Newcastle Rumours Archive January 08 2014


08 Jan 2014 17:43:05
bad news on cabella, apparently he has made an agreement with the montpellier president that he will STAY in the january window and will leave in the summer, chance that newcastle may agree a deal where he signs a pre contract agreement so that he comes to newcastle in the summer.


It has said in reports that cabella wants to move to England this window. (This report was menshoned 19:00 tonight

He's said he has agreed to stay until the summer (gentlemen's agreement much like Colo last Jan) to try and help Montpelier avoid relegation (if they don't he'll surely leave asap) although he has said he wants to move to England, he actually mentioned us by name in a quote. The best chance of any deal this window will likely be a pre-contract

Cabella has said he would stay as he doesn't want to leave Montpellier in the bad position they are in, but also said if an agreement to sell is made he would find it hard to turn down England and Newcastle. so its not a dead deal yet! I think we will sign him!

I do think he will come




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