Newcastle Rumours Archive March 02


01 Apr 2011 11:42:08
Elmander is the one we need to lead the line. I know he is 30 but on a Bosman he would be ideal and even in Man Utd's succesfull (you'll never win anything with kids) team they still had experience in Cantona, Schmeichel etc.

In a 4-3-3 with Ben Arfa One side and Gervinho the other supported by Nolan, Tiote, Barton would be fantastic.

If Tayls gets back to his best we would be OK at the back but I am still not sure about Simpson although who we could get to replace him I have no idea now that Alves has signed a new deal with Barca ;)

Apart from that I think Z'Zogbia/Nicky Shorey and Seb Larsson will sign and Big Frazer will get the No1 shirt.


01 Apr 2011 07:57:18
Frees are nt free they come with agents fees, signing on fees, salary advances, legal costs, often into millions.Disturbed that Nolan linked with Dalgleish and Liverpool. I assume the Andy Carroll connection.I think if offered £8-10m we would take because of age.Long or Graham are young with good potential , can they grow into top level ?


31 Mar 2011 16:10:29
Very interesting meeting at benton today PARDEW CARVER CARR AND STEVE MCLEARN newcastle had games coverd in holland and germany last weekend and mclearn knows both very well OLD PRO.


31 Mar 2011 13:26:14
Danny Graham is man toon want, potentially very good premiership forward. Adel Taarabt is target aswell. Brilliant young footballer whos ready to make step up. Some front 3 that will be, Ben Arfa and Taarabt either side of Graham.


31 Mar 2011 09:21:36
News again this morning linking us with S.Long wouldn't be a bad signing not at a stupid fee anyway as hes young got potential could be good back up! (WelshToon)


30 Mar 2011 20:10:03
Klose is going to be signing for Totenham in the Summer. He is about 30 and earns high wages so does not fit into Newcastle's plans just like Drogba.


30 Mar 2011 14:37:14
I have my sources. They told me a gk and midfielder will sign for free on that date and gave me them two players as the candidates.(WelshToon)


29 Mar 2011 18:35:37
Would be over the moon if we signed Renato Agousto or Axel Witsel. Both absolutely top class with world class potential. Forget Drogba or Van Nistelrooy both well in their thirties had their best days absolutely no sell on potential.Westwood and Larssen would be good squad additions as would Danny Graham


29 Mar 2011 17:48:22
Look Drogba talk and rumours to strong. he will be playing at the toon next season along with a n other world class striker cos we are going into europe. ashley is one of the best chairman around and he will pump millions into the club soon. toon toon black and white army on the march.Mackems watch out cos we are close to you bring on drogba


29 Mar 2011 16:30:41
Just heard K.Westwood from Coventry and S.Larrson will join Toon on 1/07/11 heard it here! (WelshToon)


29 Mar 2011 14:07:20
Danny gutherie leaving toon for Nottingham forest, the reds have shown alot of interest because gutherie put alot of hard work into getting us into the premier league.


29 Mar 2011 13:40:56
Newcastle in discussion with R.Van.Nisterooj over a 2year Deal (WelshToon)


29 Mar 2011 12:39:41
News i hear Newcastle looking at Renato Augusto from B.Leverkusen dunno if any truth to it heard anything Ed? Is he any good aint heard of him?is he Brazillian?(WelshToon) {Ed002's Note - He is Brazilian and his agent will tell you he is the best player in teh world. There may be interest from Newcastle, Liverpool and Spurs.}


29 Mar 2011 13:08:41
Hello, all people thinking about a massive didier drogba deal will most likely be dissapointed! if you want to keep dreaming you can, but try be realistic, look at forwards like these;
connor wickham(ipswich)
gervinho(lille osc)
el hamdoui(ajax or az alkmaar)
de jong(fc twente)
danny graham(watford)

abit more realistic? any thoughts from anyone?


28 Mar 2011 14:09:19
Toon will target Danny Graham and PSG forward Erding, both good players and will be good partnership.


28 Mar 2011 12:54:00
Think by looking at who were linked with and who we have signed recently and using a wee bit of common sense you can see Nufc are trying to sign one from each position. .

CF - Sigorsson/Sow/Gamerio/Peterson/Wolfswinkel/

WF - Gervinho/Lens/Legear mainly to play right side in 433 with Ben Arfa left or right side with Nolan/Arfa behind a cf in a 4411

CM - Matuidi/Fer especially if Barton goes.

FB - Mbenque/Wendt/ if Jose goes, other wise reckon were looking for a CH who can play RB with Ferguson and Kadar able to cover LB. Think Ashley Williams would be the no 1 target.

I also think its likely a whole lot of dead wood will be shipped out from the squad as well as Ashley continues his huge cull on the clubs wage bill. Just defies sense what the club will be paying Cambell/Smith/Raylor/Perch/Routledge/Xisco especially when its probable some are earning more 3/4 times more than the top scorers in foreign leagues and not even playing for us. Think the club are at the point where they would let cambell/xisco/smith go for free and accept nominal fees for the rest just to improve the clubs finances.

