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08 Nov 2012 13:50:00
I think we should give vuckic a couple more years and a good run of games when hes fit again. He clearly has talent and strikes me a one of these player that you realise was a mistake not to beieve in, like cantona at wednesday, shawcross at utd, yaya at arsenal.


Yaya Arsenal?????

I think he has had long enough! He has no pace, Very timid on the ball and his only decent point is his shooting but I really think he aint made for the BIG TIME.

To add the endless Injury list aswell, Just seems like a pocket burner to me.

Pocket burner on less than 15k a week.... hes had no where near enough time what are you talking about, a few league cup appearances and a sprinkling of other isnt enough. the boy has only just turned 20 and he will get a few more years at this club has huge potential

That is my point, He is a pocket burner because we have been paying his wages for 5 years now and have got only a handful of games out of him.

Regardless of Talent or So Called Talent in this case, If your going to be another DYER we dont want you.

Sick of wacthing players being paid but always injured.

Kieron dyer made 190 appearances for us yes he was hampered by injury but dont forget his quality if vuckic can be that good id be over the moon with another dyer, on a lot less money and under the right guidance

I am given to understand that Dyer has openened an office in Newcastle to help people with invalidity claims.But i think he is expensive.




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