches in and a good set piece coach, defence and attack coaches.
7) Put some decent, hefty price tags on our best players, to make good profit maybe and mainly to keep them (Tiote-15-20m, cabaye 20-30m, ben arfa 20-30m, Krul 15-20m, cisse 15-25m, Sissoko 15-20m, M'biwa 18-20m


1. We all know Pardew has been found out Ray Charles can see that so can Ashley hence the reason Rafa is coming if we stay up.
2. Colo will return to Argentina for personal reasons.
3. Agree about the staff or we need fresh ideas.

Agree with that but surely the french we bought in Jan can't leave till next Jan the player can't play for 3 different clubs in one calender year rule unless a release clause in there contracts we don't know about. I'd give Pards another year only if we stay up but gone by xmas if we down in it again. {Ed002's Note - Season - not calendar year.}

No chance in us getting Benitez

No money too spend

If someone else is to come in it will be

Di matteo

And all your valuations are way to high for our players. Sissoko 20 mill for a inexperienced player haha

Rafa ain't coming, he won't touch this club with a stick, get real for heavens sake, Ashley will not pay top dollar he does not have to, toon fans will turn up if Ant and Deck were managing the club.

The way they have played this season what makes you think any of our players are worth that much. Tiote has been found out, I'd carry him to the other side of the world if somebody offered 15mil

I stopped reading after you said 20-40m to spend. All together ashley spent over 30m in january inc agent fees so I wouldn't be suprised if he got 15m at the most with whatever he makes on player sales.

Geordie Al

Rafa ain't coming? You know this how? I am very confident that if we stay up Rafa will be our boss next season.

Because you won't pay his wages he will want and he why would he go to a bottom half team anyway.

So you don't know this you think that we won't pay his wages or he won't come to a bottom half team or the same squad that finished 5th last season. Is that what your saying?

Ant and Dec's a good shout anyway

The same squad that puched well above there weight last season and most of your realistic fans know this, yes you are a bottom half team and you have a poor squad that's what I am saying and MA definatly won't pay the wages Rafa can demand,

Why is everyone so quick to dump Simmo, I have seen nothing of Debuchy to suggests he's better than Simmo.

Simmo defo better

Danny Simpson has been woeful these past few years, debuchy has to have time to settle he is an international right back for a good french team, Simpson is not in the top 10 english rbs

A lot of silly comments here. For a start, nobody but Ashley knows whether Pardew goes, Rafa takes over, and Ashley can definitely afford Rafa's wages. Whether Ashley is willing to fund Rafa's required transfer pot or not is likewise a question that nobody on here knows anything about. People should be a bit cautious about what they wish for - a change of manager doesn't always mean a better team - Martin O'Neill, anyone?

Rafa's odds on now to take over PSG and replace Ancelotti. Doubt he'd turn them down for us, regardless of French higher rate tax. Lot of people dreaming here I think. Lee Clarke is the bookies favourite to replace Pards if he leaves. that's more Ashleys budget although i'm sure he'll still grumble if he has to pay compensation. can't think of many managers out there at the minute who are unattached and available that we'd be interested in. Would much rather have Pards than a Hughes or an O'Neill. can't see Martinez wanting to come to us. He'd have better options. Agree with the coaching though. No set piece goals this season is totally unacceptable.

To original poster!

Do you actually know how the price of a player is worked out?

Because not ONE Newcastle player if worth 15million.

Price is based on form, stats, cards, goals etc.

Tiote be worth 15-20million - the person gives away stupid fouls in stupid places all the time. He also gets FAR to many cards (reds and yellows) meaning a club coming in for him would know the risk and reduce the price to suit. He has also has a terrible season, he has done NOTHING
He is worth about 5 and the very most

Cabaye 20-30million - no Cesc went for 34 and he is ten times the player of Cabaye. I love Cabaye and think he is one class act, but he is not a WORLD BEATER. He just does what he does well, nothing that special about him
He is worth about 10-14 but the way Newcastle operator in the transfer market if he is sold it will be close to 20million

Ben Arfa 20-30 - No, he's never been fit this year, scored 4 goals and 4 assists to his name in a year. Yer (sigh) I can see a team paying top doller for someone like that
He's worth less than 10million (6-8million)

Krul 15-20 - Again, eh? How I really don't think any goal keeper has moved for that much. Even the best goal keepers go for less than 10 million.
Krul is not a good goal keeper either, he is a class shot stopper and that is all.
Tops of 9 million

Cisse 15-25million - HAHAA yer 13 goals can't hit the side of a barn door, 10000000 times a web site this year.
We would be lucky to get the 10 we paid for him

Sissoko 15-20million - Who is he again, he came, he scored, he has done nothing since?!
Tops of 7 million

Mbiwa 18-20million - WHO DO YOU THINK HE IS RIO FERDINAND? The boy is young A VERY LOT to learn (and that has shown in the last few week when he has played VERY poor)
he is worth about the 6 we paid for him. He has done nothing magical.

What did you put on your Frosties this morning? Honestly?!

Not one of our players is worth anything clsoe to what you think, they have finished 14th in the league not 5th again
They haven't been the team of last year, they have all played poor, their form has been diabolical at times

STOP BIGGING OUR PLAYERS UP, we are not Man U Chelsea or City. With the big massive names, and the world class players

We are Newcastle United, with normal players, nothing special about any of them. As shown this year

Last year at the end of the season, I would have agreed with you on most of them prices, but you CAN NOT JUSTIFY them on what the lads have done this year. NOTHING


Totally agree with the last poster. Right up until you said lucky to be championship players. That's clearly too extreme.

Actually Mbiwa's been one of our best players recently and has done very well filling in at lb and the value of £18m is what he was valued at before we bought him. I'm pretty sure I saw something saying Cabaye's buyout clause is £30-£35m. You're hardly being fair to HBA, he's been injured for ages, he's a winger, and Pardew was barely playing him because he didn't want him to get injured again so what do you expect from him in terms of goals?, Sissoko was valued at £20m before we got him. You're saying he's bigging our players up when you've gone to the opposite extreme and are being overly harsh on them. As for them being lucky not to be championship players that's just ridiculous. However I do agree that we'd be lucky to get £10m for Cisse and we'd be lucky to get a packet of skittles for Tiote

I could have been a little harsh on them.

But not one of them have performed this year, at all.

No team would pay Newcastle stupid prices that someone quoted for them. They have done nothing to justify it.

They lack goals, assists, conceed too many (defenders) and the form of them is pretty terrible, and not one of them seems to be in shape (i know some of out players have had a long season with having to fill in for injured players all the time)

But a team coming along will look at all of these things and say look YOU might think he is work 15-35 but we aren't paying that that player didn't justify that price tag by the way he performed last season.

But there was one thing I think I didn't mention, our owner!
He won't let anyone leave unless the deal suits us all the way, e. g.
Getting over the odds and cash on the day of the deal

And the Championship comment they came close to the drop (far too close for me), without Colo I think Sunday coming would be a different story and we would be battling to stay up.

If I was MA and AP I would only give the lads two weeks off before calling them back in for summer training and pre season, take them somewhere extremely hot and do some running, get the fitness levels back last years.

Is it me or do we have the players and the talent, they just don't seem to click/gel together as they did last season?




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