When you rule out the older 26+ PL based players who clearly arnt targets you can see Ashley has quite clearly delegated finding players to scout Graham Carr and any manager has to pick from players he has scouted properly. You can't argue with that when the last management combo off there own backs found us perch/cambell and routledge and the less said about previous managers intentions the better. We seem to tracking a lot of young internationals who arnt quite big names yet and who the club can easily afford to boost there wages. Do you think im on the right lines ed with what you have heard going on at the toon ? {Ed001's Note - seems to be on the button mate, there is a definite desire to trim the overpaid fat off the wage budget. The plan, from what I am told, is to look for hungry lower league players eager for a chance in the Prem supplemented by players from around the world that are unknown talents like Tiote. That is why I would immediately rule out any talk of Drogba, his wages are obscene and that is going to be one of the big factors in signings for the near future.}



28 Mar 2011 11:55:20
Ed you say pardew won't be able to get the best out of signings, have to disagree, he got the best out of dean ashton, carlton cole, leon best and enrique is also a lot better with pardew, do u even know anithing about pardew or are you just plucking things out of thin air, and newcastle are NOT scouting nils peterson FACT he was a player mentioned on ed harrisons nufc blog by a fan and is infact barely known bi newcastle {Ed001's Note - actually Newcastle are one of a number of clubs that have had Energie Cottbus watched this season. Do I know anything about Pardew? Obviously you don't if you think he got the best out of Ashton and Carlton Cole and got more out of Enrique who was playing well long before Pardew arrived. You might want to check your facts before spouting off as Cole was part of a very poor Pardew team at West Ham and was flopping badly under him. I have no idea what blog you are referring to, but I am sure you have access to Newcastle's scouting records to prove yourself right. You certainly seem to think you do by your bald statement that the lad that half the teams in the Prem are watching is barely known by the club. Mind if they barely know about a lad that everyone else is watching closely I guess it wouldn't take much to go through their scouting records, they must be minimal at most.}


28 Mar 2011 11:35:43
In the scottish paper alan smith linked with glasgow rangers in the summer.


28 Mar 2011 11:08:58
Nils Petersen 30 goals in 48 apps, Ed any truth in rumours with this guy and would he be a good buy? {Ed001's Note - you are one of many clubs monitoring him, as far as I am aware there has been no move by anyone to bid for him. As for if he would be a good buy, on paper he would be, but it is impossible to say for sure unless he makes the move. I have to say that I am dubious of Pardew's ability to get the best out of any player to be honest. That would be my main worry about any player you sign.}


28 Mar 2011 10:48:31
Gervinho (13m)
Podolski (14m)
Falcao (14m)
Jermaine lens (7m)
Robert Vittek (free)
Affelay (7m)
moussa sow (9m)
juan alba (free)
Lavezzi (9m)
didier drogba (12m)

This is a fanatsy list.Possibles are
Gervinho (10m)
Gamerio (8m)
J.Lens (7m)
Kolbeinn Sigthorsson (8m)
M.Jarvis (6m)
S.Larrson (free)
J.Elmander (free)
Georginio Wijnaldum (6m)

Chacnes of getting these Ed? (WelshToon) {Ed001's Note - you have some fantasy prices there mate. Jarvis was enquired after in January by a number of teams and told it would take 15m before Wolves would even listen. Though if Wolves go down and he asks to leave his price would drop but still you are looking at 10m. None of those players are entirely out of reach right now, but I would still say it was a slim chance to get them.}


27 Mar 2011 18:21:16
Heitinger spelling of everton wants away toon to offer smith and cash for him. Good signing I think


26 Mar 2011 16:47:41
Kieron bowes from the falcons blimey i think we have enough players who like to kick the ball over the bar without nicking players from the falcons


26 Mar 2011 13:00:20
Kieran bowes is a rugby player that is interesting the falcons


26 Mar 2011 11:58:16
I have heard the rumours about barton/everton if he wants to go let him and enrique can go to if they don't want to be here we will replace them with better players we have the money.


26 Mar 2011 11:34:33
Barton interested in joining everton next season if moyes is sitill in charge


25 Mar 2011 21:02:56
Yeah i think that would be a good team possibly gervinho in there.


25 Mar 2011 20:02:20
Can someone please shed some light over the Didier Drogba saga? Is there something brewing, could be an interesting close season. My mole in the St. James offices reckons Barton and Enrique unlikely to be playing for the magpies next season. Any comments


25 Mar 2011 19:45:11
A very good friend and reliable sort visits the newcastle training ground on a regular basis[he is a fanatic] to watch them training, and today, and he informs me there was a lot of talk about Drogba coming in the close season. I have never held with the rumours about the connection, but he is convinced something is in the wind. watch this space.


25 Mar 2011 16:09:59
So who is kieran bowes?? ?


25 Mar 2011 14:29:57
Gk - Ben Foster
Lb - Cheik M'Bengue
CB - Mamadou Sakho (spelling)
Dm - Danielle Dessena
Cm - Moussa Sissoko
Rm/Lm/Am - Sebastian Blanco, Diego Bounanette (spelling)
Am/Rm/Lm/Cm - Douglas Costa (Shaktar Don)
St - J. P. Guerrero , Lm/rm/st Chindeu Obasi, Connor Whickham.

Wickham doesn't want to leave Ipswich yet.
Foster and Sakho doubt them but don't know about rest.


