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09 Aug 2013 14:09:34
A Mercedes sls amg matte red has just went into the training ground, wasn't a player in it just a very rich buitvess men.
Seems very intriguing that a 200k car would be going to the training ground for no good reason

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That is Chieck Tiotes car, he has a driver as he's lost his license. I know this as I am in the motor trade in Newcastle and the car is well known. Nothing exciting there sorry to say.

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Nothing more than a players' driver

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Must be getting desperate for gossip if this is what's been reported

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Pies m8 what do you think

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Maybe Joe is going to buy it, keep his image up

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How do you know its for no good reason?

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Cabayes agent

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LOL, what was he wearing a hat with 'rich businessman' across the front?

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It was me delivering eggs. Eggman out.

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09 Aug 2013 10:08:57
Newcastle are monitoring Victor Andrade who's being labelled as "the next neymar" would love us to sign this lad!

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Why? You have never even seen or heard of him until today.

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Is that the Neymar family from Byker? Bingo

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I love how people quote the media and think he will be that good.
Have you seen him play?
I've been told I play like Lineker. Proper poacher. We should sign me!

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How can any label anyone the next Neymar?

The kids 21 himself!

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Well sir if you have not heard of him, you cannot be very good at FM

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Ah divint wanna talk about him naymar. geordie tom

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All top euro teams looking at him, blows us out the water on that one

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"Why? You have never even seen or heard of him until today. "

Cause he's the next Neymar!

Like Freddie Adu was the next Pele.

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