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08 Jan 2012 21:15:41
I am off to London for few days - I mentioned twice over the last week about newcastle not spending over million and been under 25 years old and it was confirmed today- i think that by the time im back in newcastle we would have had a good bid for a player possibly coming out wednesday/thurs - 1 last try for Tomkins I have been told - may include a loan deal to sweeten deal. Again championship players are been targeted and french based youngsters. Young mcguire is a possiblity but at 2.5 mil.

suprisingly newcastle are putting together a bid but in there 8 million pound budget - so if we get tomkins do not expect rhodes - if mcguire/Donk 2.5 mil - expect a bid for rhodes at 5 million and what Ive heard lee clark may let him go to his beloved newcastle !!

I wont be speaking to anyone until thurs/fri so hoping something comes out before then.

Marty toon.

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What I understand from Pardews comments is that we have 8 million ring fenced for transfers in this window but if an exceptional talent comes available at the right price there may be more

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I ment 5 million in last text in 1st line

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08 Jan 2012 13:10:31
Alan Smith is going to stay until the end of the season and play upfront while ba is at the african cup of nations

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Don't believe this for a minute what do u think Ed?! {Ed001's Note - I would think Vuckic would be more likely to play than Smith, actually would fancy my chances ahead of him these days.}

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Someone is taking the p**s i reckon

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Worth playing him a bit at the end of games. Hasn't played in a while, still got quality. Gotta be worth giving him a chance, especially if he's on 60k a week.

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Why give him games hes leaving soon better off giving youngsters a chance ...del

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So then, we're gonna replace a striker who scores 15 in half a season with a player who hasn't scored in 5.

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Vuckic and best upfront with ben arfa on the wing

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Smith is very underrated now a days. He might be getting older but he's always been a very fair player. I'd love to see him play again, only injury keeps him out!

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08 Jan 2012 12:35:04
Ferguson gets Scholes back from retirement! If the rumours are true about him looking at Tiote he's bound to try! Doesn't help us Tiote played well against them last week!

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Yes they both get red cards, but thats where similarities end, they are very different players. Scholes is a master of the pass and can't tackle to save his life. Tiote is a hard nosed mid, that can tackle, he just does it too hard sometimes, and he isn't the best passer of the ball. ManU (although i am sure could use him) need a creative mid, someone to cut a team open, Tiote isn't that man.

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They need someone who can tackle too though

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Tiote has only had one red card.

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I think Man Utd want Cabaye sadly i think they will get him too.

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If cabaye leaves it will be to real madrid

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And how many yellows has he got?

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It's got nothing to do with yellow cards the second comment said they both get "red cards" and I was just saying he's only had one red card whilst playing in England.

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Man Utd are prepared to wait for Cabaye after he knocked them back.

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Man utd have already stated that they probably wont be signing anyone in this window due to having to pay over the odds for players who arent top notch quality! no big name to leave NUFC before the summer! then i expect the main player to be attracting interest to be tim krul! hes playing fantastically well and i reckon you could see spurs and arsenal and maybe chelsea look at him!....spenny mag

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I agree spenny ,he's best keeper in prem imo.

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Without doubt he is! thats why he will be attracting big bids and plenty of them! not alot of big clubs have a fantastic keeper. hart at city is the one who stands out then after or alongside it has to be krul!....spenny mag

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08 Jan 2012 11:56:37
Meeting between Pardew and Ashley has gone well and £8m is sanctioned for this transfer window but are ready to shell out more to sign real talents below 25. . . i don't know what happened to ashley,but it seems pardew has got a real influence in him.

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Wonder if this includes the 6million that was originally sanctioned for Maiga? If so it means they had only budgeted 2million for a CB. It's gonna be an interesting and nail biting transfer window but I'm starting to trust Pardew.

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You might trust Pardew, but who the heck trusts Ashley? He owns the club, if a bid comes in, he can force a transfer through unfortunately

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You don't trust Ashley but people trusted shepherd who almost bankrupt us and brought the likes of Owen and Albert luque to SJP. You can't knock the job Ashley has done lately. I think we will either sign no one or bring three or four in Eric pieters, Tompkins and a striker

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Hope not pieters would he be the same after breaking his foot.

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08 Jan 2012 00:16:59
Hi ED any news on Jason Prior?? word is he did well but not heard anything else any news??

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He's still on trial for between 7 -10 days. This came from his clubs chairman. So expect some more info by the end of the week

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Bognor regis website keeps updating their fans on his progress!