25 Mar 2011 13:07:46
Shock name were after, Downing from villa.


25 Mar 2011 12:54:07
Possible Summer Targets :-

Gk - Ben Foster
Lb - Cheik M'Bengue
CB - Mamadou Sakho (spelling)
Dm - Danielle Dessena
Cm - Moussa Sissoko
Rm/Lm/Am - Sebastian Blanco, Diego Bounanette (spelling)
Am/Rm/Lm/Cm - Douglas Costa (Shaktar Don)
St - J. P. Guerrero , Lm/rm/st Chindeu Obasi, Connor Whickham.

Obviously selling players aswell

Thoughts on these?


25 Mar 2011 11:25:22
Forward line next season, Remy and Cardozo.


25 Mar 2011 05:49:32
Have heard a lot of gossip online about a swap of BULL for lucas of liverpool, ive gotta say if bull wants to go we would get a good player in return (if there is any truth to it clearly)


25 Mar 2011 06:44:13
Does Kieran Bowes scout for us? never heard of him before. Forget Drogba he s not a good investment. Why would we want Lucas in exchange for Enrique? The two 17 year olds from Tranmere Dale Jennings and Murphy for £600,000 looks good more of the same please


25 Mar 2011 06:55:34
Lucho Gonzalez attacking midfielder 43 caps Argentina would be a great buy from Marseille, not sure about age though, scores goals for fun would cost £12m. Sow and Gervinho for £40m! more like £15m


24 Mar 2011 12:26:15
I Heared alot now of hamburg striker Mladen Petric being A.(Judas) Carroll successor and news on this ed?(WelshToon) {Ed001's Note - I have only heard tenous links, mostly coming from his agent's side, so they could be purely to put him on the market by linking him with someone.}


24 Mar 2011 11:01:49
Drogba to join the toons in the summer


24 Mar 2011 11:00:11
Kieran bowes is interested with newcastle t at the moment and is willing to join them.


24 Mar 2011 08:33:55
Drogba will not be coming to the toon for a start hes like 30+ and will cost a lot in wages (cant see ashley doing tha) if anything he'll go bk to marseille (WelshToon)


23 Mar 2011 22:19:26
Drogba to be signed for 10mil, benzema 20mil perfect match! Ed your thoughts? {Ed003's Note - Sounds almost to good to be true to me pal}


23 Mar 2011 21:39:13
23 Mar 2011 21:23:14
N'Zogbia will definietly not sign for newcastle. For a start we couldnt afford his wages and he is lined up for sunderland to be reunited with Bruce and company, He hates the Toon after his unhappy spell here

How does he hate the Toon he left because he felt like he was disrespected by Kinnear.


23 Mar 2011 21:05:33
I know Kieran Bowes nufc scout and he was very cagey but let slip that big things going to happen in summer don't know what though. can it be drogba do you think


23 Mar 2011 21:23:14
N'Zogbia will definietly not sign for newcastle. For a start we couldnt afford his wages and he is lined up for sunderland to be reunited with Bruce and company, He hates the Toon after his unhappy spell here


23 Mar 2011 20:31:24
Definetely something big going on at sports direct .com stadium. To much talk of big name strikers destined for the magpies for there to be nothing in it. going to be a very exiting close season. Manu Chelsea Man city watch out!


23 Mar 2011 18:47:23
Talking to a mate who scouts for nufc and he has heard we are maybe going to sign Drogba in the summer as he is reported to want to play along side his good friend Tiato for his last season or 2.
pardew also looking to sign a tpo spanish striker to link up with him- it, s up to Ashley to splash the cash and he is keen to back Pardew all the way.
We will be top dogs in the north east again! howay the lads.


23 Mar 2011 11:10:48
Defoe is wanting to leave tottenham hotspur in the summer and newcastle is the only team interested at the moment


23 Mar 2011 11:09:20
Scout called kieran Bowes reports 2 Deals already made by Nufc for the summer.


23 Mar 2011 08:54:03
Fully expect pardew to ATTEMPT to sign Lens £7.5mil Gervinho £9.5/10 mil Larrsson FREE Taiwo FREE and Whickham £7-10mil also poss try for Turan £9/10 probs get these ones Gervinho Whickham Larrsson Lens and Taiwo(not sure) if we get a couple of these lads early in the window Barton and Enrique will sign up as they want to see some intent (dont we all) IF Enrique goes expect Taiwo / or Van Aanholt £6mil what ur thoughts ED s272

{Ed002's Note - Taiwo will probably be Benfica or Italy; Gervinho is a target; Wickham may still be a target in the summer but Spurs are favourites; Van Aanholt will not be sold by Chelsea; Turan is likely heading for Atletico Madrid}


23 Mar 2011 09:41:25
Newcastle will sign S.Larrson in the summer!Deal already agreed pending we stay up.(WelshToon)


23 Mar 2011 03:54:34
Newcastle wnt be signing hooper, u think celtic would swap there best striker for an average goalkeeper.


