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09 Jan 2012 21:02:26
Hi Ed's, Rumour is that owners of PSG are interested in buying N.U.F.C. Have you heard about this. {Ed007's Note - No.}

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They wont buy us as they own psg

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Why would they be intrested in buying us when they have just recently been with PSG

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They can't. A person/company cannot have shared interests in two different clubs. That I think is a FIFA law, may not be worded exactly like that, but along those lines.

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They own Malaga as well, so obviously they can own more than one club

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I think u can own several clubs but they wouldnt own NUFC because owners that rich only like 2 have 1 really sugessful

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They can but can't compete in the same league or cup competitions, so if they get uefa cup and we do one can't compete etc it won't happen anyway

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Didnt roman abramovic get stopped from buying spartak or locomotive moscow a couple of years ago for the same reason? fifa and uefa both said it would cause a conflict of interests and then he was investigated for his links to one of these clubs not long after!

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Qatar Investment authority was linked with aston villa not newcastle united.

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Your wrong it was the toon ,someone who works out there blogged about it ,said its being widely talked about out there.Still think this one may have legs.

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09 Jan 2012 19:45:25
Richard Branson has enquired about the availability of the Toon. Ashley is asking too much but Branson is hoping to come to a compromise. I PRAY I PRAY

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Please gets rid of mike ashley

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I'm not the biggest fan of Ashley but Branson is also a businessman who's all about his brand and could be we in the same boat as the Ashley era if Branson took over? Fingers crossed he's not if these rumours are true.

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I wish BUT it wont happen we can dream

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We should all prey

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I think that i can speak for most people here when i say "I bloody hope so"

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Big Mike must stay !

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Yeah, we need a new owner because we're in a terrible state now aren't we? Idiots.


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Althought I'dove to see us spending loads of cash on big names I actually think Ashley has done a good job.

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Do disturb the club the way things are currently run and how they are going is not something i'd want to be honest. MA to stay imo.

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Ashley is clown, but this season his master plan seems to be coming together. I only wish he would do an interview so we know what his plans are for the club. At least with Branson who is more media savy you would get someone who would outline their plan from the start. I would love for Branson or whoever to come in a buy some players. I mean the likes of Hoilet and Adam Johson would be class and then another striker and a centre half and LB - not that I want much or anything.

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I dont understand why so called fans would want Mike Ashley out? what do they expect him to do? spend 17 million on a striker? oh wait we did that, he was called Michael Owen! fools!

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I'd rather have good players than big names, but really, the only thing I want is for us to enter a transfer window and not have so much speculation regarding our players.

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I think when I speak for most, what a load of rubbish

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Its no wonder the mackems call us deluded with rumours like this, what a load of bollox, Im a toon season ticket holder and this boils my p**s. what the hell would branson want a football team, stop spreading crap!

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Have to agree with some sentiments expressed, the moronic NUFC fans are ruining supporting the club.

I can see us pushing the top 4 all the way to the end of the season based on what I've seen so far - a little tinkering, 1 in Jan, 2 in the summer, (Taylor & Marveaux back also) hold onto everyone and we 'could' upset the top 4 next year. I haven't been this optimistic in years, but its being ruined by the knobs that support us and talk drivel. IrishToon

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I don't know why people want us too spend big money on players I enjoy it more with the policy we have at the minute buying cheap exciting players and at best I think Branson may look at buying the naming rights to the stadium.

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Agree mike ashley has done a good job finance wise, pardew and the scouts have done the rest, and dont us fans always fear one of our bigger players will leave as soon as a offer come in ashley deems acceptable ?

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Dont see Ashley selling in any immediate future.

I still think we should keep in mind that the club has millions of in debts, despite mr.Ashley covering it. Mashley has made the club financially sustainable and we might go in profit by the end of this season. 1 year of a few million in plus (depending on where we finish, I presume) will not justify heavy investment - yet.

Scout properly, bring in hungry talents for cover where we need, and build on what we have got. I would rather see 1-2 seasons of debt reduction before we re-evaluate the player investment-strategies.

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Rather have great players than big names because of we have big names that makes it not as fun i would hate to be a city fan

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Sorry irish toon but theres no way you can challenge the top 4 mate thats just the funniest thing ive read on here for ages mad max

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Yeah must be awfull being league leaders , league leading scorers and in europe. what a tatie

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He didnt say challenge for the top four he said push the top four! and upset the top four! im sure spur and man utd were upset with the results we got against them!

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We really dont want branson buying the naming rights to the stadium! its bad enough that all the players are walking round with "virgin" written on them! can you see it? the virgin ground!

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Truth be told Man Utd and Spuds running scared of us they see our young talent and know if we continue to build we will once again be a credible threat to top teams.What really boils my p*** is they think they have the divine right to pick off our players as they please.

