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07 Nov 2012 14:42:35
I know it has been discussed on here several times before, but I believe that we can afford to sell Tiote in January and bring in Sissoko and debuchy and a centre half with the cash raised from his sale. I think we would get in the region on 20 plus mil for Tiote. I would be gutted to see him leave, but realistically his position can be covered by some of our younger players ie Biggi. Also Sissoko could slip into that position.


Why should we think about selling tiote? Tiote is probs best at what he does, yes he is a bit dirty but you have to be if your a defensive midfielder. There is probs no other player that could replace him.

Although you're right he's probably the player we can most afford to lose

Do you really think if we are lanquishing mid table we will be able to sign quality players. Depending on the next 10 Premiership games we could be losing a few players

Ashley's time will come in January without looking back but the personic decision not to strengthen in the Summer could leave us short.

Maybe if we sell Tiote we can get Yaan Mville in and sissoko, both would be quality additions and would cost less that the amount we sell Tiote for.

As I said I would not want to see him go, but the blow would be softend some with the addition of the aforementioned.

I would also like to see debuchy signing too, he is real class. {Ed002's Note - Any tentative agreement with Sissoko is now at risk due to the growing interest of Juventus.}

Bigirmana has been an absolute revelation this season. He could really step up. As much as I love Tiote, we could afford to lose him. Better him than Cabaye.

You guys are unreal. Sell Tiote and actually think you correct in what you are saying!!!

Tiote is a beast, Him and Cabaye are one of the best CM partnerships I have seen at Newcaslte In years.

Selling him would be a crazy choice. Chelsea wouldnt want him if he wasnt class, that speaks for its self.

We should say to are Billionaire Owner (GET YOUR MONEY OUT) As the old sayin goes, You have to spend money to make money.

Ashleys motto every other season has been Making money instead of spending. All the latest signings have come in off the back of Carrol, Nolan, Enrique ETC being sold.

Time to dip into them deep HIGH Sales Bonus Paying Pockets (SPORTS DIRECT SALES) and start putting them into your Second Busniess (Newcastle United) I am very thankful of Mike keeping us in this great financial conditions we are un however we need more, We want more.

35MIL investment in players and were set for the next 3 seasons.

It is all very well and good saying that Ashely should spend, but we all know that is not going to happen. Pardew has already said that one of first teamers is off in Jan, so who would you rather goes? HBA, Cabaye?

All that is being said that Tiote can be replaced more easily than a decent winger or attacking MF player, and the money could mean we can get a few other players in to replace him.

None of us want him to go, but rather him than the other two mentioned.




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