22 Mar 2011 20:52:11
Rumuor has it city want rid of kolo toure as they don't want a bad reputation but since he is tiotes best mate he wants to come here to play with him he is willing to take a huge wage cut (fred-the-head)


22 Mar 2011 19:56:04
ED can you give me a few names who newcastle want to sign please? {Ed002's Note - Gervinho is certainly a target. Perhaps Jarvis as well.}


22 Mar 2011 18:42:18
All the Drogba rumours are completely untrue all came from a joke Tiote made with a reporter and if he was to leave Chelsea it will most likely only be to Marseille(spelling).


22 Mar 2011 18:44:56
Are you going to let Smith go for next to nothing in the summer??


22 Mar 2011 10:40:49
Newcastle do not have a chance of signing Cavani he is priced at around 35 million.


22 Mar 2011 10:12:52
Defoe is wanting to leave tot coz of lack of playing time nufc interested - KR


22 Mar 2011 10:30:21
Drogba to join up with toite at newcastle could happen if he takes a wage drop (a big one) and many more ivorian players to be lined up as targets. ED, what do you think? {Ed002's Note - Nailed on I hear.}


22 Mar 2011 09:55:07
I think Newcastle should look at Kevin de Bruyne he looks a good prospect! any intrest from any1 on this player ed? (WelshToon) {Ed002's Note - Chelsea have looked at him.}


22 Mar 2011 07:09:55
We won't be signing Cavani. He would be very expensive, his wages alone would be out of our league, sadly otherwise a good potentially great player.Also very few players from Italian Leagues make it over here, maybe its the climate or the cuisine, don't know why.For every one Zola theres been ten Zambleras


21 Mar 2011 17:25:59
Ed; that way there, in the interest of newcastle by edison cavani, of napoli? (arsenal, apparently has an interest in signing in summer) {Ed001's Note - I am sorry, I am not sure what you are asking. But as far as I know Arsenal have no firm interest in signing Cavani.}


21 Mar 2011 15:42:55
Probably not right, but there is news coming out that newcastle want to sign cavani, but man city and arsenal want him to, your thoughts ED? {Ed001's Note - I would think it unlikely, but not impossible as I have heard of no interest from City or Arsenal.}


20 Mar 2011 20:25:56
Ed; be possible sign to luuk de jong (twente of holland) and nicklas bendtner in summer? (luuk de jong is striker, 20 years old, height: 1.90 cm, 10 goals in 26 games this season, more 2 goals in uefa europa league and 1 goal in champions this season, playing for twente). {Ed003's Note -Not heard anything regarding them but anythings possible mate}


20 Mar 2011 16:04:52
Cardozo man wanted to replace Carroll,


19 Mar 2011 15:37:13
Danny Graham interesting Newcastle, been outstanding at Watford and Pardew now ready to take chance on him.


18 Mar 2011 23:36:14
18 Mar 2011 22:01:57
Lambert-Southampton, Sweeny-Hartlepool, Holt-Norwich, Lowe-Bury and Murphy-Celtic all being looked at as new no. 9. Pards likes the look of Nelson from Norwich as partner for Williamson as Colo will be off to Italy in summer. Jose to Man Utd for 6 mill in summer

Dirty Mackem {Ed007's Note - I doubt the Murphy one there}


18 Mar 2011 22:01:57
Lambert-Southampton, Sweeny-Hartlepool, Holt-Norwich, Lowe-Bury and Murphy-Celtic all being looked at as new no. 9. Pards likes the look of Nelson from Norwich as partner for Williamson as Colo will be off to Italy in summer. Jose to Man Utd for 6 mill in summer


18 Mar 2011 21:52:15
Look to be honest i bet pardew buys players over 24 , keiren westwood , 26 . still not too bad of an age


18 Mar 2011 15:00:06
Back in for nzogbia in summer, pardew undecided whether to play ben arfa as forward or winger. Wellbeck wanted but might only join on loan. Konchesky a possible enrique replacement. Shock name of zamora wanted for carrolls old role.


18 Mar 2011 11:41:21
Maybe the press got it wrong and newcastle were watching another play didn't think westwood was as old 28 OLD PRO


17 Mar 2011 21:51:54
But what's the point looking at Westwood if were not going to sign him as were only going to sign players no older than 24.Just seems abit strange watching a player that won't be getting signed.


17 Mar 2011 20:22:55
Target for summer some of them gervinho, gamiro, whickham.


17 Mar 2011 20:23:29
Yeah gerviho good player. AJP Toon


17 Mar 2011 14:41:58
Hi did say looking at westwood didn't say buying . . it could be any one of of four they are looking at remember its the press saying that were buying westwood not the club OLD PRO


17 Mar 2011 12:31:27
17 Mar 2011 07:25:25
Ive been telling you for days . .foster going to celtic part ex for hooper that's why there looking at westwood. . krul to go out on loan next season. OLD PRO

Yeah you did say that but you then said we were not signing anyone over 24 so a just thought it would be Harper, Krul and Solderberg as our keepers.


17 Mar 2011 07:25:25
Ive been telling you for days . .foster going to celtic part ex for hooper that's why there looking at westwood. . krul to go out on loan next season. OLD PRO


16 Mar 2011 13:58:32
Ed are Newcastle going to try and buy N'Zogbia in the summer ? {Ed001's Note - I believe you tried in January, which surprises me, I thought he was disliked at the club? Anyway Wigan ruled out a sale then and said to come back in the summer when he will be up for grabs.}


16 Mar 2011 13:16:07
Heard that newcastle are looking at young strikers to groom into the next number 9, , wickham is a definate target, but hear a higher target for newcastle will be yannis tafer


15 Mar 2011 22:36:13
Young Australian prospect Mustafa Amini has been invited for a trial at Newcastle however before coming over to Newcastle for the trial he is travelling to Dortmund for a trial there.


