09 Oct 2021 23:07:58
Ed2- hypothetically, could Newcastle spend a billion in New players this Jan and be within FFP?

{Ed002's Note - No. Newcastle can spend their rolling profit plus up to the full FFP losses limit. Anything beyond that needs to be offset against additional income from match day, commersial (e.g. sponsorship) or broadcasting. They can request to be allowed to add to that as new owners - but that seems unlikely.}

1.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 09:24:46
I heard on the bbc that Newcastle have turned a profit of 100million over 3 years coupled with potential “acceptable” losses of 105 million of the same period means they have 205 million which they can spend and not fall foul of FFP, I am led to believe.

{Ed002's Note - Yes that seems broadly correct.}

2.) 10 Oct 2021
10 Oct 2021 10:59:57
thanks ed! another question - what controls / measures are in place to prevent sponsorships where there may be a conflict of interest between the compony providing sponsorship and the owners of the club. For instance, if Crown Prince has a bet mate who own a multi-billion dollar empire decides to sponsor 1 billion dollars for their name on the shirts. What is in place to prevent that? Is this similar to the issue that City came across?

{Ed002's Note - The UEFA Club Financial Control Body are responsible for ensure losses are not reduce by by more than allowed under FFP for club owners or by any "excessive" commercial sponsorship from businesses in anyway related to the owners.}

3.) 13 Oct 2021
13 Oct 2021 10:46:06
thanks for the replies ed.