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Ah bless Bognor ,thats so sweet.

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Thats what liitle companies with a real family feel do within the community! they look after their own and a lot of their supporters are keen to see one of their lads do well so dont see the point of the "thats so sweet comment"! just stupid really!

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He scored in the reserve game last night...

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08 Jan 2012 00:57:59
I don't know if this is right ,but I saw in rumour page that jordan rhodes of huddersfield coming to nufc for £7.5m + 3 month loan deal for shane ferguson. . .fingers crossed

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7.5million hahah dont be daft

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Bit hypocritical arnt you after all the stick we took over payin 8 mill for a championship player !

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Not hypocritical at all...this lad ACTUALLY scores goals...

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It's different in the prem league mate

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We will not be paying that kind of money for a untried player! never! would be plain stupidity! if he fails to make the grade then its a big loss and NUFC arent about this! they about getting youngsters in who have a sell on fee thats why we keep chasing bargains= to make money if other clubs want to buy our players

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Clarky has said he doesn't want to sell, but if toon came knocking with 5 mill it would be a done deal ;)

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08 Jan 2012 00:09:13
Hey guys this 10m clause thing seems to be bugging alot of us nufc fans. Was it that long ago when Harry redknap claimed Chelsea where tapping up luka modric does anyone else agree with me. I believe this is tapping up demba Ba. I don't know if these rumours are true but I have all faith in pardew , however would love to see some movement in the transfer window soon. Geordiematt

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This is true about the 10m release clause shame but demba ba agent has been talking to few clubs like tottenham Liverpool etc. that's how Harry knows about it player and agent after a big payday and champions league football next season

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I agree with the tapping up, but y would he do this? If he wanted ba he would keep quiet nd exercise the release cause, not tell everyone. Hes so bent, back handers and all its unbelieveble. But is bas agen touting him around so he gets another big pay day off the striker? Read bob moncurs interview on the chronicle live sight, makes good reading!

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Arry winding people up with his dubious transfer dealings? Never!

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I'm a sunderland fan and even I agree, he does it every window, unsettled gyan for us.

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As much as I hate 'Arry, it sounds as though he was not to blame as much as we think. He was responding to a question that was asked in the media about a release clause...still he has enough mates in the media to have staged all this. Fingers crossed.

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According to bbc gossip when ba returns, he will sign a contract with newcastle again as he is happy and settled on tyne.

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Ba has had an offer of a 4 year extention to his present contract which would take him up to 50k a week and we will have him signed until 2016...and he has told Pardew he will sign when he returns from ACoN's....He is a deeply religious man and is not governed by money. Him, and more importantly his family, are very happy living in Newcastle. And he is very happy playing for Newcastle United.
Harry Redknapp should be warned by the FA for his constant underhand behaviour in transfer window's...but you know what they say...once a spiv, ALWAY's a spiv...

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You guys got a link for this? Cos I just looked at the gossip column for today and all it says in relation to a contract was "Tiote was handed a new six-and-a-half year contract after impressing during his fist six months with the club last season, and it would be no surprise if the board attempted to tie up Ba's future - his current deal runs until the summer of 2014 - in another pre-emptive strike." Nothing about a pay rise, nothing saying he'll sign when he gets back from ACON.

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It hapened last year with Carrol and Tottenham statted the rumours of a 25M bid.. strangely Spurs Chairman is Ashley friend and I wouldn't be surprised if it's been strated on Ashley request in order to generate interest in pocket 10M in Jan,,

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If there is a 10 million clause in dembas contract who released it because i dont hear any stories of any agent saying it ,
typical cockney t**t harry redknapp
stirring s**t again i think

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Remember Arry in the summer crying about Feguson talking about Modric?

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This is 100% true! the reason harry knows about it is down to karen brady at west ham! she made known in her sun column a week gone saturday that he had one at west ham and insisted on one at NUFC! she went on to say she wonders how loyal he would stay to NUFC if another club comes in for him! typical of west ham to be like that! the woman and HR should be told to shut up by the FA cos it insights bad feeling and players contracts are confidential and these 2 are flouting the rules but think about it, why has HR never been offered the england job? cos he too suspect and dodgy and keeps getting investigated for dodgy dealing! he did on the lord stephens report into bungs and then for taxes in an offshore account relating to taking a player to portsmouth!.....spenny mag

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