15 Mar 2011 18:53:39
The strikers starting at newcastle will be wickham and airey two promsing young guns. best and ranger as back up but is there any other strikers who are young that newcastle are intrested in ED? {Ed002's Note - Gervinho.}


15 Mar 2011 14:49:36
Phil Airey will be giving a chance to impress in some of the last games of the season.
He is rated highly at the club and is a goal poacher and strong and he loves the club even has a NUFC tattoo.
If he scores goals in Premiership might be giving number 9 shirt.


15 Mar 2011 10:14:14
Newcastle's targets will be two young promosing strikers, a left back, a right back and 2 wingers. ED your thoughts poodey? {Ed001's Note - I think you are mostly right, I expect one winger and one centre mid though.}


15 Mar 2011 10:59:33
Heard through the grapevine that bobby zamora is lookng for a move away from fulham, could be a target for pardew! TOOOOOOON


14 Mar 2011 19:28:15
If old pro is correct doesn't that rule Maynard out but with Graham Carr having trips to Holland and Belgium planned it could be Lens and Legear being Scouted.


14 Mar 2011 18:59:00
Gervinho looks to be joining as our winger/forward, Wickham wanted as new no.9, but has alot of interest in him. {Ed005's Note - Gervinho doesn't look to be joining anyone at this moment in time.}


14 Mar 2011 18:34:25
Looks as if gervinho, lens, sow, maynard, covering or replacement for enrique, cover or replacement for simpson and maybe parker and ED your thoughts? {Ed005's Note - I've heard nothing regarding any of those players bar Gervinho. Although I gather Liverpool are on the trail of Gervinho, so Newcastle will have competition for his signature.}


14 Mar 2011 17:23:26
Vagnor Love future nufc no.9


14 Mar 2011 17:20:40
14 Mar 2011 16:56:53
Newcastle scouts are watching Maynard tonight. They are very keen on him but he just come back off long injury(city won't let go cheap as crew got big sell on fee) 6-8 million you heard it here

Wouldn't mind him like but doubt Newcastle would pay more than 5million for him.


14 Mar 2011 16:56:53
Newcastle scouts are watching Maynard tonight. They are very keen on him but he just come back off long injury(city won't let go cheap as crew got big sell on fee) 6-8 million you heard it here


14 Mar 2011 16:32:18
Ed is there any truth in parker rumours? Be surprised unless Tiote left {Ed003's Note -Wouldnt have thought so mate}


14 Mar 2011 15:48:23
Victor Ruiz, 22 year old Defender from Napoli could be on the cards. Moved from espanyol in January and is concerned about his lack of game time so is looking to move. He is also been looked at by some other clubs in France and Germany.


14 Mar 2011 15:53:26
Could anyone tell me if kia joorabchian is workingacting on behalf of nufc in the scouting network in south mention from club.

I'm with you not sure what's going on with him however Newcastle will probably just be wanting to keep it quiet so others don't make big deal of it as he seems abit dodgy.
However I would be suprised if more than one of his clients/players came to Newcastle as Graham Carr will probably assess them before telling Ashley what he thinks.


14 Mar 2011 11:21:49
Could anyone tell me if kia joorabchian is workingacting on behalf of nufc in the scouting network in south mention from club


14 Mar 2011 09:56:36
Adriano is going bk to brazil sky reports yersterday(good ridence not worthy of the black and white now). Newcastle main targets will be (Gervinho, Lens, Gamerio and a left bk if bull leaves) also a few freebies.(WelshToon)


14 Mar 2011 08:28:05
Ed - what do u think of the rumours of newcastle bidding for Adriano and Jose Maria Callejon in the summer? {Ed002's Note - Jose Maria Callejon looks a viable and good option. Adriano's time has come and it would be a waste of significant funds.}


13 Mar 2011 20:30:25
13 Mar 2011 19:58:39
Bryan Ruiz plays for Fc Twente and is a striker if I'm correct havn't seen much of him either

Thanks saw him on youtube he looks ace would be brilliant signing if we can persuade him, tiote might be able to help.