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09 Jan 2012 18:51:06
good news for nufc fans after BAs comments to a french media reporter! Yes he admitted he would like to play for PSG at some point in his career but then finished by saying "My first goal is Senegal and getting a good result, then I want to continue playing good games for Newcastle."

"I'm in Newcastle, fans like me, and then the transfer market will be closed when I go back, so I'm not focused on it."

source=SSN website!....spenny mag

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But then he went to the cashpoint and met Harry and Harry said, come with me son and I will put even more zeros on your balance and the Ba said ok, why not !
Cash talks - can't you hear it Geordie boy ?

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I thought his comment was something along the lines of I cant/wont move this window but I could see it in the summer, I would like to play in Paris.

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As long as he stays till the summer so Carr has time to find another gem.

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In Carr we trust... appaently he has a clause too...

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Yeah his clause says he can leave if nufc ever employ his annoying son the chatty man!

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Think you will find spurs could not offer him much more than newcastle could been the case if they could they would have already offered modric contract

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09 Jan 2012 18:43:31
Earlier post had an error, the square,,55 is symbol for pound. . .Its 4.5m,5.8m. . .sorry toons

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09 Jan 2012 16:38:59
NUFC are interested in Jelle Vossen heard he is available for around 6.5m would be a good signing if they pull it off anyone agree

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Although not prolific would be great off Ba's shoulder he has pace and a keen eye for the goal fingers crossed we can get him signed asap

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Vossen quick? About as fast as Ameobi going backwards!

Still, a very good deep forward to link play, would make sense now Ben Arfa is looking better off on the wing, rather than behind Ba.

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HBA on the wing all day long... at the mo anyway. i like the way that Ba and Shola play together, need some decent balls into the box for them to get onto. Hate to say it but Carol would probably play well with Ba... but that aint gonna happen!!

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09 Jan 2012 15:09:23
Since we are talking about clauses of Ba, Cabaye. . . another clause we are keeping quiet is of Ben Corgnet of Dijon(yes,our 054.5m bid got rejected)has a release clause of 055.8m.

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What you on about 55.5m 55.8m

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The way i read it is hes trying to put it in euros! but even still this sayin weve bid 54.50! i understand the bid was around the 4 million pound mark!

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He's saying 4.5mil yoyos, and 5.8mil yoyos

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Disagree al you want but in euros thats what it says! bet your the type of person who gets black jack then says "twist". the figure says"0,54.5 which translates to 54.50! i work in an office of import and export and im used to these figures coming up! the only other way you can look at it is as 54.5 million! which is way past the odds so cant be really!

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Well, looks like I was right afterall with the 4.5 and 5.8 - I guess you work in the office of an import export company as you're an idiot.

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Guess you work inthe job centre every 2 weeks as a writer! how can you be right when it clearly states 54.5? think about it you wally! im a import and export manager with a degree in economics and business so tell me where im an person you dole waller with a dongle!

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Personally...i think the pair of you are like a couple of kids...grow up !!

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09 Jan 2012 13:49:22
Ed ive heard we have scouted Jordan Rhodes numerous times and are set to make a bid for the lad, you heard anything like this? {Ed001's Note - Newcastle have scouted him, yes, not heard of any imminent bid though.}

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Over 20 scouts watched him friday

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Seems like a lot of teams have! the lads on fire! think he is expected to move this window too!

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Actually 8 scouts were at the friday match

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How can anyone disagree with the post saying alot of scouts are when thats obvious and the next one says 8? some people are just total losers!

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So want us to get Rhodes. However, if we don't get him this window, we won't get him at all. It is a big gamble too, if he fails at the price he will sell for, it is a big loss.

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Im sure people disagree with yr comment coz you sed he is expected to move in the January window. But everyone has probably seen clarkie on ssn saying he isn't going anywhere. So not really idiots, they're just believing Huddersfields manager over you...

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He is expected to move this month so the lad is right! if he wasnt hen there wouldnt be all this talk of scouts and bids would there?

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09 Jan 2012 13:12:02
I have heard from a reliable source that Newcastle have made a 4 million pound bid for boro's in form defender Rhys Williams. All though it will be turned down as boro look to secure promotion. Would be a great signing if they could pull this one off

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As much as I would like him at Toon, Boro are in no position to need to sell. Unless he asks for transfer, but he (probably) will be in the EPL next season anyway.

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Are you kidding me? Boro need to sell, their current manager has had hardly anything to spend since going there.

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09 Jan 2012 01:01:27
Demba Ba strongly linked with a move to PSG in the summer. Quote> "PSG have a surreal recruitment drive ahead. Could you join the club?"

