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10 Dec 2012 22:41:05
Ben Arfa 2nite has had a massive bust up with our beloved manager... Looks like he'll be sold of to the highest bidder in Jan.

Jim Mcdonald

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He is average anyway he only plays 1 good game in 5 so i would'nt mind if we sold

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Average? He's the best player I have seen for years with the ball at his feet. All great players come in and out of games. And with such a surfeit of creativity in midfield we'd be in terrible shape without him.

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Ben Arfa is average?

Your knowledge of football is a disgrace, hang your head in shame.

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Ben Arfa has not had a bust up with the manager, while it was not a great idea to take Ben Arfa of the pitch at 70 minutes the Manager was trying to protect Ben Arfa as he is only back from injury.

I am not sure what kind of supporter makes up stories like this to try and upset the faithful.

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Average ! what planet are you on

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Guys im just giving my view think we could do better not a team player has a poor work ethic would rather have obertan who puts 100 percent into every game

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Are you for real, is the most non productive player Newcastle has, Ben Arfa has been by far our best player this season.

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Obertan is the worst player we have got! No final ball, all comes inside, hes meant to be a wide player, he couldnt cross the road!

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Clearly a sunderland fan

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Obertan could be class if he was given more time on the bloody field he gets the last ten minutes for gods sake..

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You let yourself be wound up by mackem.

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Obertan is still only 23 so has time to fill his potential but he's not on the same planet as Ben arfa.

Gabby is ex man utd so the mackems prob want him,

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10 Dec 2012 22:33:47
andy from canada i watched the game today and i got the espn feed and the comentators (forget his name right now) said that reports outta france said were likely to sign debuchy in january??? not sure if this was correct but i'm tired of watching simpson poor movemnt going forward and poor crossnig he cant take a defender on like santon on the other side

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10 Dec 2012 20:53:49
What a crap half, just like the Newcastle we saw against southampton, west ham, swansea. Under pardew we've never came from behind to win a match. Let's see if he can do it here and finally get our first away win. If we lose, it will lose all of our momentum and we'll have to build again. If we get a draw or win, then we can look forward to playing man city.

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70 minutes in and Pardew has just taken Ben Arfa off, I think I have seen it all now.

This is getting to a new low, I feel like we actually are totally undeserving of Ben Arfa's talents.

We have 9 men playing hoofball and Anita shooting from crazy distances out like it is shooting practise.

Only Ben Arfa plays the beautiful game, he is the best thing that has happend to us since Asprilla and Pardew carries on with this hoofball nonsense.

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The ref has been shocking too, but we are playing poorly... again. I still think it should be Ba on the left and Cisse through the middle with HBA on the right....


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Cant blame Anita he has had nowt else. Been our best player.

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Anita is playing far too high up the pitch, I think Anita can do with Tiote does but only in a more tidy fashion.

I have enjoyed watching Tiote but I think one defensive midfielder is enough with Bigi as understudy, Anita needs to play in Tiote's role and we should cash in on Tiote.

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Should never think about selling tiote, he's irreplaceable.

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Oh dear 8 year contract the club goes into Pardew syndrome, 2points off the drop zone, and sitting below the manager who Newcastle rejected Hughton will come back to Haunt you

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Rubbish absolute rubbish being said here, anita is a great little midfielder who has as much of an engine as i have ever seen from anyone in a very long time playing for us, with tiote sitting and anita pressing players and closing down and when cabaye gets back passing and giving the final creative spark we need that is an extremely good 3 all good at different aspects, tiote and anita are extremely different players dont see how you can call them the same, hba should never have come off no matter how unfit he was, and to bring on ameobi was pointless pardew needs to stop having both ba and cisse on the pitch neither of them can play the ball like berbatov only then can you have 2 up top

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4 points, learn to count.

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11 Dec 2012 00:10:17
Jonas = slow n crap
Willo = rubbish
Simpson = couldnt cross road so why do we always go down rhs.
Ameobi = concedes free kick after free kick
Tiote = loses possession.

All above we could get rid of..

colo = played well. Will probably leave in jan
Santon = played well again
Anita = starting to come good
Hba = looks bemused by AP tactics
Ba n cisse = look better each week just need a midfielder who can pass.

Still dont understand why he waits 85 mins to bring on attacking subs

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As much as I love Colo he was at fault for both goals and though Jonas had a.pretty good game, he actually took people on. Anita had another solid game and is looking a quality player. Would have liked to see cisse sacrificed for marveaux, with him and hba on the wings and ba up top thin we'd have cause more problems

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Ben Arfa is amazing. Ben Arfa is only just coming back from an injury. THAT'S why he was taken off.

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Have to laugh at the guy talking about having Anita and Tiote in the same team, yep that sounds like a great idea if you want to play like Wolves. Newcastle are one of the biggest clubs in the land, the big clubs play attacking football, simple as that.

