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10 Jun 2012 15:28:24
Ed to your knowledge what is going on with Vurnon Anita.The whole thing seems odd, the link from talksports with no sources and then harry lulofs the players agent does an interview with essentially a blogger at nufcfans. Every source that links us to him has originally came from talksports and used the interview from nufcfans. I tried to post this same question to the Eds yesterday for whatever reason it didnt show up. {Ed022's Note - Right well from what I gather, this story actually derived from Talks*te as well as Sky. From what I understand, it is merely an agent talking up his client and slightly over-exaggerating things. There may well be interest in Anita, but to say a bid has been placed is not true.}

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I suspect you are correct Ed. You say that no bid has gone in - where does this info come from though? {Ed022's Note - As in, why has there been reports that a bid has been placed?}

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I don't understand why we'd go for Anita and not his current team mate Boilesen who I believe is already a better player and he's only 20. Perhaps because Ajax won't sell him or he's too expensive? {Ed022's Note - Ajax may well listen to offers for him this summer.}

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Reports are saying we've had a 4 mill bid and they want 8 mill.
Is that Euros or Pounds?

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Ajax dont sell people on the cheap

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10 Jun 2012 20:31:26
im quite intreeged why no one is putting jonas in the Xl for next season. heas been vital for us this season so why change it. as the saying goes 'dont fix things if they arnt broken'

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His crossing isn't up to standards and he doesn't score as much as a winger should. Given his work-rate and stature, he should be converted into a DM. He'd be much more of use there.

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Totally agree to this! He's been the silent hero for us this season. If any left sided player is to come in, it's to be back up to jonas!

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Plenty energy from him,but his crossing is poor,and lets face it thats wot he is there for,i wish for his workrate and laurent robert crossing !!!

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He's just an engine and Cabaye and Tiote cover more ground on average than him. He's an alright player but he's not technically good enough to help us compete for top 4. Great serviceman but he should be used more like Perch, as a utility as he is not particularly outstanding in any area of the pitch.

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Jonas is a utility player and nothing more, he has been great for this season but if we want to progress we need greater quality. I am pretty sure the season in the Championship we got Routledge in January and Routledge scored more and got more assists in half a season than Jonas did overall. That is not the sign of a top quality winger.

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If you think jonas isnt an important player for newcastle and shouldnt start nearly every game you clearly dont watch newcastle games, hes so vital for us whether he plays on the wing, full back or in the middle, his work rate is immense and has great leadership qualities

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I honestly don't think there's a winger that helps out their full back as much as Jonas. He responsible for Taylors performance at LB, not to mention helping settle in Santon in his first season.

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"If you think jonas isnt an important player for newcastle and shouldnt start nearly every game you clearly dont watch newcastle games"...I am, and have been, a season ticket holder for over 35 years...I go to EVERY game, home and away..i dont rate Jonas for his crossing which is what he is there for is it not? Supply the forwards with the oppurtunity's and maybe chip in with a few himself...Now, because i feel this way about him, does that mean i have no knowledge of my club's player's?..It's MY opinion, along with other's as well it appear's, your insinuation that we dont watch the games is insulting.

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Our strikers are good with there feet so why have a winger who's instinct it is get to the byline and cross?
Surely people can't criticize and get rid of a player because of one attribute?
Yeah in the long term I would replace him but at the minute we need to strengthen our squad so we have cover for ACON and a euro campaign

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I watch every game and if you think jonas should be on in the first 11 you clearly havnt been watching the games. He cant cross or shoot. In the 2nd half of the season he was very poor and slugish in my opinion. A wingers job isnt to be a great at helping the defence, its to produce some goods for the strikers which he hasnt done. As for central midfield, You are having a laugh! He has no creativity at all. He is no where near as powerfull as tiote and would be a total waste in their full time. I would use him as a utility player if we are to go forward and progress. Have you ever heard of a club that has a great defensive winger who cant cross of tackle?? NO the reason for this is because you pay them to produce, He isnt creating anything for Cisse or Ba. I want an out and out winger on the left next season, someone who carry's that much of a danger the oppositions right back is scared to come forward thats a step in the right direction.

