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06 Oct 2012 22:32:17
The Telegraph is reporting that our new sponsor will be

I guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, I will never buy a shirt with Wonga written on the front. They're nothing but legalised loan sharks in my opinion.



So is mike ashley!! and it will be the wonga arena

Glad i kept all me auld shirts even ones with blue star on i wont be getting new home kit with wonga on it...geordie tom

Wasn't the virgin deal worth 10m a year for shirts and this only 8m a year for shirts and stadium?

Maybe we are charging them Wonga loan rates which will make it 4 billion over three years (allegedly)

Yea agree with the other comment. Virgin were paying 10m this reeks of bs

If this is true I will never set foot in that stadium again unless the sponsor changes

Sunderland fan in peace. I read on another site that the stadium could be called the.wonga payday loans stadium. Dont know if there is any truth in it. Safc93

The stadium will be reverted back to st james park! good way to get a few on side as i couldnt care who our sponser is as long as we do business on the pitch

The guys that own wonga are so rich in south africa ? the company is also in diamond mines so maybe the will buy the club and get rid of the cockney

TO be honest its a bit of a poor name to be on the Shirt but overall I do think its will work out better.

We have a stadium back which to me show Mike Ashley does have are best interests in hand as the amount of money he has earned off the stadium being called SPORTS DIRECT AREA would be crazy.

This deal apparently gives us more money to spend and also develops our Acadamy and is supposed to be more money than Virgin was paying us.

It is a win win situation, Newcastle going more and more in the green regardless of how the money is spent and hopefully a new and bright future for the magpies.

The only shame is we will have WONGA on our shirts but ohh well if it keeps the team going in the right direction then im all for it.

Apparently they're putting 1.5m into the youth academy and if it means more money maybe the club will be willing to fork out more for players

Him who says he wont go to the ground if wonga are the sponser . . . . .please stay at home,wot a joke he is,i must admit if cisse smashed a goal in next season against sunderland,the first thing id think about is wot a.p.r wonga charge !!!!!!


Newcastle United's 24m shirt sponsorship deal with Wonga has been engulfed in fresh controversy after the club's Muslim players were warned that wearing the new shirts would infringe Sharia law.

Why are people jumping on the band wagon over this sharia law thing. Wearing a wonga shirt is no different to wearing a shirt with virgin money on it. They both profit from lending money.

Because it's about reputation and image

NO us fans care about 1 thing and 1 thing only, The team and stable finances.

All this other rubbish is a non starter. Forget the Sharia Law, If the UK were to put a Law up that said you could not Support Newcastle because of who sponsored us would YOU?? The answer is no.

On wards and upwards for Newcastle, Looking forward to the next home game in our TURE home name - St James's Park

"one thing and one thing only"
The club AND stable finances lol
Do you work for northern rock by any chance?!?

Lol, apologies

I WILL buy the new newcastle shirt! and if Africa wasnt so far away i'd be at the stadium every bloody week! i couldnt give a toss who the shirt sponsor is as i support the TOON not some shirt sponsor, give me a break please ALL banks and loan companies exploit the poor to some extent! and your gonna take that out on team...... weak as P^%S




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