Newcastle Rumours Archive September 07 2013


07 Sep 2013 21:47:44
Newcastle are monitoring Alfred blahblahblah from Finland. It doesn't matter. We can't get anyone


You sad specimen.

His name's Alfred Finnbogason. He's Icelandic, not Finnish .There's no reason we can't sign him as it'd be a chance for him to play for a bigger club in a better league and he's not playing for one of the big Dutch teams so he won't command a high price. In the future focus more on the facts rather than failing at being funny.

Your right we can't get him. We can never get anyone "over the line"

No reason we can't get him? Bony, PEA, Van wolfswinkel, bent, gomis. Should I say anymore?

Think the big fact that we won't get him is we have no ambition and won't spend any money

Oh and there is the JK factor -imagine what he would call him - would you sign for someone who can't be arsed to have the common courtesy to get your name right

We could have gotten any of them. It's not a question of can't it's a question of will the funds to do so be made available? We're big enough to attract these types of players and we can afford them, the problem is Ashley is not willing to spend the money necessary to get them.

It's because of Ashley not releasing enough funds that we can't get them. Its because of kinnear sabotaging deals that we can't get them. Its because this regime won't pay the wages that we can't get them.

Get it in your skulls. We are NOT a big club anymore. Name alone will not attract anyone. Therefore, we have to pay the wages to attract anyone other than a homegrown Geordie. We will not pay the wages required therefore resign yourselves to mediocrity at best and more probably, relegation.




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