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09 Apr 2013 23:06:46
Reports suggesting that we are still interested in Loic Remy if qpr go down. He will be available for around 8m, but west ham, arsenal, German clubs and Spanish clubs are interested.


He will want his wages at QPR matched, if we were going to offer those kind of wages he would be with us already.

Honestly wouldn't want him. why would any toon fan.

He snubbed us for the money that QPR offered, we don't need players with that attitude

8 goals since January may be a reason.

He'll realise QPR were paying silly wages that no one else will match and in the championship it'll be written in to his clause he won't receive the same wages.

Human nature you would go to the highest payers, but not many teams will pay what a desperate QPR were offering.

He'll fit in well with the other French players. He's fast, scores special goals and can play left as well.

8 goals since going to QPR really?

No five goals in 8 games and a couple of pulled hamstrings.

He's off to Spurs as they can match his salary, Toon will only have him with a huge pay cut.

I have heard QPR are scared in case they drop, if they try to sell they really don't think anyone will want there players, and they don't have the money to pay their wages if they do drop

He is greedy he will go to the club that offers him the most money wether it is in the uk or abroad

QPR can offload both player Samba and Remy at a profit and both will go to clubs daft enough to pay the stupid wages Arry set.
Remy can score goals but is nowhere near as good as Bony and at least 10 other strikers we should be interested in.
Let's get safe and plan the Quality CG Striker and winger we desperatlely need because all this speculation is just that someone speculating. rubbish

QPR go down they won't be putting price tags on players, a team will come along and make an offer, QPR accept or they don't.

QPR drop, the wages they are paying players isn't with standable in the Championship. So teams will come along and say
"we'll take (eg) Remy for 5million or you can keep paying his wages"
its more of an ultimatium for them than anything else.

For the comment saying QPR can offload Samba and Remy at a profit and that Bony is better than Remy I have to say (ARE YOU MAD! DO YOU WATCH FOOTBALL!)

Samba Cost between 10 & 15 Mil and has so far been shocking for the price tag! At present they would need to take a hit because he was brought in to strenghten the defense, he hasn't done anything! a loss will happen here.

Remy has a Relagation Release Clause in his contract, This will either be for FREE or for no more than what they paid for him. he wanted the re-assurance that he could leave if they failed to stay in the PL.

And for you to think Bony is Better than Remy makes me laugh! Bony is unproven, Remy has been doing this for years.

Look at Dirk Kuyt (Averaged a goal a game), Kezman (Averaged a goal a game), Afonso Alves (Scored 50 Goal or something like that in a Season)

These players came to the PL and couldn't bag to save there lives. Kezman and Afonso Alves really struggled and Kuyt was played out on the wing for most of the time at liverpool due to his inconsistent record.

The Dutch league is no way to judge a player, Bony can score but if our trusted Graham Carr want impressed by him but was by Remy then i'd take his opinion over yours any day of the week.

Well knowall ask Carr Remey is another run of the mill and there are plenty of them ask Spurs Chelsea and a few others
NUFC were interested in Remey becasue he fit their transfer structure and at the time wages. YOU can't watch football or have see someone hungry enough to score there are a few but not a lot around.
Bony as you will see will be a big player in the Premiership for whoever he signs for and by the way we forgot to get Benteke and the regular scorer at Swansea and a few more. If you like Remey go watch QPR Get back on ya sofa

Did you read what I had said or did you just think eeerrrrmmmm I know better than him!

Obviously not, get you computer out and read it!!

I said BONY is not better than Remy FACT!!

BONY is unproven, anyone can bag goals in the DUTCH LEAGUE FACT!

You are talking nonsense about the finances as well, Bony would have been around the same price as Remy or even cheaper and would have been on less wages therefore your comment about Remy fitting into our structure is rubbish because Bony would have as well you tool.

As a Newcastle fan (A real ONE) the risk that comes with Bony would be too much, add to that the fact that when the African Nations comes into play in a couple of years we would again be without 2 strikers in a January just leads me to think you have no clue about what you are talking about.

Remy is not what I would choose if we had a selection of players, but would be out of him and Bony. If you knew any facts, Bony is not the quickest player in the world, we need PACE upfront, Cisse isn’t the fastest but add someone next to him that is then we have something.

Its tools like you that probably thought Xisco and Luque were good signings!! Like I said, Carr knew who was right and he opted for Remy! that backfired but we still had an option for Bony but Carr said he wasn’t impressed. The money would have been the same. Simple. If there was no history between Remy and Newcastle people would be like '' yeah he is correct, Remy is better and offers more to us than bony would'' but no, were all annoyed he selected QPR which is understandable but again, had the initial issue not happened WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE!

So you get on your Sofa and actually learn something before thinking you know it all and OHHH Yeah,,, AS IFF Benteke would sign for US. Great player but at such a young age he has a choice of any of the big guns out there.

Again, you just talk a lot of nonsense!

Dope above. I don't need the internet I watch these players every othert week unlike the couch potato you are. Remey is OK but just that at the moment Cisse is OK but just that. Newcastle need a week in week out goal scorer just like every top club and if Cisse can do then they have one. BUT he can't so a Striker of Quality is needed and they are out there Forget Remey get back on ya sofa

MMMMMMMMMMMMM thought I for sure know better than him. he is a couch potato reading what is put in front of him. There are people on here who khow what they are talking about and not Bull s. t like you and Remy is Bull s. t

Couch Patato!!

I have been on this website for years and most of my opinions are mostly on point.

Like I said REMY wouldn't be my option but is FAR better than Bony.

Thats is my overall point.

Would I want REMY NO! If we only had a choice out of him or Bony yeah because he is better.

And by the way you are taking to a Season Ticket holder for the last 25 years pal, I think I know what i'm talking about!

And to the MMMMMMMM, learn how to write instead of tyring to get involved. What are you even talking about about I've just read what was said and commented because it was utter crap!

At the end of the day in January most people were saying, GET Graham from Swansea in he will do a JOB, I was one of the people on here saying defo no! he ain't worth it, I got a bit of a backlash and look! he ain't done jack squat and would have only been a seat warmer.

People who I think we could get in with the right tactics when it comes to the negotiation table would, Aubameyang, Gamerio, Moussa Sow (really woudlnt want him due to AFN) Gomis, Charlie Austin (Would Be A Gamble) Romelu Lukaku (For The Right Money,




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