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Wh exactly does playing anita and tiote mean that attacking football wont be played exactly, united regularly play 2 defensive minded centre mids carrick and fletcher... even yaya and barry arent very attacking, wouldn't say xavi and busquets are sandro and parker or sandro and huddlestone or any spurs centre mids really, alonso and khedira.... can you see a pattern emerging? biggest teams in the world, have to laugh at your lack of football knowledge

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'united regularly play 2 defensive minded centre mids carrick and fletcher''

United do not regularly play Carrick and Fletcher together, I am not sure where you got that one. (Carrick is played as a holding player as much for his passing as his holding play)

As for Yaya, he is brilliant as an attacking player and is an all rounder, so you cannot really call him a defensive minded player, Gareth Barry may sit deeper but he can still pick out a pass and knit play together.

If you are going to play attacking football then 1 purely defensive midfielder is more than enough, some top teams do not play any defensive midfielders anymore because there is nothing to stop attacking midfielders being able to track back and put a foot in.

As for Xavi being a defensive midfielder, I am just wondering if you have ever seen him play?

Since when have Parker and Sandro played together? It was one or the other when Modric was there and that will be the same with Sigurrdson or Dembele fit at Spurs. (Spurs also have Moutinho likely on the way, Spurs play one defensive midfielder and even that is getting too much for them)

Defensive midfielders need to be able to attack to keep up with the modern game, be that passing ability or having pace and energy. (like Ramires)

One of us has a ''lack of football knowledge,'' I will give you that.

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'' xavi and busquets are sandro and parker or sandro and huddlestone or any spurs centre mids really, alonso and khedira.... can you see a pattern emerging?''

Is this guy just pulling any squad player name out of his hat?

Huddlestone and Sandro are not even starters in a fully fit spurs squad, also Xavi and Alonso are some of the most attacking minded players in the world.

I am having trouble seeing this ''pattern emerge.''

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All players mentioned are not attacking central midfielders, and due to injuries carrick and fletcher dont play together anymore, anita is not a defensive midfielder if your classifying none of the above, he pushes forward regularly to close down players and is often our most forward midfield player wouldn't call that defensive, and alonso couldnt be further from being attackive, spurs regularly play 2 centre mids who sit and play both of which tiote and anita try to do, maybe got a bit carried away so i do apologise but i am not accepting they are anywhere near the same player and you cant play them in a team together
anita tiote
hba cabaye marveux would certainlty provide attacking passing football

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10 Dec 2012 13:03:21
Newcastle need instant impact players not more kids kouyate is a great player but is to similar to anita tiote and bigi weve beeen linked with diame and hes the same aswell i dont see us payin 3million for a player we could have had for free

Ince will go to spurs arsenal or back to liverpool

Roux is a good striker but its not strikers we need

Realistic targets are creative midfeilders gourcuff from lyon would be choice he can play anywhere in the middle or on the wings for 6 -10 million, debuchy is a possibility but weve been waiting a year for that so who knows

Finally gutttierez is finshed hes lost his legs we need a better winger obertan is squad player marveaux isnt consistent and sammy wont forfill his potential, marko marin on loan would be a great signing

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How can you say Marveaux isn't consistent when he hasn't had a consistent run of games?

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Dont need a striker when we have only scored 17 goals this season, take Ba out and what do you have Cisse Ameobi, we do need a striker

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We do need another good striker even if all it does is force ba and cisse to play better to try and keep their place and if that doesn't happen then who cares we'll have another good striker

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Best team is 4-3-3 ba first choice cisse on the bench thats all we need the best teams in the world dont have two stikers like that and you want another one

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Its funny how we talk about making ba and cisse happy if we rotated them they would still be playing over 30 games a season each, look at every top team who have 4/5 world class strikers why do we think that if you have 2 they both have to play, pardew needs to put his foot down and show he is in charge of this club not ba cisse or anyone of those person agents, would ba be playing everygame at a top team no, and last season we were a top 5 team

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10 Dec 2012 10:11:12
I haver heard from various internet sorces that we are looking to sign 4 players in january. The 4 names I have whittled down as most likely signings are Thomas Ince, Cheikhou Kouyate, Mathieu Debuchy and we are showing strong interest in Nolan Roux who would probably be available for around £6m.

We will sell Simpson, Ranger and I have heard a major 1st team player. Not sure who though.

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I do not think we could get rid of Ranger for free, he still has plenty of contract left and there is not another team in the land that would match the terms we gave him, even on a free transfer.

I do not think Simpson is as bad as some people like to make out, that one should be quite simple.

If Debuchy comes then Simpson can leave, if not then Simpson gets a new contract if it is not too late to keep him by then.

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After what went on in the Summer with Lille over Debuchy they are now going to sell us two first team players, can't see that happening.

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The sooner simpson leaves the faster we can become a better team he is just nowhere near the standard we want to be at, and as of yet no new rumours i've heard are really something to get excited about, just lazy journalism recycling summer rumours

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The debuchy thing was when they had things like champions league to keep him around now they've got nothing and debuchy said he wanted to join us, we had everything but the price sorted. Anyway they're struggling right now after selling cabaye, hazard and sow so we could probably attract one or two of their players

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