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08 Aug 2013 18:07:55
Traore from Anzhi has been lnked with Newcastle.
Sinclair also.

Cabaye to Tottenham/PSG and Debuchy to Mancity.


Has Bent gone to Fulham yet? No? Well that's a surprise. Must have signed for Palace, then? No? Then Gomis MUST have signed for Marseille, surely? WHAT? No? So if Ince hasn't signed for Everton I'll eat my hat. OK, it's a pork pie hat.

Hope we get traore and sinclair would prefer them to gomis

Traore of Anzhi looks like he misses more sitters than he scores. No thanks, Shola is better than that.

Haven't seen Sinclair play since he went to City, but watching his highlights from when he was at Swansea he would be a good buy for the £5-6mil that's being quoted.

Could be a better bet than Ince as has already proved he can play in the premier league and costs less.

Sinclair maybe the rest not a chance.

Traore is 6ft 8". Perfect pardew playing style

How on earth will newcastle afford traores wages 100k+

Why is everyone saying Cabaye's going to Spurs? Just because Blanc said it doesn't mean it's true. He's just trying to unsettle him by spreading nonsense rumours and doing a fantastic job of it by the look of it. If he leaves it'll be to PSG, even then if they wanted Cabaye surely they'd have bid by now it's not like they need to raise funds. As things are I don't think Cabaye's going anywhere.

1. There has been no links of us wanting Lacina Traore, one blogger just wrote he thinks we should go after him as apparently the owner is unsettled and wants to sell. Saying that he would be a good signing and has a huge future in the game, but as someone has already said his wages are an absolute joke and I don't see him giving that up easily.

2. Blanc said he heard spurs were interested, so he picked up a paper at some point this summer and saw some pathetic journalist had said spurs were after Cabaye, does that mean he is leaving, absolutely not, does that mean spurs want him, not even close.
Spurs don't even have the funds to sign him anymore with their transfers so far this year unless they get rid of bale, and furthermore don't need him one bit.
Blanc now has pissed us off to the point I don't think a 25mil bid would be enough.
Cabaye has never said he wants to leave and has always been a professional about it, makes a change from the players like suarez and bale, yes he may not have full loyalty and why should he but he knows how to act in a respectful manner.


PSG for Cabaye - This could happen and if it does it will be on deadline day for some fee. Upwards of 20 million (teams know we aren't stupid, and if you want one of our stars you will be paying through the roof to get them)

Man City for Debuchy - ha please this is the team that actually sign anyone from around the world. I love Debuchy, but he isn't City world class standards.

Traore - Isn't he a midfielder. I honestly think we are solid in that section. Maybe a new left winger.

Sinclair - Why are we still linked with him? This has been going on for ages, although I do think Newcastle have a new winger in the line, as we have been linked with Sinclair and Downing

Bent has been linked with Norwich now, seems other targets are no longer on the radar and bent has family in east Anglia so move could be on. personally I don't see this happening at all.

Traore of Anzhi is a striker but there is a Traore who plays in France who is a left- winger and looks a decent player. Cracking left foot.

It's Alain Traore of FC Lorient that's the left midfielder.

"Traore of Anzhi looks like he misses more sitters than he scores. No thanks, Shola is better than that. "





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