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11 Jul 2012 13:30:00
New arrival to Newcastle in next few days however your guess is as good as mine, my stepdad this morning had to take samples from the training ground of an unMed player to the freemen hospital, therefore the player will be undergoing a medical soon

Just have to wait & see who

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And my Brother`s wifes cousin went to Sports Direct to get him some size 10 Boots so we will all wait with baited breath.

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Size 10 i dont believe it!!

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Why would there be samples of a player at the ground before he has signed?

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Does your stepdad enjoy taking the p*ss?

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Pardew came out and said that there will be no incomings in the next week {Ed026's Note - I recall he said something very similar and then we signed Cisse a few days later..

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If he's giving "samples" at the training ground, surely he is already in the process of the medical??

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11 Jul 2012 12:14:52
Response to NUFC rumours:

Anita won't happen this window, but definitely could happen in Jan if Ivory Coast get into the ACON (play off vs Senegal so not a gurantee!) Would fit into the 4-3-3 system we've started playing if we were to get him now.

Don't see us getting Carroll on loan, he's on about 80k a week and we offered well less the 50k to De Jong - not that he was too interested!

I doubt we will get a striker in general, as mentioned we've got a 4-3-3 system, I would expect to get a winger or two in rather than a new striker.


Debauchy (90% sure)
Douglas (after he gets Dutch citizenshi[_
Messi (confirmed with the guy himself)

and a few squad players no-ones probably heard of

As long as we don't lose the main guys I wouldn't mind a lack of activity.

Crawley Mag

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I think carroll made it clear he doesnt care about nufc after that awful, childish and petulant display when we beat liverpool earlier this year. He had no respect for the team that made him an england player and i wouldnt take him if he said hed pay us to play.
I think him and fat sam would make a good longball playin team at west ham

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Carroll cannot be blamed for being sold to Liverpool, We got 35 million.

As for the Liverpool game he had a open goal and fell over from what i remember (suspicions over that one)

His anger walking off the pitch was with himself.

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To be fair to Carroll he thrives on good crosses more than hoofball.

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Aren't crosses just another form of hoofball, playing the percentages, hit and hope, not much method involved. Give me through balls and cut backs any day. Viva Espana

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I agree, him missing the open goal was the same as when chopra was one on one and opted to square the ball to a player in a worse position... can't blame the lads to not want to score against the boyhood teams

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Funny how people see things different... I think he blatantly dived trying for a pen and maybe even to get Krul sent off. He would be well suited to Big Sam and their style of play, but I don't think he would be as effective for us now.

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I thought Carroll was a Judas aswel but Soz like he clearly didn't want to score against us, how else do u explain him tripping over...NOTHING. he hesitated when rounded krul and decided to go down. if he had got a pen, he wouldn't have to take it.

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He stuck his foot out and got no contact on Krul. That imo was a dive nowt to do with love for us.

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Watch it again, cos you'll see he had already passed krul by a mile. he was free on goal man, empty net, an he decided to tumble.

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11 Jul 2012 11:59:42
Lille are said to be close to buying Chelsea right back Jose bosingwa. This will mean Matthieu debuchy deal could soon be complete.

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Hopefully ,but there is always Milan in the background too.

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This is bs, bosingwa has been released

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Been released and about to sign for Lille on a free

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True he has been released but that doesn't stop Lille from signing him.

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What difference does that make? They are still going to get bosingwa.

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11 Jul 2012 11:09:39
I've heard debuchy has signed and Simpson is discussing a contract with Blackburn. Plus a highly rated striker is expected to sign in the next few days maybe roberto solado

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Now that would be good news.... however its the "ive heard" that worries me.. from where did you hear this tasty morsel of a rumor...

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Well....answer the man.

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If only, Soldado's a bit out of our reach. But we can always dream.

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More chance nolberto solano 11111

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Soldado just signed a new contract. If you're going to post something, make it true…

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Yes In late June, he extended his contract until 2017

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Its a rumour page! not a fact page, if you want that dont come on

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11 Jul 2012 09:41:00
Alan Smith to MK Dons

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Hardly news

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Your saying it like its a bad thing...

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11 Jul 2012 07:43:06
Barcelona are ready to bid 8 million for cabaye {Ed026's Note - IMO - this won't happen and it would take a lot more than 8 million to get him.

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I don't think Cabaye is Barca quality (yet) - but it would take more than 15mil (at the very least) to get him. Got to love paper talk!

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Stick a 2 in front and Ashley might start to consider it. He may be a lot of things but Ashley will not sell unless he gets considerably more than he wants for one of the star players.

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I Realy like Cabaye and think he is a very good player, but where does he fit into Barca's alreay tallented midfield?

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8 million is hilarious, He was already worth more than that when we got him. The only reason we got him for 4 million was because of a buy out clause. His Original valuation before coming to Newcastle was about 12 million. After a season of cutting premier league defences open with his passing i think its fair to say his valuation has doubled at the very least.
The sun reported this rumour for one reason and that was a reaction.

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This won't happen because a) Barca don't need him and b) Ashley would price him out of a move like Twente did with de Jong

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8 mil for cabaye,, i will take a pound of what your smoking.. this is france's best midfielder and ours and very much up there with the better premiership midfielders going round at present. 8 mil sounds like "derisory" or "not a serious offer" , there is not a hope in hell that 8 mil is even enough to get Pards on the phone.... please lads this is very very lazy journalism surely..

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Yohan Cabaye and Barcelona is a no-go. Cabaye doesn’t want to leave, Barcelona don’t need him, and 8m wouldn’t pay for right arm. The story is going no where, and neither is Yohan. Certainly not to Barcelona anyway.

8m for one of the best midfielders in the Premier League last season – I’ve heard it all…

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The only place Barca need to reinforce is their defence, after that, they wont need anyone new for a couple of seasons when iniesra, xavi et al retire.

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Iniesta is 28 .

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11 Jul 2012 01:37:55
Takeover rumours are utter garbage. And anyone thinking any take over would be a good thing, must be simple. Venkys anyone. The only way it would be a good thing is if we ended up with backers like Man City.


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They were like the Man city backers.
Don't know if I really want them now though. the club's better run now than in years

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You have to remember city's current owners interests in premier league football will one day wane and where will that leave city, an annual salary bill of well over 100m, id rather have the club sensibly run than have it as an oil sheikhs plaything

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People said the same of abramovic

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10 Jul 2012 23:37:54
Jamal Al-Kazemi from Kuwait wants to buy Newcastle heres the link

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By next week..... oh o

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Ssp cabeye maybe leaving toon and premiership ?? surely not

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I hear the kuwait times is owned by a SMB...

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80 Million to buy Newcastle does not sound right, Ashley would have wanted around 100 million for the club and thats when it was in trouble.

Tiote, Cabaye, Cisse and Colo are worth 80 million between them on their own.

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It is pure $hi*e lads, pure $hi*e. Part of me would love for the richest man in the world to swan in buy everyone and for us to win the league and what not, but surely the soul of the club would be sold.... but the trophy room would look better

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What trophy room.

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10 Jul 2012 22:25:12
whats this about a kuwaiti who wants to takeover have you heard anything it on newsnow via the kuwait times...del {Ed007's Note - It is a Kuwait newspaper that is reporting it, I would be sceptical right now about it.}

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