13 Mar 2011 20:11:27
Ed, whats the truth with this take over? have you any news? {Ed003's Note -No sorry, only that the club have denied it}


13 Mar 2011 14:47:28
Newcastle scouts were in Germany last week I wonder who they were watching.


13 Mar 2011 13:54:02
Nufc have agreed to sign stephen ireland for 6 million if he is a sucess, ireland himself loves your club and has indicated he would take a substantial pay cut but only if he is offered a long term contract to give him some stability, this is not a rumour, heard it from reliable sources i know in birmingham


13 Mar 2011 12:57:13
I could not understand why DEREK LLAMBIAS agreed to have the meeting last week with ALEXEI MORDASHOVS people and then handle it so badly NOW I DO takeover talks have been kept very low profile and out of the press now an indian billonaire suddenly pops up in the press how convenient that should put a few million on the asking price . . . CELTIC are after goalkeeper foster NEWCASTLE want hooper could be a deal. . ranger could go on loan as part of any deal PARDEW and CARVER very unhappy with ranger always late and so lazy ih training. . OLD PRO


13 Mar 2011 12:07:53
Graham carr said he asked sven about gervinho , sven said he will cost alot and isn't an out and out striker.He also checked in and watched kevin gameiro play , i heard another scout watched lens again. (BishToon)


13 Mar 2011 09:19:34
Moutinho and Ruiz would be immense


13 Mar 2011 02:28:33
Newcastle takeover talks, by indian billioniare!


12 Mar 2011 13:38:55
Alan Pardew claims he is looking for a proper no.9 (strong, good finisher and determined) names have been kicked around Djibril Cisse, Nicklas Bendtner, Rickie Lambert (I know why? ), Carlton Cole and (Amazingly) Karim Benzema who says if Emmanuel Adebayor goes to Madrid permanently he would go play in England for more games however he is on around 100,000 a week so hopefully he can take a wage cut.


11 Mar 2011 18:16:55
Newcastle want a top quility striker but not sure what is the best option. i would love to see someone like benzema or hulk but they might want to play champions league and who are the more realistic target? your thoughts ED. {Ed001's Note - realistic targets abound mate, there are many of them right now, I did list the ones that seem to be closest to happening right now yesterday. I have not heard anything new since, but you have got scouts out watching a lot of teams so it will probably be a completely different situation by the window.}


11 Mar 2011 16:05:49
Ed do u know if shinji okazaki is a target for us? {Ed001's Note - not as far as I am aware.}


11 Mar 2011 12:32:50
I would love to see Lens and Gervinho sign in the Summer but we will just have to wait and see however do you expect Newcastle to be interested in Mcgeady again in the Summer ED? {Ed001's Note - yes I do.}


11 Mar 2011 11:34:44
ED who are newcastle's most possible transfer targets especially which striker, Just a few names needed? {Ed001's Note - I don't know for sure, there are a lot of names flying around but most don't seem even slightly likely to be honest. The ones that do seem possible are Wickham, Van Wolfswinkel, Gervinho and Gary Hooper.}


11 Mar 2011 01:48:34
Ed - What are the chances of newcastle bidding for Jermaine Defoe? seeing as he gets no game time at Tottenham? {Ed001's Note - he was playing at the weekend! Very little chance of him leaving in the summer, it is most likely to be Pavlyuchenko that goes. Unlikely to join Newcastle though, sorry.}


10 Mar 2011 16:06:30
We nearly signed Kuyt he opted to go to Liverpool instead good signing for them!Modric opted for Tottenham if only !


10 Mar 2011 15:06:43
Waste of space he's only going to get another injury after this one he ain't even going to play much rather Newcastle look at different players in the Summer. And if Newcastle want him on permanent he ain't going to take a big pay cut and he doesn't deserve to be one of the highest earners.


10 Mar 2011 14:33:41
Wellbeck is potential target, young hungry and english. Zigic or Kenwyne jones also been looked at.


10 Mar 2011 10:57:12
Stephen Ireland deal maybe in doubt, needs to prove himself. Possible target could be Javi Martinez (brilliant young spanish player) similar to Alonso but runs with ball more. Jamie O'Hara another who could be target if ireland deal does not happen.


10 Mar 2011 09:38:29
Daily mail report we interested in Jose Mar a Callejon Bueno neva heard of him so any1 wanna enlighten me?!


09 Mar 2011 16:35:12
Gary hooper was clubs first choice for january window club have watched him more than a dozen times 2 offers were made including one were ranger want on loan . foster will not be sold for such a small fee but could be used to get hooper. . celtic have no money to buy foster and they want him. barim kayal is a liverpool target OLD PRO


09 Mar 2011 12:50:06
Word is we are looking at glasgow celtic striker gary hooper but by all accounts the scouts have been impressed with holding midfielder barim kayal [Israel international] so expect a serious bid for both the players! I wouldn't know how much we would pay but i think in the region of 5-6m for each player would get them. Also a bid for rangers goalkeeper mcgregor around the 3m mark should be enough with forster moving to celtic for around 1.5m. These are just rumours around st james park and from some of the youth coaches. BNWHITE


09 Mar 2011 11:17:20
Toon should go for Adriano, just released by Roma.
Would love service from widemen and is big and strong enough to dominate premiership. Available now as free agent. {Ed002's Note - There is a very good reason that he is a free agent. I cannot see him paying back is very high wage demands in England. He would do better to head for either the Russian league or Japan in my opinion.}


09 Mar 2011 10:16:59
Any truth to this moussa sow target ed? apart from it being on (WelshToon) {Ed002's Note - There are a number of clubs watching him - including Newcastle.}


09 Mar 2011 10:51:26
At least one player from arsenal wanted in the summer


08 Mar 2011 20:19:17
The thing with Van Wolfswinkel is he maybe prolific in Holland but Kuyt was prolific there fair enough Kuyt is good player very hard working player and does chip in with some goals but Newcastle need someone to score around 15 goals so paying 12 million just seems a big risk to me.

