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10 Nov 2012 13:13:30
Anyone's thoughts on bringing Carroll back in the summer. I'm not sure whether I like the greedy ba***rd or not. He's a good player and would be good cover for ba and cisse, I defo don't won't to see Carroll replace one of them, I'm not sure whether id like to see Austin or carroll. But if Carroll came back he probs have to take a big wage cut coz he was on like 90k a week at Liverpool, and MA would probs pay max 70k a week

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Take him back in a flash, ashley wouldn't pay 70 a week if ba is on max 40, and as for austin or carroll lets not take step backwards by taking chances on unproven players, not sure he had much of a choice to leave us or not at the time the 35mil has done so much so if anything thanks andy

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What is this obsession with Carroll? He's a beast in the air but apart from that he's bang average. He left us for the money and Liverpool and we've moved on from him.
Id rather we looked at a pacey versatile forward rather than re-sign carroll and continue to play long ball like we bizarrely have done this season.

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Weve only played long ball because willo, in no good with the ball at his feet. Starting to think we need to play ba or cisse rather than both. Ba at the moment because hes in better form, and chose an ameobi to play with him. People saying we need anorher striker, sammys got all the atributes to be a class striker, why play someone who is 6 5' on the wing?

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Carroll is better than the sh1te we have up front now AND carroll can defend for the team. what is cisse all abot he aint got a clue

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Sammys got nee attributes....useless, worse than his brother. he'll be playing in league two at best in a few years

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Sammy has unique skills from what ive seen,

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I am more worried about the defence,Steven Taylor is a div. 1 player at best.

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Sammy Ameobi, will be league 2 lol he is actually decent he will be starting for us in a few years and Steven Taylor is divison 1. wtf he is probably the 5th best English defender(not including Terry and Rio)

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I agree taylor is poor ,but he talks a good game .Dont think he would get in many prem league sides.

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Steven Taylor a league 1 player...... where one earth do you come out with so much crap, at the beginning of last year him and colo were the only reason we went unbeaten for so long, hes a fantastic player who needs one clean season to reach his full potential and sammy ameobi being useless as well you clearly dont watch football or your a sunderland fan which means you still dont watch football

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You dont agree, fine ,but dont be so rude, its just my oppinion as you have yours.

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10 Nov 2012 12:35:19
Pardew wants Andy Carol back?or is that a ploy to try and put him off his game on Sunday.

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Well it never put him of should have scored but for a good save of krul and helped there defence out cisse is rubbishe

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10 Nov 2012 08:56:30
I have a sneaky suspision that Manc may go in for Colo in Jan. He is one of the stand out, if not the stand out centre half in the prem at the moment... even at his age they will likey bid big.

Mike is a business man, and selling him would make business sence, but nothing else...

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Pardew and ashley won't sell him unless its 12m to 15m, there's no need to sell our best centre half when we still need another.

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Think if a good size bid came in he,s gone especially if douglas was cheap as colo is our highest paid player at roughly 75k a week....k

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I love COLO and have for years but for you to say he is the stand out of the PL at the moment is a JOKE..

Since he came back from Injury he hasnt look himself. 2 Goal almost Identical to each other with the ball over the top in the last 2 games he has played.

Great player but off the pace a little at the moment, I have no doubt he is amazing but to say he is the outstanding defender at the moment is a bit much.

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