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Jonas doesn't score loads or get loads of assists but he is immense. His work rate and defensive covering abilities are world class and a real asset to us

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10 Jun 2012 20:27:10
What do you guys think of Adebayor, been oustanding this season, possible replacement for Ba. Also what about Kjear, looked composed and reliable on the ball against the neatherlands. NUFC

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Never gonna happen his wages are a problem for spurs and they have a higher wage scale than us

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Overpaid, Gangly and inconsistent. Adebayor is Ameobi on 170,000 a week. He does have a ok goal record but the problem with Adebayor is that his goals normally come when they are not needed, Not a game winner and fell over the ball many times last season for Tottenham.

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Dear lord why are there so many people on this page and know nothing about football, adebayor is an incredible player playing for the likes of arsenal real madrid man city and spurs, hes a dream signing and mentioning him with ameobi in the same sentence is a crime against football, obviously too high wages and he will get a lot of bigger clubs offering for him than us

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Think ye right on that one mate but i find it hard to believe someone disagrees with you adebayor is quality

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So quality he got out scored by both Demba and Papiss last season, if you combined their wages it's probably less than his

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Think you'll find he scored 17 goals last season and 11 assits, 1 goal more than ba and 4 more than cisse(but did only play half the season,would've ben top if he'd moved in the summer), and 11 assists, more than any NUFC palyer.

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That makes no sense he had 11 assists more than any newcastle player?

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Oh wooooooooops my bad didn't see the comma ;D

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Adebayor didnt play half a season! He joined in the summer. In a full season he scored 18 goals, 17 in the PL and 1 in a CUP. Thats isnt great considering the team he played for last season, Definately not with the 150K he is on a week

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10 Jun 2012 17:28:01
Just heard on talksh1t Demba ba is going to arsenal because van persie is going to man city.

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Paper talk say he will go to anyone willing to pay 70,000 a week wages. I hope this isn't the case and stays at nufc!

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10 Jun 2012 13:55:09
Why the excitement about Adam Johnson? Yes decent player but has one MASSIVE problem. The boy likes to party. Man City will let him go but i hope we show no interest, we had enough of that cr*p when Dyer,Bellamy,Barton and that clown Bramble wore our shirts!!

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How Johnson can be placed in the same league as the others escapes me ?... I do agree that the others aren't even worthy of a mention and are HISTORY as far as our great club are concerned.

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I think if Johnson were to come to Newcastle he would play his we heart out for the club, and there are 3 main factors in this 1- he is English that is something we lack in our first team. 2- he is a Toon fan even tho he was born down the road. and 3- he is a class player. So I for one would love to see us get him but at the right price of course.

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Mancini has lost patience with Johnson, drinking habits have kept him out of the team. Hodgson was aware of this,hence him only being on standby. Lets face it, No way on earth would an overpaid,overated less than average player like Henderson have gone to euro`s ahead of him if everything was ok with him. Great talent but unless he changes his lifestyle, i agree with original poster.

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10 Jun 2012 11:21:07
I thought Simon Kjear had a good game for Denmark. Would he be a good signing for us as back up to Taylor and Colo. Seemed confident on the ball. Don't know much about him but thought I heard he's on loan somewhere which means he maybe available and not to expensive. Don't know how old he is?

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We have been linked with him on a few sites, dont know if its all rubbish though, im going to reserve judgement on the lad till after denmarks germany and portugal games

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He played, for roma last season.

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He will definitely be leaving Wolfsburg this summer due to the animosity between him and the manager.

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He's too good to be back up to Taylor and Coloccini, if he can rediscover his form like he played yday he would walk into our team

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Would be a great signing, but wouldn't be happy as a back up player, would want to be part of the first team. Spent last season on loan at roma having falling out with the wolfsburg hierarchy, however he was disappointing for roma. Still think we should go in for him though as he would be available in our price range

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Looks like a good player in the making, just needs more consistency. Would be a good signing as he is 23 but i doubt that we would pay the 7mill they want for hime.

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10 Jun 2012 02:10:44
, Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has dismissed claims that Newcastle have had talks with the Eagles regarding Nathaniel Clyne.

Parish said: I read them and they are not true. Its completely made up I hate using those words but they have just got bad information.

I had a chat to people there a while ago and they do quite like him but that doesnt mean they are going to buy him.

Clyne has been offered a deal to stay at Palace but another Toon target in Wilfried Zaha has had a price of £10million slapped on him by the Selhurst Park side.

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