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07 Jul 2013 20:32:45
tv said were in for marseille defender n'kolou

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No we aren't

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Lots of people are saying it. But he won't come here. They want like €15m for starts. Which rules us out because that is classified as a "bidding war" at NUFC.

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We offered €15m for PEA so why wouldn't we offer €15m for N'koulou

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Yes we are it said on tv news on tv but its not on the website

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Come on guys get real
We will buy cheap in order to sell for big profits
Just like sports direct

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Because then it would leave £0. 00 for a new Striker!!

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Didn't know TVs could speak

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Where is the proof you offered 15 million for pea? Again your management come out with things like we are going to sign this player and that player knowing they have no chance of getting them and you fall for it every year oh well at least we tried to get him

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Saint Etienne released a statement saying Dortmund bid 13 million euros which was less than the bids made by us, Anzhi and Rubin which were all rejected because Dortmund was his destination of choice.

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Dortmund signed PEA for 11. 5 and AS said we had offered more but he wanted to go to Dortmund

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What a load of tosh for eg if anzhi offered 20 mill then whoever wanted to buy him would have to offer 20 mill there is no way st etiene would let him go for less than they were offered as they are the one who own his contract

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So plausible that the club accept lower fees from some club rather than others especially anzhi being one. Another prime example of that is David Villa to Athletico they accepted a smaller bid because that was his preferred target, we also don't know the full details of the transfer.

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07 Jul 2013 14:54:28
I am posting this on behalf of someone in the know. Very close to senior members of Newcastle management team. Not an aunties uncle friend of the whoever but actual info

The club are going down a well predicted route and as expected Remy will be coming in but Newcastle, who will be selling Ameobi will look to a big striker and are heavily enquiring about Brown Ideye.
Midfield will see only cabaye leave and he will be replaced by McCarthy (Wigan) never in for Kone at all, just sounding at McCarthy.
Supposedly Sinclair and Rodwell are being offered to other clubs and newcastle are supposedly very keen
Defense will see a change too and will be reinforced due to the acquisition of Lescott from Man city
Willing to take a massive pay cut
boys and girls

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Remy and Ideye are believable, maybe sinclair but I very much doubt lescott, rodwell. and cabs won't be sold

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Don't you feel foolish when you are left looking in the mirror
The only member of NUFC who would put out this c. p is JFK'S new cat

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Your talking 35+ mil there. at least.
No way on this earth will this regime spend that. never!
We will be buying from the equivalent of his 70% off bins in the tight arses store.

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I really want to believe you I really do. But sorry I don't.

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I hate the transfer windows for reasons like this. Would much rather it be a 2 week window and get it over and done with

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Good idea - should be all done and dusted before the season starts and get rid of the January window
So the squad you start the season with is the squad you have for the year

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If we didn't have January transfer window, newcastle would have got relegated last season

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Yeah and we would have deserved to go down
I agree what you start with should be what you finish the season with

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And we would have had Ba for the full year - would prevent players from jumping ship mid season for the money

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07 Jul 2013 15:52:13
CSKA say honda is available at right price nufc should be in there like a rat up a drain pipe he would be good for the team and for mike would be good for business tapping into the aisian market

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Makes far to much sense for JFK and Ashley that

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He's out of contract, so the right price would be 0. No way would Ashley give him the wages he would want?

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I agree mate, we defo need another creative flair player in the team. honda or lallana would be good

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A) Honda's available for free since his contract ran out.
b) If the media is to be believed he's likely off to Everton for some reason.

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Honda's available for free in january

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Honda is not out of contract! It runs out in December. A small fee would be needed but similar deal to goufran, sissoko etc

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Apparently AC Milan are the only team to have enquired about him, doubt he will sign for us.

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07 Jul 2013 12:12:30
Newcastle linked with Tim matavz of psv available for 6 million

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Another name another drivel IF Kinnear Pardew and Ashleysheite had as much enthusiasm as the fans plucking names out of the air with no foundation (They actually do do that these 3 persons) perhaps there would be some justification for all the Bulls. t that comes out everyday.

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07 Jul 2013 11:51:02
Newcastle have been linked with 19year old PSV striker Jorgen Locadia. he scored 11 goals in 22 appearances, and is being reportedly scouted by Graham Carr. Would be a great signing.

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Going off all the Altidore hatred this lad will be crap blah blah Dutch league is rubbish blah blah.

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Yeah fair enough Dutch league isn't that good but that for a 19 year old is good so could be one for the future?

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He actually looks like a really good player for a 19 year old we should sign the lad up

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07 Jul 2013 11:48:32
Newcastle have made a bid (met his release clause) for Loic Remy and our officials are due to meet him within the next few days. They will also give him a slap across the face for choosing the wrong club, but they will then forgive him ;)

Source: le10sport

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Loic Remy is the exact type of striker we need, pace and lethal

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*wrong club back in january

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Wasn't that lethal for qpr!

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07 Jul 2013 10:36:58
Tottenham and Newcastle are set to scrap it out over the signing of Loic Remy for 5million

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Why would he choose us over Spurs? They're in London, will offer higher wages, have ambition and are in Europe.

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So we can get snubbed twice, no chance leave him to regret the day he turned down the toon.

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Well if that is true. we know where he's going to end up. Playing for the Spuds while on day release.

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When did I say he was going to choose us?

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