Same with Gameiro only proven in France.


08 Mar 2011 17:24:59
Doubt we ve offered 12 m for Gamiero or Van Wolfswinckel. They fit our job spec yes but only worth£5-7m max


08 Mar 2011 17:25:14
Newcastle after a player called Moussa Sow! !



08 Mar 2011 17:26:42
Elmander in demand. Lyon and Juventus on his trail


08 Mar 2011 17:28:30
Moussa Sow is Ligue 1 top scorer with Lille. . He is being looked at by SAFC and NUFC. .



08 Mar 2011 16:05:08
Ed Taiwo is a free agent at the end of this season what are the chances of us snapping him up ? {Ed001's Note - I don't think it is likely, times have changed at Newcastle, no more ridiculous salaries for players who don't deserve them.}


08 Mar 2011 15:24:40
Any news on the availability of van wolfeswinkel, heard newcastle have verbally agreed a fee of 12 mil


08 Mar 2011 13:05:27
Newcastle arent scouting nils petersen, , u saw that on nufc blog, when was sum1 posting on the site sed newcastle should look at him


08 Mar 2011 12:25:03
Hi old pro, when you say club is not for sale, isit not for sale after the Meeting or was there no intention to sell? Surely if llambias intended the Meeting then there is obviously a chance Ashley may sell if the price is right! Thanxs for keeping us updated


08 Mar 2011 00:26:56
Newcastle United scouting top German youngster

Nils Petersen, 22

Top scorer in 2.Bundesliga 19 in 24 games, 6"2 good finisher and strong on deck and in the air. Basically a German version of Carroll but 30m cheaper


07 Mar 2011 13:07:53
Old pro , what supposedly went on in the takeover talk? Who was involved ?


07 Mar 2011 12:10:05
Takeover meeting held this morming only lasted 25 mins no common ground no deal club not for sale will get more imfo later today OLD PRO very bad news


06 Mar 2011 21:44:34
What are the chances of us getting K.Gameiro Ed? And Ed do you know if we are looking to buy a centre back ? {Ed001's Note - Gameiro is not very likely, not impossible, but not likely as he is waiting on 'better' offers, ie a team that is in Europe. Yes you are looking for a centre half, I have been told there is someone in the lower leagues interesting Pardew (I nearly said Curbishley then for some reason, don't know why I always get those two mixed up!) but not who it is. I have been trying to figure it out for myself because the person who told me either doesn't know any more or is just keeping it to themselves for some reason.}


06 Mar 2011 20:49:05
Apperantly news i hear is Newcastle have offered in the region on 12m for K.Gameiro? (WelshToon) could be true as i know newcastle will try to sign up players early to avoid traffic in the window.


06 Mar 2011 19:06:59
Ed u seen much of Lorenzo de Silvestri? is he available? {Ed001's Note - I haven't mate sorry, but as far as I can find out he is not for sale, which just means they want a lot of money.}


06 Mar 2011 19:03:32
Im hoping we don't get van anholt as i don't rate him possible replacement for enrique will either be oscar wendt or taiwo? (WelshToon)


06 Mar 2011 18:14:06
Any rumours of a back up for Jose enrique (if he doesn't leave) such as van aanholt stop right now, this shane ferguson kid 19 yrs old and loves to get forward and twice ive seen him now vs west ham n everton he looks to be a hell of a prospect!


06 Mar 2011 17:26:15
Newcastle will make a shock move for S.Kalou in the summer as he fallen down the peckin order at chelsea!(WelshToon)


06 Mar 2011 15:34:20
Ed any ideas on who Kia represents? Neymar? Zezinho ? {Ed001's Note - he represents lots of players, I very much doubt Neymar will be joining Newcastle, he could have been at Chelsea on higher wages already.}


06 Mar 2011 08:42:10
Barton linked with Hamburg. Why have contract talks broken down?


05 Mar 2011 13:49:17
Lovenkrands and Best need to go as they are not Prem quality a big name with an eye for goal is what we need
Nile Ranger could turn out to be a quality player , he just needs more playing time in the future

I'm told Lovenkrands is off back to Scotland next season. Pity, I thought he was good value. .


05 Mar 2011 12:05:47
Ed who's the most likely target for nufc to get {Ed001's Note - I wouldn't like to say right now in terms of forwards, the player I have heard you are closest to signing is Wendt of FCK, which is probably why all the rumours of Enrique going are doing the rounds.}


05 Mar 2011 10:25:13
Iv heard Gervinho' name everywhere as our number 1 target but i have now also seen Doumbia mentioned as his strike partner! Ed how believable is this Doumbia rumour ? {Ed002's Note - I am not sure, but there is no doubt about interest in Gervinho.}


05 Mar 2011 10:13:05
Mike Williamson is one of the worst defenders in the prem . When S Taylor is fit he is so much better than him, but we defo need to strengthen the defence on the right hand side .
Manchester City are apparently looking at Jonas and Lazio with an 8m bid , we should snatch their hand off as he is pretty terrible ,
Lovenkrands and Best need to go as they are not Prem quality a big name with an eye for goal is what we need
Nile Ranger could turn out to be a quality player , he just needs more playing time in the future