- Yes, why not. It's possible. I have always supported PSG. Also, it's an attractive club. However, it will be difficult in January.


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Says summer... if hes gonna go...rather it abroad...

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What is the source of the quote?

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How would someone get this 'quote' from Ba, surely he's busy training or getting over jet lag from flights?

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Quote comes from a fench newspaper. He is French really. They were interviewing regarding the french contingent in Toon and how are the getting on. PSG is his home club. I think he's gone in the summer, to PSG. We'll be luck to keep Cabaye and Tiote during summer aswell. Be interesting to see if we are going to build for the future because these 3 are probably are biggest assets.

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He also goes on to say he is happy at Newcastle and the supporters love him. Newcastle have undertaken something with him and he would like to see it through to the end. IrishToon

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Money talks my friend

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"I think he's gone in the summer to PSG".
Do you believe everything you read and are you such a doom merchant that it only takes one article and "he's gone"?
Such wonderful positivity!

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To be honest the complete nonsense that comes out of so many so called toon fans at present is bewildering. The club including Ashley is doing fantastically well at present. We are being well positioned for the Financial Fair Play and remember, the only reason Ba, Cabaye, Tiote, Collocini or Krul will leave is if they want to. If they want to, good riddance. When you are stumping up 100+ million of your own cash to finance a club then moan. At the moment, kudos Mr. Ashley. Everyone wants to be NUFC, or have a piece of NUFC. IrishToon

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"such wonderful positivity...."

just putting my sense a toon supporter, in a hypothetical scenario if I was a starter in Barca's squad I'd jump at the chance to join Newcastle, so I can understand Ba's sentiment. It's his team, so to speak. If he were to join spuds or liverpool or something like that, especially this month, I would be livid, but, unfortunately Ba's ability is beginning to outshine our immediate ambition. I feel we will lose him by the summer, would obviously love to be proven wrong, but it looks that way. He is an amazing talent, unreal, actually. I remember back when watching Shearer and even then never having such surety he would score as I do when I've watched Ba this season. If he does move on, so be it, let's enjoy watching him while we're graced with his presence in the meantime. Harry floppychops Redknapp is a different story altogether and I hope that thieving b***ard is put in the slammer sooner rather than will be that much better without such a questionable character at its forefront

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Talksport crap lads... also it is asking the player would you join the team you supported when you were younger...answer yes. do it mean he is joining... no, ok maybe.

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Remember this!.....BA is scoring goals cos the team around him is supplying chances to him! Look at carroll at liverpool! he was scoring in our side but not in theirs. whose to say BA will be as prolific in another side? could be he just suits the way we play! if he was so in demand and could score more in a better side then im sure more than liverpool and PSG would be sniffing! harry redknapp has caused this by revealing it to the public domain. i honestly feel BA wont go anywhere and AP has apparently been pushing for him to sign an improved contract on his return from ACN! hope this happens! think he will stay till at least end of season though as he said he is happy here and his family have sttled well! all paper talk....spenny mag

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Money talks. he maybe on at most 40k at nufc. do you think he will turn down a double your money deal. taking into account his dodgy knee and maybe a cut short career

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Aparently newcastle are trying to set up a summer switch of Ba for Erding. We have been interested in him and with his lack of football he will be interested. I'm not sure if it is a trade up but erding is alot more stable in the injury department

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Pardew hasn't made a single comment on the buyout clause story, so I think it's pretty safe to say that he feels it's a load of nonsense. He's an honest guy and I think he'd admit to it if it was true. Either way, Demba ba has the chance to turn this into his team, and don the famous number 9 shirt. I love the toon army and I'm pretty certain he's gunna be with us for a long time! He's clearly happy and enjoying his football, a lot more than he was at his past clubs!

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Firstly..he does NOT want the number 9 shirt...he is happy with the 19 as it has a special meaning to him..secondly...There is an improved contract waiting to be signed when he comes is a double your money, 60k a week deal to take him upto 2016. And it has been arranged for the past 2 month since the clubs hierachy finally realised they had a potential 20+million player on their hands.

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Ba is doing very well as a stand-in until we get a proper striker on board.

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08 Jan 2012 23:58:34
Anyone know if we are look at Luc Castaignos? 19 year old Dutch striker who is apparently unsettled at Inter and fancies a move to the Premier League? I don't know of his value but seems a real talent.

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No chance mate, would be over 10 million and is thought of as one of the best young players in Europe so would have his choice...but the Davide Santon springs to mind.

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Indeed, Santon beofre Jose was there was rated as one of the best young talents in italy - now he plays for us and is class!

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Rumours are L'pool and i think Fulham are looking at him too, wit the latter wanting him on loan.....and In sceptical about L'pool as the media are gonna link em wit 100's of players

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