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08 May 2013 11:12:17
Great news everyone! Reports have come out today that mike ashley did not put any release clause in alan pardew's contract BUT if pardew was to be fired it would only be one years wages which would cost 1-2m. And apparently ashley is growing increasingly frustrated with newcastle's recent results.

There has also been talk of mike ashley being interested in Montpellier manager Rene Girard who will leave at the end of the season and wants to come to england. Laurent Blanc will also be available along with Roberto Di Matteo.

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Surely that means that there is a release clause

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I thought it would be about 8m

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That came out ages ago.
Keep up.

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How can we get a top manager when we all know ashley WONT give him decent cash for players?

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All this is B. ks Ashley will never get a top manager and hopes only that GC can find another one on his travels that will come and prove himself and after 2/3 years change him just like he will with the players
He is a money man for his own pocket not Newcastle. In and out all has to balance.

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Er. didn't Ashley get 3 current full French internationals in January for nearly 20M.

It's not Ashley this time it's the rubbish manager.

How can anyone mess up so badly with Krul, Debuchy, Colo, M'Biwa, Santon, Sissoko, cabaye, Anita, Ben Arfa, Cisse, Marveaux etc etc.

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Yes as someone said earlier surely that means he does need a release clause

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You haven't grasped the article that was written, It was the Daily Mail that initially reported saying there was no buy out or release clause in his contract and ashley would have to pay the fulll 8 years. An article was then written in the nufc blog, laughing that absolute bullcrap off and saying this is clearly not true and there will be a release clause of around 2 million probably 1-2 years wages, the same for his back room staff. Ashley may be a tight fat person but you can't doubt his business skills and there is no way he'd give an 8 year contract with no release clause especially after keegan and fat sam

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Spent a whole £20mill on 3 players wow how kind of him 1 good player costs £30mill

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You do realise that just because they're not worth £50m each doesn't mean they're not good it just means that they aren't ridiculously over valued. If your spending more than £20m per window you've either blown your budget on 1 or 2 big names or you're letting the clubs you're buying from hold you to ransom because you're known for paying way over the odds. Both scenarios end with the club running up huge debts it can't pay off, there are only a handful of clubs who can afford to spend loads of money every window and we aren't one of them.

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Then what's the 8 year contract about? Please explain, because I don't understand any of it. It sounds like a load of bull to me.

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Yeah because all the bottom 10 chubs had 20M to spend in January - NOT!

You could give Pardew Barca and he'd wreck it and it may not even take him till his usual second season to do it

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the reason why we are doing badly is becasue we only have Cisse as a main striker. there is no competition for a place.

Also there is no real support for him up front, he is a lone striker with no one in 10 meters of him when he gets the ball. when Ba was playing on the left last season defenders had to think about what Ba was doing and therefore had to mark him accordingly. This season when Cisse was out wide Ba was scoring all of our goals, but again other teams were having to mark 2 goal scoring threats.

Since Ba has gone Cisse, who was not having the best of times when he was here, does not have any support at all. I all honesty, remy would have been the ideal player to have purchased to play on the left as he has pace and can find the net. While Goofy is good in the air and has pace he is not the same player as Remy.

In the summer we will address this issue one way or another, which will mean wholesale changes to the team. We need to buy at least 2 strikers, a winger and another creative MF player - maybe marin from chelsea?

Also if colo goes then we need another centre half

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Right the 8 year contract has quite a few rumours and reports around it.

Firstly pardew was deservedly at the time offered a new contract to ward off potential offers to him and to increase the compensation we would be entitled to if he did leave not that this is a problem any more as we are all aware he is a lot more likely to be sacked.

At the time the 8 year contract seemed a bit extreme and now it just seems completely bonkers. But within that 8 year contract Ashley has most definitely put a release clause/buy out of around 1-2 million pounds which is guesstimated to be around 2 years wages.
This was something the Daily Mail reported on not being true, but the more likely truth is they are just making absolute crap up.
I doubt Ashley will have offered an 8 year contract with no buy out.

As for the actual length of it, this part being a complete rumour, but one I have heard many times and are quite prone to believing it after hearing the numerous stories with Ashley and casinos. I have heard Ashley Pardew and Llambias and maybe others were at a casino and Ashley offered pardew the chance to win a 3/4 year contract or an 8 year contract through his favourite game roulette. If pardew guessed correctly he would win the 8 year if wrong then obviously the 3/4. He supposedly went black and the rest is history he was offered an 8 year contract with the rest of the back room team getting the same.
Obviously this is a rumour but it is one I have heard many times and different accounts of from people who worked for the club and the casino.

Hope this clears everything up.

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Jeez, the report came out a couple of days ago, maybe a week ago, that's not ages.
Keep up.

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The 8 year contract was given to Pardew, to give Newcastle more stability. Llambias came out and said this himself a while ago. pretty sure it was reported on tv, tv and other newcastle blogs. I am also pretty confident that Ashely has some sort of clause in the contract.

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08 May 2013 10:52:55
Steve Clarke has had several calls with Derek Llambias in the past week.
Maybe they are just friends?

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I hope not.

Steve Clarke back at Newcastle would be a step backwards.

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We need a continental technical coach and have done for years. Clarke not really a huge step up.

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How on earth would you know this. and there is no way Ashley will give the job to someone who has very little managerial experience, probably give it to lee clark first before steve clarke, maybe jose and steve clarke will be at nufc next year but then again maybe sir alex ferguson will.

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