04 Mar 2011 21:22:41
Ed how much would Falcao cost and would he demand high wages ? {Ed001's Note - probably in the region of 20m and he would certainly expect to be your highest earner.}


04 Mar 2011 19:18:45
Iv heard Falcao's name mentioned as a target .
Is there any chance of this happening Ed ? {Ed001's Note - the only thing that makes it unlikely is his price.}


04 Mar 2011 17:17:08
04 Mar 2011 16:36:12
Is Lens a realistic target for Newcastle Ed? {Ed002's Note - I assume that you know it is a team not a player. A bit like saying is Gillingham a realistic target.}

Jermaine Lens of PSV {Ed001's Note - yes he is realistic right now, he is available.}


04 Mar 2011 16:57:43
Tom Cleverley summer target. Maybe shock move for Kenwyne Jones. Pardew thinks jones ability in air n pace ideal for his team.


04 Mar 2011 12:24:17
04 Mar 2011 11:49:43
Messi to newcastle because it is the best club in the world.
James perch will be off to man utd for a record breaking 20mil in the summer while newcastle will also bring in bentanar and vela from arsenal and some link to andy carroll has imerged form a sorce called im a Ed your thoughts?

{Ed002's Note - I heard exactly the same as you about Messi.}

WOW you try and be funny but epically fail.


04 Mar 2011 12:17:33
04 Mar 2011 08:55:08
Ed! you think Balazs Dzsudzsak will be available in the summer and would u think he'd go to the mighty TOON?! (WelshToon) {Ed002's Note - He may well be available and certainly he seems keen to move to England. Everton and Aston Villa are certainly interested and I have unconfirmed suggestions of interest from Arsenal. There is no reason to discount Liverpool, but I do not know of interest at this time.}

I believe that he will be available but PSV have been clever and gave him a new deal to up his price.


04 Mar 2011 11:17:33
Newcastle in for Nicky maynard!


04 Mar 2011 08:55:08
Ed! you think Balazs Dzsudzsak will be available in the summer and would u think he'd go to the mighty TOON?! (WelshToon) {Ed002's Note - He may well be available and certainly he seems keen to move to England. Everton and Aston Villa are certainly interested and I have unconfirmed suggestions of interest from Arsenal. There is no reason to discount Liverpool, but I do not know of interest at this time.}


04 Mar 2011 08:10:53
Adam Barton Preston midfield linked 3m


03 Mar 2011 16:22:21
Lens joined in the Summer but PSV have reported big losses financialy and are going to be listening to offers for some of their star players.


03 Mar 2011 14:30:26
Pedretti and Riise are 30 years old, maybe good squad players but no sell on value. Lens just moved to PSV we had the chance to buy him before cheaply.


03 Mar 2011 14:32:52
Apparently watchin Ings of Bournemouth 18 already in 1st team potential striker signing


03 Mar 2011 13:30:10
Lots of players from the Championship will be off contract and Pardew having managed Southampton should know some goodies anyone know Gareth McCauley of Ipswich? Real Madrid and Barcelona have got some good players lurking in their second teams that will be on frees or available for transfer.


03 Mar 2011 12:25:08
The paper claims that our scout has been watching PSV's Jermain Lens and with 8 goals from the winger that can also play as a striker and has bags of pace but also fits into Ashley's plan as he is only 23 surely Carr must be impressed with him.


03 Mar 2011 11:03:19
Two arsenal players are being lined up for the summer


03 Mar 2011 08:21:42
Pardew to take a look at riise as replacement for enrique, has 1 year on his contract remaining

tiote has repaid fans faith with new deal, wish the same could be said for enrique and barton (who may not even have a decent career if newcastle never took a chance on him)


02 Mar 2011 20:28:32
I heard that some of the arsenal back room team don't know how to spell their job title


02 Mar 2011 20:18:53
Ed any player newcastle are interested in the most? {Ed001's Note - there is no clear picture emerged just yet of who the main target is, the scouts are out but I have yet to hear of anyone getting watched over and over as of yet. I don't know whether the club is just being clever or if they are just getting initial reports in before narrowing down the options.}


02 Mar 2011 18:32:10
Hi , im a phisio at arsenal n theres talk in the team that your lot bid for bendtner. i understand popular belief hes cocky but he isn't cocky he is sure of what he has, which is talent, i think yous could be back in the summer, and nik is excited about a posible move,


02 Mar 2011 17:53:45
Newcastle looking at J.Arne-Rise!(WelshToon)


02 Mar 2011 16:41:59
If Newcastle sign Gervinho, Legear and 1 more striker I would be happy as having Ben Arfa back will be like having a new signing and we will have Lua Lua back so as long as we keep our star players ie Enrique, Barton and Tiote I will be happy with those incomings.


02 Mar 2011 10:19:29
With jose enrique likely to leave in the summer, could a possible replacement be kieran gibbs? or fabio da silva? adriano to newcastle maybe? after he cancelled his contract last week?


02 Mar 2011 09:16:39
Many other rumours site are still talking about the possibility of adriano moving to the prem to get his life back on track. . spurs and newcastle in the running? ed. who do you thinks favourites to get him if he decides to move to england? {Ed002's Note - I doubt that he will end up in England.}



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