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08 Dec 2012 15:18:39
I will be pissed if Pardew drops Marveaux instead of Jonas for HBA, Jonas offers nothing Marveaux showed against Wigan that he is more creative and gives us more attacking threat. I think thats's the reason Pardew played him on Thursday so he's got an excuse to drop him.


He seems to have a thing for Jonas, he has performed at all but keeps getting picked even as captain

I'd just be glad to see benny back mate. Jonas offers a calm character for what is more often than not an inexperienced squad. He knows the premiership and newcastle as well as most we have and i'd say in the situation we're sinking into we need a cool head and some presence more than a player that can look great or just be absent

08 Dec 2012 21:04:59
so pardew says if we lose a player in jan we will buy 2?
we will sell 1 for 15mill and buy 2 for half a mill each! greedy *****

Agree with that last post, yeah Jonas has his flaws, and perhaps hasnt performed as we want this year but he is playing in a different position than previoulsy. He is a calm head, knows the premiership, and has the experience we probably need right now, I think a middle 3 of Cabaye, Jonas and Tiote is as strong as we can field even when everyones fit anyway.

Think either jonas or anita should start at right back both would would be an improvement on simpson

He wasnt that good against bordeaux

Jonas should play these sorts of away games as he can also defend very well which gives other players a bit more freedom, dont think you can play marv and HBA in the same team tbh




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