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09 Apr 2012 21:17:08
come on guys lets give it up for pardew what a man to come into a club like we were when he took over and turn us into what we are today and to carr the scout brilliant signinings.pardewhas so much passion and its great to see and as much as it hates me to say it but mike ashley has done an excellent job in my eyes just hope he keeps the money flowing and keeps our best players

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If Ashley really has had the good of the club in his mind all this time then we all owe him a big sorry just as he owes one to us for keeping us in the dark a lot, although if I had 52,000 people insulting me and my family because I sacked a manager who, if we're honest, needed to be sacked YES KEEGAN, then I think I'd stay quiet too. Let's see where we are next season and judge the owner on where we are not where we might have been under King Kev. Ashley's made some difficult decisions which seem to have turned out for the good in the end. What do you all think? Ed? {Ed002's Note - I think the supporters have treated Ashley appallingly.}

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I propose an olive branch to Ashley, maybe we could all put the past behind us and move forward as a team, as a city. UNITED!

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Its hard to know what was going on at the start...

Ashley was learning still and didn't talk to the fans so hard to get an idea of his plan.

Relegation was the best thing to happen to us, got a lot of big names and wages out of the club and allowed us to build a team not a set of over paid individuals.


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Ashley is building his business...End of!

Newcastle United is an asset to him which he will sell when the right offer comes in and don't forget it......

Apologies, olive branch...Pahhh!

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In todays world is running a club as a 'business' such a bad idea? After all isn't that what football clubs are nowadays? If he does sell the club for the right offer then if it's to the right buyer then where's the problem? We have a good squad, little debt and much much lower overheads than 5 years ago. There are very few owners who wouldn't sell if the 'right' offer came in, I forget nothing.....

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Using a football team is not going to really 'build' his on his current multi billion pound business interests, if anything it's gone against him in recent years, he can't sell, he'd never get his investment back. He knows that the opnly way of getting his money back is by winning things, running us efficiently and then a few years down the line selling up, I'll take that for a few cups and european jaunts along the way thanks very much.

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09 Apr 2012 19:29:33
The funny thing is that Enrique left us for European football how sweet if we qualified for the champions league and he was playing europa league! Ben Arfa is magic hope he will stay next season

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I keep hearing/reading our best players are going to leave. The question is why???

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Not being funny but teams will have to pay to get them as they are on long term contracts...

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Because you read papers (excuse the joke) like The Sun and The Mirror and journalists write whatever they think people will buy. I do think after his response to being subbed Demba Ba is gone this summer, with at least 7 mill I'm sure we'll replace him. Maybe we should pay Mr Carr treble his wages out of it, he's probably as important as anyone at the club.

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Denba Ba will start scoring again and will stay because he will be happy

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I hope you're right. Ba is top drawer but his heart lies in Paris and rightly so. PSG are missing a little something with my fave French team, the mighty Montpellier (not a glory hunter, my wife's from there) just about to pip them for the title they may pull out all the stops. With Carr as scout and some good decisions from the boardroom I can say with some confidence that we could replace anyone.

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09 Apr 2012 19:24:03
I know Ben Arfa's goal was magic,but the real heros to me were Krul and Santon, Santon is much better than Enrique considering the LB job he is doing even if he's a RB. . . iToon

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Santon is ok but needs to get into space and ask for the ball more he just needs more first team starts

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He is a left back.....he says this, pardew says this, even mourinho said this when he was at inter milan


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Looks like a left wing back to me!

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Yep, defo a LB like.

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09 Apr 2012 17:35:16
17 points ahead of the mackems with 15 to play for. Top dogs confirmed today!

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09 Apr 2012 17:19:33
What a goal from Ben Arfa looking forward to MOTD to see that again.

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Superb goal!

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Don't have to wait its on YouTube it's like a goal on a computer game! He is awesome! The lad might take us to the champions league on his own! But just too make sure cisse is fast becoming a legend as well!

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09 Apr 2012 17:08:17
another 3 points (although performance not great) and with spurs losing mayb people will start to take us serious as contenders for 5th mayb 4th and a defo european spot next season

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But have we played anyone yet ? lol

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But have we played anyone yet ? lol

We have played Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool all twice and Chelsea and City once

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Don't think you've got the hang of this sarcasm thing have you?

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Ha ha ha. Nice one.

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